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  1. The USA team better stay focused on their golf game or come Monday morning all the analysts will be trying to figure what wrong again!!!
  2. I would really like to win a full bag fitting at one of the high end fitting headquarters from any of the top 4-5 golf companies. I feel like some of the demo/fitting days you go to at the local practices ranges, local golf shops, and big box stores just don't get it right, due to the lack of experience and diagnostic equipment. It seems like they just want to sell you a set of clubs, period. Thank you!
  3. Try a Epic Flash or the Sub Zero. Very solid club heads. Just got to get fit with the right stick. Best of luck!
  4. Lance/Millersville What IOS Device Will You be Using: Apple iPhone X Will You Be Testing Primarily Outdoors or Indoors: Indoors Will You be Using a Net Yes or No: Yes
  5. Lance Millersville, MD I have a hitting net in my garage, home made. I do not have or used a launch monitor. A bit to expensive.
  6. Lance Millersville, Maryland Callaway Epic Flash 10.5* 14.2 100 mph TSi3
  7. Lance / Millersville, Maryland Handicap 14.2 Current Wedges: Callaway Mac Daddy 3 Milled 54 and 58 Appeals: I have a RTX 50* approach wedge and I love the weight and solid feel for control for 105 yard shot. If it feels anything like that, I'm in!
  8. Lance - Millersville, Maryland - USA Tommy Armour Impact Series No. 3 Alignment Putter - 34" Tyne 3 - I seem to see the line better because of the space provided between the tynes. It creates a nice ball wide visual of the target line. Thanks for the invite!
  9. Lance / Maryland 14.9 Callaway CF16 145-150
  10. Lance Matteo-Maryland I use a putting line Half moon line from a stencil Titleist Pro V1x Align XL Personalized Color:Blue Text to read: Lovin Life
  11. Lance Millersville, Maryland 95 Srixon Z-Star XV Tour X
  12. Lance/Millersville, Md Handicap: 15.3 Current Irons: 2016 Callaway Apex CF16 7 Iron carry distance: 155 Appreciate the opportunity, thanks!
  13. Lance/Millersville, Maryland 13.8/98mph Adams Red 20* I would choose the 18* so I can reach those longer Par 3's and 2nd shots on Par 5's as it would be easier to control and keep in play than a 3 metal.
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