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  1. Kevin Vienna Va I use shotscope now and have used Garmin s4 and s6. Also used Bushnell scopes Presently using Voice Caddie scope as well as Shotscope.
  2. Kevin Vienna VA avg 1.5 three putts a round. they have got the greens stimping very fast now so that is edging closer to 3 as you are doomed if above the hole. I practice putting 2-3 times a week and have a putting mat at home. one of the interesting things is the short run and therefore less space involve. Also of course getting the aim and face path info would be supremely helpful.
  3. Ok, I have been using the system for a couple of years. You cannot see the score ongoing nor at the end of the round until synced. It detects pretty well but I would say it averages 1-5 missed shots a round (out of an average score for me of 80 so 5/80 is about a 5-6% error rate.) This however is not as terrible as you might think. Remember that as you go through the round to verify on the dashboard later, it is showing you an overlay of the course on each shot you hit. This jogs your memory very well and I have no problem realizing that I didn't hit it 380 yards on hole #7 and that it missed my nine iron that I hit onto the green. So I just drop that shot in where I hit it from. Easy Peasy. The advantage to the system is the statistics that you can pull out of it as the season progresses. You can easily determine what your up and down percentages are, what are your percentage of sand saves, putts per hole average, greens in regualtion, etc. You also can filter for proximity to pin from 80, 100, 120, or any metric you choose. This real knowledge is invaluable if you are working on your game. For instance for all last year I was almost 60% in sand saves but was terrible in short pitches. So I know in a bind I am better off out of the sand than pitching over the sand trap. I am also three putting way too often missing short putts. So this year I am working on putting and chipping/pitching. I wouldn't use it to determine your club distances because of variables in club usages from shot to shot (into the wind, against the wind, half shots, chips, knockdowns, flubs...etc) So I would say it depends on why you use the watch and how you view your relationship with the game. If you want to just keep score and know distances with some info on number of putts and greens in regulation then a Garmin would be your choice. If you want a real statistical analysis to aid in improving your game then Shotscope is a great choice despite some weaknesses. Realize also that you can use the Shotscope in GPS only mode just to view your yardages. Hope that helps Kevin
  4. Yes I had this very issue. It would go to 99% and virtually hang forever. Retried it four or five times. Then I got it to work by Turning off the phone AND the watch and rebooting both. Then it finally updated completely. Hope that helps. Also forget any V2 that you have connected with bluetooth. That also interferes. Do not have a V2 lying around active.
  5. The club tag must be within 16cm or so of the watch to register a swing. You wear it on your left wrist if you are a right handed golfer. Simple swinging a club in the right hand only will not register a swing. This is true for putting too so you can knock back a gimme to a player without causing it to register a stroke.
  6. I have used and owned the ES-14, Sc100, Sc-200, SC300 and the PRGR. They all have their pluses and minuses. I keep the PRGR in my bag because it is so small and convenient and is capable of measuring swing speed without a ball so you can use the Superspeed devices to train with. I tested the SC200 and PRGR against the Trackman in Club champion during a fitting and the results were astonishingly accurate. The SC300 can give spin rate on the app but not the device. Es-14 also gives spin rates. I'm not really sure how accurate the spin rates are though. Lots of folks poo poo these devices because they aren't as accurate as the Foresight or Trackman. Quite frankly I find that reservation a little absurd. These devices aren't made to dial in your numbers for a club fitting or to determine your exact distances for a nine iron, etc. The amateur use for this device is more for comparisons. You have a buddy who is gaming a PXG and you want to see if your Honma irons are longer or shorter. Or say you want to see if a 5 hybrid is longer than your 4 iron. Or perhaps you want to see if I tweak my swing this way am I hitting it longer than if I tweak it this way. How much yardage do I lose if I take a half swing but strike center face versus a full swing off center. On demo days you can make a real comparison between your gamer and the various offerings from a manufacturer. I can also practice noticing the variation in my distances and work on more consistency. i think they are great and all of them are useful. The drawback to the ES-14 is it's placement. You should be a fairly good ball striker to use it because it is in front and to the side rather than behind the ball. That places it in a dangerous position for a beginner or high handicapper. One off the toe and it could be toast. Just ask my wife.....,.
