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  1. USA with 17 points. Thanks for hooking us up with another great contest!
  2. Awesome! Thank you for running this! I'll take a look and send something over ASAP. Sorry for the slow reply, just got back from a trip.
  3. Looking forward to another year!
  4. Same here, what a mess. I can't believe it picked all WRs for me. I definitely set my order before hand. I need a RB or QB. Or a TE, or a kicker or... hahaha
  5. Uhhhhh, wtf happened with my auto draft... I set up my preferred list of players and I ended up with all WRs. I guess I need to make some trades. If anyone wants one of the 10 WRs on my team, let me know...
  6. Thanks for the reminder, I forgot! I'm all paid up now.
  7. Sorry, just now seeing this. I didn't get a notification about the trade offer.
  8. I'm in again. I'd prefer the best ball format again this year.
  9. They spun too much on full shots for my liking and for some reason it felt like the ball always leaked out to the right on full swings with the 54. I also wasn't a big fan of the grinds and bounce that the fitter picked out. They're nice clubs though and I probably could have used them if I got different shafts installed but at that point I'd rather just buy the SM7s that have the same bounce and grinds as my SM6s that they'll be replacing.
  10. I'm selling a set of very lightly used Callaway Jaws Wedges (50°/10s, 54°/12W, 58°/8C) with the stock TT DG S200 115 shafts. No mods to the loft or lie. Only change from the stock config is Lamkin Crossline grips with +1 wraps. I was recently fit for these and after playing with them for 3 rounds I realized they aren't a great fit for me so I'd like to move on. They are still in good shape with minimal wear to the grooves. Besides the 3 rounds, they've been to the range 4 times. I'd prefer to sell them as a set for $315 $215 shipped so that I don't have to ship them separately.
  11. I'm in! I didn't see the original thread, my bad!
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