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  1. Lance/Millersville What IOS Device Will You be Using: Apple iPhone X Will You Be Testing Primarily Outdoors or Indoors: Indoors Will You be Using a Net Yes or No: Yes
  2. Lance Millersville, MD I have a hitting net in my garage, home made. I do not have or used a launch monitor. A bit to expensive.
  3. Lance Millersville, Maryland Callaway Epic Flash 10.5* 14.2 100 mph TSi3
  4. Lance / Millersville, Maryland Handicap 14.2 Current Wedges: Callaway Mac Daddy 3 Milled 54 and 58 Appeals: I have a RTX 50* approach wedge and I love the weight and solid feel for control for 105 yard shot. If it feels anything like that, I'm in!
  5. Lance - Millersville, Maryland - USA Tommy Armour Impact Series No. 3 Alignment Putter - 34" Tyne 3 - I seem to see the line better because of the space provided between the tynes. It creates a nice ball wide visual of the target line. Thanks for the invite!
  6. Lance / Maryland 14.9 Callaway CF16 145-150
  7. Lance Matteo-Maryland I use a putting line Half moon line from a stencil Titleist Pro V1x Align XL Personalized Color:Blue Text to read: Lovin Life
  8. Lance Millersville, Maryland 95 Srixon Z-Star XV Tour X
  9. Lance/Millersville, Md Handicap: 15.3 Current Irons: 2016 Callaway Apex CF16 7 Iron carry distance: 155 Appreciate the opportunity, thanks!
  10. Lance/Millersville, Maryland 13.8/98mph Adams Red 20* I would choose the 18* so I can reach those longer Par 3's and 2nd shots on Par 5's as it would be easier to control and keep in play than a 3 metal.
  11. Lance - Millersville Swing Speed - 100mph Current Primary Ball - Titleist Pro V1 I have used the standard Snell ball in the past - I liked the feel and controlled spin around the green.
  12. Lance/Maryland Winn Dri-tac Dark Gray MCC Plus 4 ALIGN
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