  7. I just got my V3 yesterday. Played with it today. I have used the V2 for years and have loved it. Keeps all kinds of useful stats. It is accurate and not intrusive to your round. The V2 was a little on the large side but it never bothered me at all. I have to say that the V3 setup was a little buggy. It had a firmware update that takes about 15 minutes and it would get to 99% and just stop there. I finally figured out I had to turn off the phone and the watch and restart it. Finally got it to completely finish about 15 minutes before I teed off today. Worked on it several times yesterday but never got to completion. Because I ran out of time this morning I just used my V2 tags in the clubs. That really didn't work too well. Although it picked up most of the shots, it didn't register the correct club about 25% of the time. I will be changing out the tags and re-registering the clubs before I play tomorrow. The GPS worked well and I had about 50% battery left after 18 holes. Of course some of the drain was undoubtedly my trying to update several times as I'm going to the course. I will update this post after tomorrows round with the true performance. OK replaced the tags and used for the first time with the new tags. Worked much better. Did not seem to capture my 3-wood very well. Missed three of five shots with it. Mostly off the tee. Missed an eight iron shot. Captured all putts and most shots recorded accurately. Some minor corrections as is always the case. (things like I was in the trap but it had me slightly outside the trap). The main issue was syncing it after the round. I just couldn't get it to register the new round and have it appear on the dashboard. After much fiddling and frustration I finally realized that I had my V2 nearby and even though it indicated it was connecting to the V3, the V2 was interfering. I was even entering the code from the V3 but it still connected to the V2. Obviously a bug. Once I turned the V2 off, problem solved. Of course I wasted 15 minutes and a few swear words trying to figure out what the issue was. I think now that all the software issues have been settled, I can begin to enjoy it like I did the V2. I really do love this device but if I had been a first time user and experienced all I did getting it up and running, I may not have been very enthused about the product.
  8. This is a picture that not many people have who aren't professionals. This is the 6th hole at Westwood country club. Nov 2018. I have had two holes-in-one on this dastardly hole as well as placing more than my share of balls in the lake that guards the front of the green. Go over the green and you are in the sand trap probably with a downhill lie hitting onto the green that runs away from you. One foot past the green and it's back to the lake. Gives me nightmares. Anyway on this fine day I struck a perfect 6 iron into the wind playing with my wife and our guest. Now my wife takes pictures of everything and she happens to hop out of the cart unbeknownst to me and snaps this photo. The ball is is the air on the way to going into the hole! I drew a little arrow so you can see the ball in the air. She almost took a video which would have been better. They both saw it go in but I couldn't really tell so I do have a video of me walking from the tee box to the hole with them screaming the entire time. Yep, one bounce and in. They made so much noise that everyone on the course knew I aced it so by the time I got to the clubhouse everyone had used up my entire (insurance) bar tab. I got a diet coke! But hey I have a picture of that shot and that is priceless.
  9. Golfhandds


  10. Kevin Vienna VA I use a GPS watch and a range finder. Using shot scope GPS Tracker (excellent) and an old Bushnell pin seeker. Range finder gives me distance to pin. GPS gives front and back of green so I know where to land the shot (where the greatest room for error is.)
  11. Kevin VA 8 Have used multiple putting trainers over the years. PS- I've noticed some members have banners attached to their profile like Donor, Broke 80, Tester, etc. How does that get added to your profile? Can't figure that out.
  12. Kevin, Vienna VA 95 MPH Driver speed Callaway Chromesoft Truvis I actually preordered the MTX-B before the study came out. Took a couple of months to get and have played it a few times. Definitely longer than the Chromesoft which I loved until I read the study you did. Prefer the yellow balls so was happy a nice ball was available in high vis yellow. Now I am using the Chromesoft on the water holes. I have dozens I need to get rid of. LOL
  13. 1. Your first name and home state-US Only ----- Kevin, Virginia 2. Your current handicap and driver swing speed------------index 7.5, Swing speed 98MPH 3. Your current driver Ping 400 4. List whether you would like to review the G410 Plus or G410 SFT---G410+
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