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  1. I'm not a fan of music on the golf course. I find it very distracting. I've played electric guitar since a kid and absolutely love classic rock, southern rock and some mild metal (think Van Halen, Ozzy, etc). I can't take it on the golf course because I can't concentrate. I know whatever song is playing, and the lyrics and guitar parts start dancing through my mind instead of what I'm trying to do. I can compromise if it is at a low level and not in my cart. Also, do not pull up next to me if I am hitting a shot. Greenside it doesn't much matter. I don't buy the "I can't wear earbuds cuz I won't hear FORE." That's just a silly excuse. I play with guys half deaf all the time. I guess they shouldn't be allowed to play (sarc)? Also, I can talk to guys on the range that are practicing with earbuds. I'm pretty sure if I yelled at them they would hear me. It's a little narcissistic. Kinda like the guys that drive with music blasting out of their cars so everyone else can enjoy their taste in music. They don't want to wear earbuds because it isn't about hearing the music, it is about sharing the music. If it's about sharing then if it makes someone uncomfortable then it should be off. That is courtesy.
  2. Gotta have some style. Most can't handle it. Ogio Woode 15 cart bag with electric Alphard V2 on a bagboy triswivel.
  3. Today was frustrating. Shot a 79 but was in 8 sand traps. My approach shots were just a little off. 2 Sandies so 25% conversion. Driver behaved today. Putter was ok but not great. No flubbed chips so that was good. One birdie. One double (in the water). Started out great. Even par for the first six then six straight bogies. I think that is my record for sand traps in a round.
  4. Good golly, I am to ashamed to list all my training aids. Has to be in the neighborhood of 35-50. You would be hard pressed to find major aids that I didn't have. I finally just said no to myself about the Hank Haney Launch Deck. I am so proud!!! LOL
  5. I prefer the Orange whip. If I use the Lag shot and get to hitting the ball straight, I start hitting massive hooks with a real club. So back in the junk bag with the Lag shot.
  6. I especially like a bubble level. It is a round level that you place on your line and it gives you the degree of slope and therefore break. Obviously not legal but I read the green and then place it to verify my conclusions. The trouble with using it on the practice green is you tend to get familiar with the breaks on your practice green and can get lazy. What I have found is I am not a poor putter, I am a poor green reader. I am constantly surprised by how wrong I can be about breaks. This is helping me see subtle things I couldn't and I am learning to pay attention to some minutia that eluded me before.
  7. I have both this and Hack Motion. With the Hack motion I simply cannot get my wrist flex at the top to be in range. It may be a physical limitation. However, I can get the vast majority of impact positions in range. So I figure that's the most important. With the DeWiz I get more useful info on my swing plane which tends to be on plane fairly nicely. I have a tendency to come very slightly over the top (less than 2 degrees with a very slightly closed face that gives me a baby fade). The deWiz really highlights when I get too outside in and I find that very useful in practicing. So I prefer the DeWiz over the Hack Motion. When I hit great shots with the Dewiz it says I am inside suggested parameters. I can hit great shots with the Hack motion and it says I am too cupped (way outside ideal) at the top and good at impact which is confusing to me.
  8. Just got mine. Driver and the seven iron. I haven't swung it outdoors hitting balls yet. I have a 95 mph swing and I can easily trigger the swing weight set at 100 mph so I know that isn't correct. I will report back when I have hit a few balls with it. It works similar to the Super Sonic X10 Speed trainer. The weight is activated by the centrifugal force your swing generates. The X10 had settings that were much harder to activate but wasn't designed to hit balls. I am just speculating but since the Straight stick is designed around the proper release and getting your grip correct, I suspect you can still hit a wide variety of crooked shots with it. I tried swinging over the top and had no trouble activating the trigger so I'm not sure that is going to solve minor slicing issues. I don't really slice as I spend most of my time on the left side of the course. It might help casters and big slicers the most. That's probably what it was designed for in actuality.
  9. I play at Westwood CC in Vienna, VA. Very nice course, easy to walk. Course maintenance is excellent. The greens are fast and fair. Slope 132 par 71. I also belong to Championsgate CC in Orlando area. Nice course. Not too challenging because even the rough is very payable. Allows me to spray the drives a little and still recover. Slope is 128 (I think) par 72. Favorite course that I play regularly (one week every year) is Teeth of the Dog in Casa De Campo Dominican Republic. I definitely need the caddies to read the greens because of the grain.
  10. I find it does a pretty good job of recording putts. You can practice putt all day without a ball and it doesn't record that. I assume that it has an accelerometer in the watch that can tell a ball impact. You have to tell it how many times you used the putter because of gimmes and very short putts. If you have a ten foot putt and you putt to one foot and pick up, it knows that you two putted only if you press 2 when locating the pin. Even if you putt out, the GPS is not accurate to inches so it couldn't locate accurately that an 18 inch putt took place. I believe it defaults your last putt to about two feet when there is a discrepancy between your pin locator press and the number of putts it actually records.
  11. Hey, no need to worry about pausing here for that. I have never had the shotscope record two shots from the same area. It was mentioned in a post above that if you duff one in the sand then you probably have to record that in post-round because there isn't enough distance between your first and second shot. The same would be true for a duff or whiff. If it records your practice swing because you bounced it off the ground (I'm not sure how you would know that during the round), it will still record your subsequent hit from that spot.
  12. I have used Shot scope for years now. The V3 is a great improvement in shot capture and wearability. I have some issues with the strap flapping lose because the small plastic fastener doesn't really lock it down and it can catch on clothes and pop free. Other than that I love the device. It is very good at capturing the shots. Much better than V2. The GPS yardages are accurate. I have had several issues where I had to contact support due to map variations and they corrected the issues very quickly. They use Google to map their courses so if Google hasn't taken new photos of a course layout change then they can't upgrade the course map. I also had some issues where Google took the course photos very early in the morning resulting in long shadows that obscured some of course features such as the exact outline of sand traps or greens. So sometimes the Shotscope will indicate you are in a sand trap or on the green when you are just very close. This is easily corrected in the dashboard when you verify your round. I find the info I get to be invaluable for understanding my game and enjoyable for seeing improvements in overall performance. The thing I seem to have the most trouble with is capturing the pin position after I putt out. Find myself walking back onto the green and getting pin position more than once or twice a round. One thing I have mentioned to support is to indicate in the post round verification whether a pin has been captured or not by changing the pin color. For instance, red indicating a pin you have captured and blue indicating a pin you forgot to capture. They liked the idea and perhaps we'll see that in a future update. You also begin to get real about some facts in your golf game. How far you really hit your drives, how often you get up and down, how often you hit the fairway or greens in regulation. i also enjoy the little medals they give you for achievements, like low score (breaking, 80, 75, 70 etc), birdies in a row, pars in a row, low putts, etc. As you accumulate medals it becomes harder and harder to get one so it is a pleasant surprise to find you have earned one. I started with Game golf years ago and switched to Shotscope because you didn't have to tap your club and you got the GPS function as well. It is incredible to me that you get a GPS watch with shot tracking for less than the price of other GPS only watches. Quite a bargain if you ask me.
  13. Yep, they are all important. But I can tell you this. If I had a wish to get 100% correct every time, it would be distance control. Three putts would be eliminated. Let me figure out the aim and let me always hit it the right distance.
  14. Did I say aim doesn't matter? Please reread, then ask yourself this question, How many putts with perfect aim but insufficient distance go in?
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