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  1. In! Is Christian McCaffrey available in this league too?
  2. Looks like you're going to take the W this week and we might and up having the two top scores of the week.
  3. Yeah, seriously... What an ass. I picked myself as a joke but it would be pretty funny if it turned out to be true!
  4. I probably should have just named my team Christian McCaffrey... Thanks for setting up the bracket!
  5. I'm in, if you're still looking for someone to fill out the league.
  6. cwojtowicz


  7. Clint / Colorado 3.9 / 108mph Pro V1 I tried the XV 5-6 years ago, it sounds like it has improved a lot since then based on the the MGS test.
  8. Clint Denver, CO ~108 mph / 3.9 23 degree hybrid, 17 degree hybrid, 14 degree 3wd Right Handed
  9. Clint Colorado TaylorMade Spider Tour Sometimes...
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