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  1. It does if you don't keep score and stats (Drive location, putts, sand shots and penalties). If you do keep score and stats, there is a button to go to the next hole after entering score and stats.
  2. I agree with the others that mentioned Hole19. It is the ONLY Apple Watch compatible GPS app that really meets my criteria of - 1. Works on Apple Watch's built in GPS capabilities 2. As an option, keeps stats 3. Auto hole advance.
  3. I tell you the putter line that I miss the most is Yes! Golf. They were money.
  4. Give me Cotton. Polyester is too scratchy for me. Lands End is about the last resort to go to and they have big and tall sizes to fit my svelte body! LOL. I am in the South and to me cotton will absorb the perspiration polyester just locks it against my body. All the negatives mentioned do not outweigh the feel of cotton against my skin.
  5. Like all other internet boards, it is easy to spew words when "talking" to a keyboard or go pro camera. All of society has forgotten how to address issues/opinions/feelings in a face to face conversation or debate.
  6. I wish Ogio would bring back their Silencer bag. I hate bag chatter both due to the sound and the damage it does to the clubs. The other option is the Bennington Quiet Organizer.
  7. I am thinking of trying the Cypher 40i 4.0 shafts in my Apex CF19 irons. Currently they have the Catalyst 60 5.5 shafts. Is anyone playing the Cypher 40i shafts? What are your thoughts? I just switched to the Titlelist TS1 Driver and woods with the senior flex and have gotten great results. So I am thinking going to lighter shafts in the irons will produce similar gains. I am planning to try it in my 7 iron before doing the rest of the set. Appreciate any feedback you have with the Cypher shafts.
  8. Just my opinion - I recommend Golf Pride Tour Velvet Super Tack. Long lasting and easy to restore with a wipe.
  9. Bump for an answer - does anyone know the color code that fits? I just ordered a Triple Track double wide from CPO and want to order the extension ahead of arrival of the putter.
  10. Phill/Dawsonville GA/US Odyssey Rossie Piper C - It will fit my Straight stroke path and reminds me of my Rossie.
  11. First Name / State of Residence - Phill in Georgia Handicap - 18 Current Hybrid in Play - Ping G410 22* What is the most important thing to you in a hybrid - Easy to hit and launch.
  12. How are the Microsuede's holding up for you? I am about to regrip and am leaning towards the Microsuede's.
  13. I prefer (and own) cart bags that prevent bag chatter. Currently I use a Bennington Quiet Organizer 14, which has molded slots to fit the club head and eliminate movement. Prior to that I have used the Ogio Chamber & Silencer models. The Ogio models actually grip the butt of the grip to keep it from moving. The reason I don't use the Ogio's any more is that I have the Arcos sensors on my clubs and the Ogio system doesn't function correctly with them on the grips. I recommend either for those that don't like chatter or the marks left from the heads banging into each other.
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