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  1. GolfSpy Stroker


    Nah...he's been with us for about 5 years. Stuck with him, I guess... even though he can be a real pain sometimes.
  2. what a disappointing way to end the season.... 0 from Tyler Lockett and pennies from OBJ and Kittle. sorry to those who were backing me; thought I had a pretty solid squad. A lot of lessons learned this year. Good luck to those in quest of that GOLDEN TICKET !! ---- When does the fantasy golf start?
  3. I dunno, that niners defense is pretty good... Not like this pathetic Rams d...whew, 6 straight touchdowns...6 in a row. Dang
  4. Yeah.... I didn't want to get into a discussion about seasonal market demands, profit/loss, price to earnings ratio, consumer spending, GDP and all of that other gobbledygook.... he would have asked. Interesting backstory here - https://www.thebalance.com/why-is-it-called-black-friday-3305712 - wonder how much is true Anyhow - not trying to hijack the thread and steer it another direction. I want a pair of basketball shoes for B.F. - Puma Clyde, Dame 6. BTW - why am I now getting "get the Black Friday deals BEFORE Black Friday" emails ??? what in the heck is going on in the world.
  5. Funny - my youngest son is getting to the age (12) where he starts to question certain things. We - of course - saw a commercial about black Friday while watching football yesterday and he asked why it's called Black Friday. Doh! I was put on the spot....had to scramble so I thought about it for a second. I told him that before online shopping was a thing people would wait in line until 12:01 am on Friday after Thanksgiving and burst into the store to grab whatever bargains they could find and since it was 12:01 it was dark outside so it was known as 'Black' Friday. I followed that up with the color 'black' being associated with some other negative terms like mean, aggressive, evil, etc. and described how people would run into Walmart and look for the pallet of the "hottest" toy of the year like Tickle-me-Elmo and sometimes 2 people would grab the last box and it would turn into this giant fist fight.... probably the real reason they call it 'Black' Friday. (I left out the part where someone would get a black eye; haha) Said to him that online shopping has pretty much done away with all that garbage for now and only maniacs still go out for stuff. Ed: no offense to you that partake in the black-Friday festivities...I've seen/heard too many horror stories. As far as what I'm looking for - my oldest (15) wants a "gaming computer".... those aren't cheap, but I'll gladly wait for a deal on Cyber Monday. I wish I could think of something golf-related but other than golf balls it's tough.... clubs/bag/shoes/apparel - I really can't think of anything.
  6. GolfSpy Stroker

    Green Truvis

    I know it's not a popular take, but I really like the green Truvis CSX ball...maybe it's because I'm near sighted??
  7. GolfSpy Stroker


    These 2 characters make me laugh every single day! Wish they stayed this young forever....
  8. GolfSpy Stroker


    He's a shichon.... a small-sized, friendly dog that’s good with kids. Shichons are adorable; you’d be hard pushed to find someone who didn’t warm to this bundle of joy. This breed is a cross between a Shih Tzu and a Bichon Frise. They’re also known as Zuchons or Teddy Bear Dogs (unsurprisingly this is because they bear an uncanny resemblance to cute and cuddly teddy bears), so don’t let these alternative names confuse you! Shichons embody the small size of the Shih Tzu alongside the friendly disposition of the Bichon Frise.
  9. GolfSpy Stroker


    All dressed up and ready to go! He looks like a stuffed animal.... =)
  10. Hi folks.... we love to see your pics! It makes the forum even more enjoyable. And we now have a new place to post all of them.... https://forum.mygolfspy.com/gallery/ Please continue to share them on the new gallery!
  11. Hi folks.... we love to see your pics! It makes the forum even more enjoyable. And we now have a new place to post all of them.... https://forum.mygolfspy.com/gallery/ Please continue to share them on the new gallery!
  12. Smithsonian National Museum of American History
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