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    I am an avid golfer and love trying new equipment and not necessarily only what comes from Golf Digest Hot List. I have participated in various ball testing through manufacturer's sites. I did one club test with Mizuno MP 52 irons several years ago and really learned a great deal about testing clubs for a manufacturer.
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  1. Driver - Callaway, Taylormade Fairway - Tour Edge, Calloway Hybrids - Callaway, Adams Tight Lies Irons - Callaway, Cobra, Ping Wedges - Indi, Cleveland, Callaway Balls - OnCore Elixir, TaylorMade Tour Response, TaylorMade Distance, Trust, Srixon, Titleist Pro V1X Gloves - Red Rooster, Copper Tech Hats - MGS, Aussie Chiller, Various Baseball caps Sunscreen - Neutrogena spf 70 Shoes - Adidas, Foot Joy, both cleated Sunglasses - Oakley
  2. Welcome back to the world of golf. I'm sure you will whip your game back into shape in no time. Welcome to MGS!
  3. Before buying anything now, I would sign up with a teaching pro in your area and talk to him/her about lessons first. Then you can start your pursuit to find newer clubs that would be good for an interim time. Good luck on your endeavors. Hit'em straight and in the fairway.
  4. Will be very interested to see how it works for you and how it helps your golf game.
  5. The one club I regret selling the most was a Callaway X hot 2 Pro strong 3 wood. It seems I just had to have a new 3 wood and I sold my go to club basically on a whim. I have regretted that ever since.
  6. I use the tool talked about by others. I still have run into problems where I had to bring in needle nose pliers to finally get them out. I have since started using petroleum jelly on new cleats and they do come out very easily using the tool. The best thing to do is change your spikes yearly and clean bottom of shoe very well before starting to take ols spikes out.
  7. I like a 14 way with full length dividers for use on a cart and have a 6 way for walking or push cart.
  8. I talked to my club pro who said that he had one customer that has been waiting for over 3 months for his 425 irons and Ping told him (this was in mid November) that he could expect the clubs anywhere from December to late January.
  9. From what I've seen so far, you are doing some beautiful work. Congrats on selling one. The heads just look like they are meant to sink every putt in sight,
  10. I tend to agree with Bigjim1013 if I have the ability to tinker with settings I usually get myself in trouble. I am going to get fitted for some PXG irons and will test the 0211 driver at the same time. I'm really looking forward to the experience.
  11. I personally buy only grips made in the good old USA. In the past I was a distributor for Pure Grips, Star Grips both of which are in Arizona and also sold Tacki Mac which are made in the Houston area. Pure warrants theirs for 2 years and Star for 3 years. I converted all the guys I play golf with to either Pure or Star and all love them. The only problem with both is they just didn't want to wear out. When I buy new clubs, I have them ship the clubs sans grips or just put them in the box but don't install them. I then sell them on EBay. Just food for thought. I really believe we need to buy more USA made products.
  12. I am seriously considering the 0211's. I want to at least be able to be fitted before I pull the trigger. I live near Cleveland, OH and am looking to find a fitter certified by PXG for their equipment. I can't wait to try them out.
  13. It just takes a little practice with the compressor. Now I use grips that don't require tape so the alignment process is a snap. I use Pure grips, Star grips or Tacki Mac none of which require tape plus they are all made here in the good old USA!!
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