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  1. Lou, Tucson, AZ Usually, since I almost always walk, I get my yardage from sprinkler head yardage markers in the fairways, as well as the standard 200, 150 and 100 plates/markers . However, really enjoy the carts with yardage markers on courses with which I am not familiar. But, depth of greens can often be hard to determine -- could be one or two clubs. That's where these devices are more helpful. Technology has definitely improved the golf experience, from club and ball selection, swing analysis to yardage devices. However, the expense of all these technologies reduces the cost/benefit ratio.
  2. Lou, Tucson, AZ Just walk off the yardage from the sprinkler heads or the yardage markers at 100, 150, etc. Since I walk, it's really pretty easy and I've found that those are accurate. However, when playing course that require a cart and the carts have no GPS, yardage distances are more problematic. In those cases, a yardage device would be very helpful. There's no question that technology has helped golf. Today's clubs and balls are light years ahead of where those items used to be. Not sure, though, if we haven't max'd out all that physics will allow and other restrictions imposed by the USGA/PGA. Now, if someone could invent a device to get players to play faster,.......
  3. Lou/Arizona 11.2 Callaway Steelhead w/graphite shafts 135 yds
  4. Lou/Tucson, AZ Do not use any device. Really do like carts that have the yardage info on their displays as carry yardage and actual pin locations can deceive your eyes. Would enjoy testing and reviewing for you and other golfers.
  5. Lou, Tucson 90 mph Titleist Pro V1 Never played Snell golf balls.
  6. Lou - Arizona 11.2/90 Titleist Pro V1 Yes, both and prefered the XV
  7. Lou/Tucson, AZ WINN Dri Tac Tour Velvet Plus 4 (rubber)
  8. Lou, Arizona. Your first name and home state-US Only 14.2; 90mph Callaway BB Fusion, 9.5 degree, Senior flex G410 Plus
  9. Lou, Tucson, AZ Handicap: 12.3 Callaway XR AW, Ping Zing SW, Titleist Vokey Lob 60 degree Desired set/lofts: 50/54/58
  10. Lou, Arizona Handicap: 12.3 Current Ball: Titleist Pro V1 Looking for more of a soft feel
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