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  1. @franks62591 were you willing to split them up or no? Interested in the head
  2. This comment gets at a potential flaw in the business. Just how often is someone going to want a mixer pack? i'm just asking. Serious golfers buy new balls. Once a serious golfer finds a ball they like, is the market really big enough for the few who want to keep experimenting? @edingc is not even willing to drop $25-30 on a dozen Z-Star XV to try them out. This isn't a knock against edingc. It's more a comment on how small the market might be for sampler packs.
  3. Does this mean the Indy is working out?
  4. chemclub


  5. Killing me with these. You know I have weakness for 3 woods
  6. Ah, an oversight on my part. +1" over standard can be easily shortened. What length are you looking for?
  7. Titleist AP2 712 4 - AW (8 irons total) KBS Tour by FST Stiff shafts. Golf Pride Tour Wraps Midsize $200 shipped conus (OBO)
  8. Has no one made you an offer on this beauty? I swear I look at this thing daily (while my wife is out of the room).
  9. Stage 2 is up. Seriously considering either putting some additionally warps under the front part of my current grips or just buying a +4. Nice work all.
  10. What shaft? Are you willing to just sell the head?
  11. So my selection of which grip model to go with changes by the tides. I am seriously considering just going with the old faithful crosslines. Assuming those things haven't changed since the early '00s I think I would be happy with them. I went to a golf shot and played around with some lamkins, just swinging, no hits. I liked the UTx and Sonar. Sonar has a nice grip texture to it. On a related question, my current grips are standard with 3 wraps. That is pretty close to mid size. Should I just go with a midsize and no wraps?
  12. Thanks for all the suggestions guys. I think I might give the Z5's a try
  13. Yeah, it was strange to see and may have just been a one-off or something? Maybe the Walmart web developer was trying to off-load his set of fourteen irons and dropped it in. Many folks talk about Wilson moving into Walmart as a cheapening of the brand. I will state that my first two sets when I first started were from Canadian Tire (a reasonable approximation of Walmart before it arrived in Canada).
  14. I've heard only good things about either company, but I have to say that equipment forum denizens would likely lose their s--- over the fact that fourteens can/could be bought at Walmart. https://www.walmart.com/ip/Fourteen-TF-525-Forged-Iron-Set-2016/168633647
  15. chemclub

    Sub70 golf

    I've been a little out of the loop so maybe I missed the thread on here, but why the hate for NL? I've only seen their stuff, never hit any of it. Sorry if this is a diversion of the thread, but I imagine your thoughts would ultimately help Sub70's case.
  16. Just checking in because I have been a near ghost on the forum and haven’t posted my stage 1 yet https://giphy.com/gifs/Ob7p7lDT99cd2/html5 Long story short, I had a last minute business trip sprung on me that I had to say yes to. I can write the review on the road I said. Yeah, not so much. Will have something up by the weekend and very sorry for the delay. It isn’t like me.
  17. chemclub, May, 2019 It took a little while to get enough reps with this club to give a thorough review, mostly because our early May weather was atrocious. Thankfully, the golf gods have smiled on Iowa for the last month or so which gave me a chance to put it through the ringer. DISCLAIMER: Grips are admittedly such a feel category of equipment that you cannot really make credible claims about performance increases that would seamlessly transfer to another player. Looks ( 9 out of 10 points) This is likely not a huge player in the grip category. I can’t say I am a huge fan of the bright yellow but I also don’t really care. Feel (25 out of 30 points) Like I said in my Stage 1, I absolutely love the texture and firmness of this grip. It has just the right amount of give in all the right places. One thing to consider is that the grip has more taper towards the bottom than a SuperStroke, which obviously has no taper. This taper took a little to get used to and I was not a fan at first. @BigtazzGolf seems to acknowledge this fact as well. Another thing to point out is that the grip feels short. Even the way it fits in my hand, it feels like the grip could be a little longer. You can see it in some of the photos below. The shortness of the grip really becomes apparent because of the grip taper you feel in whatever hand you place lower on the grip (right in my case). It is something to consider, given the contour and taper of the grip itself, that certain hand sizes might not fit as comfortably on this grip. This is in contrast to the constant-width philosophy of SuperStroke, in which any hand size will more or less feel the same. Over time, the natural contours of the grip were quite comfortable and I became used to it. I greatly prefer the rubber grip feel to whatever is on the SuperStroke grips (some kind of plastic bag-like material?) Performance Characteristics ( 20 out of 20 points) For me, successful putting is about relaxing and this grip does just that. When your hands can comfortably grasp the club, that sensation feeds back to help me feel like I can get into a comfortable position. For that reason, I think this grip is exactly what I would look for and might not have considered leaving my SuperStroke or similar constant-width grips were it not for this test. Durability (10 out of 10 points) Not sure if this could ever be a huge problem with a putter grip. I will say that I have not noticed any drop off in the tackiness and texture to the grip, but I haven’t had if for 100 rounds yet. For the cost of this grip, I think the durability is an appropriate 10/10. Miscellaneous ( 10 out of 10 points) It might be the way I re-gripped my putter, but that little bit of give I showed in my stage 1 photos is really pronounced on the butt-end of the club. Sometimes kind of strange feeling when you are manipulating the putter by just holding the butt-end of the grip. Is that even scorable? Sure – 10 points for weird and fun. Play it or Regrip it? (20 out of 20 points) Don’t plan on changing any time soon. My decision to keep the grip is mostly because I putted insanely good my last round. Making par-saving bombs all over the course to shoot a 74 (which for a weekend warror like myself is a great round). That great round paints over some other rounds in which I putted horribly. But I can’t blame the grip in those cases. The grip makes me feel comfortable holding the club so I can focus on other things and that is what is important to me. FINAL SCORE = 94
  18. Tour SNSR Contour Pro A huge thank you to MGS for letting me review the grip and being patient while I get things going on this review. I’m a 36 year old golfer living in central Iowa. There are a lot of great public courses in this area with greens ranging from fast and undulating to burly and basic. I’ve been playing all my life but took about 12 years off for school and grad school. I have two kids so I can really only get out on weekends. I would say 3/month is a good number for me right now which should increase as the kids get older. As for my skills as a putter of the ball... I and the epitome of average. I would say I have a good stroke (see video below) and I am a decent green reader. You can get more details about my game here Like in all sports there are certain people that have IT. They are goal scorers, play makers, able to make the right move at the right time. Yeah, that ain’t me. I’m an over thinker/analyzer/choker. So let's get on with the initial impressions of this grip. The basic shape and profile fits very comfortably and naturally in your hand. The all rubber grip has excellent tack and feel in your hand. I should clarify that I was pushing pretty hard on the grip to deform it in that way. In reality the grip doesn't nearly compress like that, but your fingers and hand are sensitive enough to feel just the tiniest bit of give as you hold it which is really comfortable and gives great feedback. I'll get into other performance features stage 2 so stay tuned.
  19. I was a Lampkin Crossline devotee back in the early aughts. The price to quality ratio was fantastic. Recently switched to the GP aligns and for some reason they really don't feel right so I want to go back to a round grip. Potentially back to some kind of Lampkin but... There was some controversy a while back that Lamkin changed the crossline so it didn't feel the same. Does anyone know anything about this? Can anyone recommend a Lamkin they like? I wanted to get assorted colors in the R.E.L. ACE but it looks like they cut back on the colors available. Justin Rose plays the Sonars I think and he and I pretty much have the same game.
  20. As an organic chemist, carbon putters just speak to me Love the look of the kid model!
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