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  1. Clint / Colorado 4 Callaway XR Pro and Big Bertha Alpha 815 Consistency and not snap hooking it off the tee.
  2. Clint Littleton, CO 105 mph 3.4
  3. What's your ball position like compared to your irons? I've found that I'm more consistent with my wedges (54 and 60 in particular) when I play them a little bit further back in my stance and swing at 90%. It seems to help with flighting the ball a bit and avoiding those blow up shots that spin like crazy and go nowhere.
  4. Congrats guys! Great choice for your golden ticket @blackngold_blood
  5. Clint / Colorado 5 18 and 23 If selected, I'd like to throw it in the 23 degree XR Pro and replace the Project X LZ that's currently in there. I put this club in my bag as a replacement for my 3 and 4 irons and still occasionally hit it into greens.
  6. Well, that escalated quickly... Clint / Colorado 5 PXG 0311T Gen 1 183
  7. cwojtowicz

    Evenflow anyone?

    I picked up the Epic Flash driver a few weeks ago and I was actually really surprised how much I liked the stock Evenflow green that comes with it (I went with Stiff, 55g). Love the feel and I've been hitting it great with good launch conditions and consistency. And... I didn't have to spend a few hundred bucks to get a different shaft. On a similar note, I also tried the Evenflow Riptide orange that comes with the new Mavrik and I absolutely hated it; felt really whippy throughout the swing and my dispersion was all over the place. There was a noticeable difference between the two.
  8. In! Is Christian McCaffrey available in this league too?
  9. Looks like you're going to take the W this week and we might and up having the two top scores of the week.
  10. Yeah, seriously... What an ass. I picked myself as a joke but it would be pretty funny if it turned out to be true!
  11. I probably should have just named my team Christian McCaffrey... Thanks for setting up the bracket!
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