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  1. Golfhandds


  2. Kevin Vienna VA I use a GPS watch and a range finder. Using shot scope GPS Tracker (excellent) and an old Bushnell pin seeker. Range finder gives me distance to pin. GPS gives front and back of green so I know where to land the shot (where the greatest room for error is.)
  3. Kevin VA 8 Have used multiple putting trainers over the years. PS- I've noticed some members have banners attached to their profile like Donor, Broke 80, Tester, etc. How does that get added to your profile? Can't figure that out.
  4. Kevin, Vienna VA 95 MPH Driver speed Callaway Chromesoft Truvis I actually preordered the MTX-B before the study came out. Took a couple of months to get and have played it a few times. Definitely longer than the Chromesoft which I loved until I read the study you did. Prefer the yellow balls so was happy a nice ball was available in high vis yellow. Now I am using the Chromesoft on the water holes. I have dozens I need to get rid of. LOL
  5. 1. Your first name and home state-US Only ----- Kevin, Virginia 2. Your current handicap and driver swing speed------------index 7.5, Swing speed 98MPH 3. Your current driver Ping 400 4. List whether you would like to review the G410 Plus or G410 SFT---G410+
  6. First time I have read these rules. Makes sense. I wondered how they were picked and of course, I thought it was just random. This method is more rewarding and encouraging to those who support the forum. Glad to see some internet sites that use common sense and values. Kevin
  7. First name: Kevin Home State/Province/Country: Virginia, USA Do you use performance tracking?: Yes Do you use a GPS watch?: Yes Which ones?: Samsung s-6, s-4, GPSy Game golf, Swami GT
  8. Kevin VA 10 HCP currently Ping G30 LST Ping G400 SFT !!! That is a surprise as I was fitted at hotstix for the LST back when G30 was on the market.
  9. Kevin age 62 Vienna VA good Driver, poor short iron player. Need to hit the greens to score. Have improved my putting and chipping and pitching but cannot stop hitting my short and mid irons left.. Revolution Golf member. Martin is great.
  10. Kevin handicap 8 Current set is apex cf16 Would think the chromoly set would be good. Never quite been good enough for blades...Jpx 900 hot metal...
  11. Vienna VA Taylormade Daddy Long Legs Starting the putt on the intended line.
  12. Kevin Virginia 6.5 index Strength= 150-90 yds weakness= long irons and ability to flight the ball down Forgot---play Callaway Apex
  13. Kevin Virginia 6.5 index Strength= 150-90 yds weakness= long irons and ability to flight the ball down
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