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  1. Will be very interested to see how it works for you and how it helps your golf game.
  2. The one club I regret selling the most was a Callaway X hot 2 Pro strong 3 wood. It seems I just had to have a new 3 wood and I sold my go to club basically on a whim. I have regretted that ever since.
  3. I use the tool talked about by others. I still have run into problems where I had to bring in needle nose pliers to finally get them out. I have since started using petroleum jelly on new cleats and they do come out very easily using the tool. The best thing to do is change your spikes yearly and clean bottom of shoe very well before starting to take ols spikes out.
  4. I like a 14 way with full length dividers for use on a cart and have a 6 way for walking or push cart.
  5. I talked to my club pro who said that he had one customer that has been waiting for over 3 months for his 425 irons and Ping told him (this was in mid November) that he could expect the clubs anywhere from December to late January.
  6. From what I've seen so far, you are doing some beautiful work. Congrats on selling one. The heads just look like they are meant to sink every putt in sight,
  7. I tend to agree with Bigjim1013 if I have the ability to tinker with settings I usually get myself in trouble. I am going to get fitted for some PXG irons and will test the 0211 driver at the same time. I'm really looking forward to the experience.
  8. I personally buy only grips made in the good old USA. In the past I was a distributor for Pure Grips, Star Grips both of which are in Arizona and also sold Tacki Mac which are made in the Houston area. Pure warrants theirs for 2 years and Star for 3 years. I converted all the guys I play golf with to either Pure or Star and all love them. The only problem with both is they just didn't want to wear out. When I buy new clubs, I have them ship the clubs sans grips or just put them in the box but don't install them. I then sell them on EBay. Just food for thought. I really believe we need to buy more USA made products.
  9. I am seriously considering the 0211's. I want to at least be able to be fitted before I pull the trigger. I live near Cleveland, OH and am looking to find a fitter certified by PXG for their equipment. I can't wait to try them out.
  10. It just takes a little practice with the compressor. Now I use grips that don't require tape so the alignment process is a snap. I use Pure grips, Star grips or Tacki Mac none of which require tape plus they are all made here in the good old USA!!
  11. I was a distributor for Pure for years and yes the compressor is the way to go. Home depot, Lowes, Sam's Club or Costco all will have the small compressors. Mine ramps up to 100 psi and makes regripping very easy. Good luck with it and I would recommend buying the Pure gripping tool. Pricey but excellent.
  12. I have been poring over the info which has been very time consuming. I have narrowed down my selections of golf balls down to 3 possibles of which I currently have been playing for the last couple of years. As I am approaching 80, obviously my swing speed has decreased significantly. I am currently playing the Bridgestone BRXS and the Srixon Q Star Tour. I like both balls and I don't think many more options are going to significantly increase my distance. The outlier ball that I am going to try is the MG C4. The results seemed relatively comparable both the Srixon and Bridgestone and in some cases they were actually longer. I will a couple dozen and just see what types of results I can get.
  13. Why do most big-name golf companies focus their driver design and engineering specifically for Tour players? MONEY - they get millions of dollars of exposure from television. But where does that leave you? The last thing you want is a super low spin clubhead with a heavy tour weight shaft like that designed for less than 1% of golfers on the planet. An ultralight, high-performance driver that adds more than just distance to your bag is what you need. One that ensures a minimal loss of distance and direction when the club is hit off-center! When the engineers at Speed System Golf drilled into the stats, they found that 90% of golfers have a carry distance under 255 yards, and a swing speed of under 100 miles per hour. The main problem? Weight. Even with custom-fit, high-flex shafts... even with higher loft... the big‑name drivers were just too heavy for 90% of golfers to swing effectively. So the team got to work, building and testing prototype drivers that were optimized specifically for the amateur golfer’s swing. The result: The Speed System Driver In the end, it all came down to basic physics: if you can swing the club faster, you can launch the ball further. And this technology is no joke, it's been tested by Golf Laboratories who gave it two thumbs up. Learn more here and pick one up at a great discount to start your season off with a bang. Your Prescription to a Better Game, GolfersRx Has anyone out there tried or possibly know someone who has tried the Speed System Ultra Lite Driver being hawked by Golfer's Rx? As I have reached the ripe old age of 78 I am curious as to whether or not the spiel given about this product would be considered fact or fiction. If no one has tried it out could MGS possibly do a quick trial, obviously not as detailed as the Most Wanted but to see if any one of you sees a difference in distance. Thjey purport the club to be for senior golfers whose swing speed has decreased. Just curious. Vern Haynes Austintown, OH
  14. Very happy to see the Ping G410 still hanging in there. Totally surprised at PXG being the bargain. I plan to test the Tour Edge Exotics EXS Pro and the PXG 0211. I am curious as to how much difference there was between 1 and 38 in actual yardage. As always a fabulous test.
  15. Vern - Austintown, OH Yes I have used one in the past. Would love to have this one as it is easy to set up. I have used a launch monitor before, the SC200. It would be set up in the 3rd bay of my garage.
  16. Vern - Austintown, OH 10 1/2 or 11 depending on whether shoe fits true to size. Adidas Adipure Comfort
  17. Vern - Austintown, OH Hdcp: 13.2 Scratch Forged - 53 & 56 Feel, looks and spin
  18. Vern - Austintown, OH I usually practice at course I'm playing. I had a cheap putting mat. Would love to have this for use in my basement. Medium to fast stimp 11-13 Thanks
  19. One0wonder - OH 12.3 Callaway Big Bertha 19's 142
  20. Vern Haynes/Ohio Hdcp.- 14.3 Callaway Apex Forged 145 I look forward to being selected! Thanbks for the opportunity!
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