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    I am an avid golfer and love trying new equipment and not necessarily only what comes from Golf Digest Hot List. I have participated in various ball testing through manufacturer's sites. I did one club test with Mizuno MP 52 irons several years ago and really learned a great deal about testing clubs for a manufacturer.
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  1. Very happy to see the Ping G410 still hanging in there. Totally surprised at PXG being the bargain. I plan to test the Tour Edge Exotics EXS Pro and the PXG 0211. I am curious as to how much difference there was between 1 and 38 in actual yardage. As always a fabulous test.
  2. Vern - Austintown, OH Yes I have used one in the past. Would love to have this one as it is easy to set up. I have used a launch monitor before, the SC200. It would be set up in the 3rd bay of my garage.
  3. Vern - Austintown, OH 10 1/2 or 11 depending on whether shoe fits true to size. Adidas Adipure Comfort
  4. Vern - Austintown, OH Hdcp: 13.2 Scratch Forged - 53 & 56 Feel, looks and spin
  5. Vern - Austintown, OH I usually practice at course I'm playing. I had a cheap putting mat. Would love to have this for use in my basement. Medium to fast stimp 11-13 Thanks
  6. One0wonder - OH 12.3 Callaway Big Bertha 19's 142
  7. Vern Haynes/Ohio Hdcp.- 14.3 Callaway Apex Forged 145 I look forward to being selected! Thanbks for the opportunity!
  8. Vern-Ohio Ping G400. 10.5 Alta SR Hdcp: 13 Driver Speed: 90 I have ordered a LM but don't use one currently. I am using Tour Ede Exotics EX9 Hybrids I have never used a TE Driver.
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