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    I am an avid golfer and love trying new equipment and not necessarily only what comes from Golf Digest Hot List. I have participated in various ball testing through manufacturer's sites. I did one club test with Mizuno MP 52 irons several years ago and really learned a great deal about testing clubs for a manufacturer.
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  1. Vern-Ohio Ping G400. 10.5 Alta SR Hdcp: 13 Driver Speed: 90 I have ordered a LM but don't use one currently. I am using Tour Ede Exotics EX9 Hybrids I have never used a TE Driver.
  2. Welcome from Austintown, Ohio. Great weather we're having! Enjoy.
  3. Welcome to MGS from Ohio! Enjoy the site.
  4. Welcome from Ohio. You've joined the best golf site I've ever seen. Enjoy!
  5. Welcome aboard from snow bound N.E. Ohio. This is a great place to learn a lot about new products, so enjoy!
  6. Welcome to MGS, the absolute best golf website available. You will get a ton of good info here.
  7. Having heard a lot of good things about Bender Golf gloves, I finally decided to give one a try. I ordered the glove 0n 6-26-2018 but didn't put the glove into play until the first of August of 2018. The glove fit very well and it felt good while gripping the grip. At first glance the quality seemed to be fine. I played 8 or maybe 9 rounds and all of a sudden the sewing around the first finger and middle finger began to unravel. I thought since Bender stressed their quality on their website that they would be glad to work with me. for 2 days I tried calling them but you can never speak to a human being. As a matter of fact there is no possible way to speak to someone unless you want to leave a message and hope they will call back. I decided to email them and explained everything and it took to business days to get a reply. In essence the reply I received was approximately 3 sentences long and I was told since the glove was past 30 days old there was nothing they could do or would do. I have played MG gloves for over 10 years and only had 1 problem in that time. MG listened to my problem which was very much the same as with Bender and yes the glove was well over 30 days old but MG immediately sent me a replacement glove. I would hesitate to ever do business with Bender again. Has anyone else had any experience with Bender before?
  8. I happened to try the original Bombtec Driver but found it no better and in some cases worse than the Callaway I was using. I was very fortunate as Sully did honor the money back guarantee and I did get my money back less shipping costs. Would never believe Sully again.
  9. I just went back to gaming my old set of Ping I 20's. Vern Ohio 10.7 Ping I 20 6 - PW AWT Reg shafts I210 I have been in the process of setting up a fitting session for a new set of I210's. Would love to be selected for this test.
  10. Welcome to MGS Dan. You will definitely enjoy all the fine articles.
  11. Welcome in and enjoy the forum from NE Ohio!
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