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  1. Last night the Golf channel was re-broadcasting the 2000 Players championship. It was Tiger chasing Hal Sutton. A great comp. The distance they were getting with the clubs they were using was impressive - both were getting over 300 easily with those small headed drivers. Funny thing is nobody even mentioned 'distance' and I think Sutton won at either -10 or -11.... (which begs the question: what is the winning score that the USGA wants? obviously 21 under is not good but what's their target range?) If you get a chance, watch one of the older tournaments. Check out the length of the grass and see if distance was an issue back then. I know some folks fault the equipment but I don't know about that. Tiger was hitting his 9i 160+ without much of an issue and old man Hal was keeping right with him! This week is going to be nuts because of the altitude in Mexico. Guys will be hitting mid irons 250.... but just because you can hit the ball a long way doesn't mean you're going to win. Just ask Jamie Sadlowski, Cam Champ and all of those other big time bombers.
  2. I've tried EVNROLL putters every store I see them and have intentionally hit the ball off the toe, heel and center. My understanding is that the ball should get the same amount of roll... but I must be missing something. I wish there was a way to rent/demo one for a round or two. I'm sure it must be much different on course.
  3. Looks good! I like that top pocket. and the magnetic towel thing is pretty sweet.
  4. Sounds pretty awesome! How long was the lesson? Did you hit each club - driver, irons, wedge? Was there anything regarding putting?
  5. Congratulations gents! Really looking forward to your thoughts with this. GolfSpy Harry had good things to say about it in the latest No Putts Given and he's seen and tested a bazillion!
  6. TESTERS ANNOUNCED! Congrats to our 5 testers @azstu324 @dlow206 @goaliewales14 @revkev @Rtracymog Official announcement and testing thread here!
  7. Some say that the golf shaft is the engine of the swing.... But we know, from reading master clubmaker Tom Wishon, that the engine is YOU and if we want to use a car analogy the shaft is actually the transmission. With that being said join me in congratulating our 5 testers of the new 2020 Fujikura Motore X shaft @azstu324 @dlow206 @goaliewales14 @revkev @Rtracymog Let's see how well they use the new Motore X shaft to transmit the energy from their engine to the clubhead and send the ball speeding straight and fast!
  8. 51 yards... FIFTY ONE.... I would love to play on fairways like this!
  9. I loved your suggestion to use a 3 wood shaft in your driver to see how a shorter length might improve your contact. Rickie Bobby can be such a hall monitor.   🤣

    1. GolfSpy Stroker

      GolfSpy Stroker

      not sure what it is with him....everything I say he's got a comment about.  every. single. thing.  like it is his mission to prove how much he knows or something.

      some people...

    2. chisag


      Yup, he does it a lot and I just ignore him most of the time. 

      Some people. exactly. 

  10. you're not testing the shaft....you're testing the length. it was merely a suggestion.... do it if you want, don't do it if you don't want to. It wasn't a debate on can you put your 3 wood shaft in your driver and expect anything different. It's a 3 wood shaft - of course it will be different. I think I'm pretty much done here....
  11. the point in the exercise is to get a feel for what a shorter shaft feels like when using a driver w/o cutting the driver shaft. of course you would need a compatible tip. you can use foot spray to spray the head and see where your ball mark is. if it's centered more consistently maybe a shorter driver shaft would be a good move. if it is not then obviously that's not a good solution.
  12. You can also try swapping your driver shaft with your 3 wood shaft. 3 wood length is obviously shorter than driver and that might give you a good indication of what it feels like.
  13. I've always heard that the fastest part of your swing is the last 2-3 feet.... helps you whip through the ball.
  14. +1 ... I did the exact same... but didn't buy the X. Beyond Rev there were also a number of other guys that preferred the Tour vs the X. Seemed to be the most popular anyway. Even though it's supposed to be mid to low 40's I'm hoping to be able to get out on Monday and give them a try.
  15. Look how far she chokes down on that 48" shaft....
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