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  1. Thanks! Wish the flag on the green was a little more visible but really liked how all of the different colors and textures turned out.
  2. My daily use phone is and always has been Android. A couple of years ago I went with Pixel and haven't looked back; I figured that since Google is the developer of Android then I'd be as close as I can get to the source. There were 2 reasons I chose iOS over Android for Arccos though. 1- as you guys said; when you have a single OS you know what to expect and how to develop for it. When you have all of these different flavors of Android around there are so many bugs and issues to resolve that it no longer becomes cost-effective to have the app run at it's optimal potential. So Android gets a vanilla version.... or something like that and Apple gets the good stuff. 2- the primary reason is SIZE. the iPhone comes in 4" screen sizes which gives the phone itself a small footprint. I tried to find a small Android phone -- one with a similar size. I found one or two and only one that I would 'trust' - the Sony phone from years ago. I had it for a while but it no longer updated Android versions so I switched. If I have to keep this thing in my front pocket I want the smallest and lightest one I can use. If my Android phone was as small as the iPhone I'd probably use it but I guess everyone wants BIG HUGE PHONES now. I know there's the Apple watch option but my family lives in the 'Droid world so that's a non-starter. There's a simple solution to this - bring the dang belt sensor to market !!!!
  3. This is ridiculous.... c'mon MA.
  4. Hope this works! I'm not one to buy a putter without trying it first but I've heard outstanding things about this and can return up until August 1st. It was between this one and the double wide; ready for all the MOI I can get. Plus the "S" version has a little toehang for my slight arcing stroke. Odyssey Stroke Lab Black Ten S Putter Right Handed 34.25in Phil's first time out with it and he had 7 birdies.... I'll be happy with half of that.
  5. Welcome @JoesRaptor ! Glad to have you aboard and happy to see that you already have a contact in @Shankster . If there is anyone that knows the ins and outs around here he's a good one.
  6. Yeah - I deleted pretty much all of the other apps on the phone that I could in order to conserve battery power. I picked this one up on ebay for 30 bucks and it will be strictly used for the Caddie app. Even if it fails at least I'll have a backup phone in case my main one craps out. LOL Meeting up with some guys at Norwood CC. Pretty easy course and it will be a good test for the first round out.
  7. Got my iphone 5s, loaded up Arccos Caddie, activated my 90 day free trial and ready for my first round with it on Saturday! I've been practicing with it in my pocket and it's reached the point where it is barely noticeable. the 5s is small (4") and thin; I have heard not-so-good things about the Android app so I went with the iPhone version. Hoping it pays off!
  8. Q: Is this heaven? A: No, it's my driving range...
  9. Nice setup! You ever blade one into the neighbors yard? I'd be scared to death of doing that.
  10. GolfSpy Stroker

    Backyard range

    See the little mat with the 2 boards behind the big one? That's my chipping mat. My yard is about 20 yards and I move that all around the yard and practice my chipping.
  11. GolfSpy Stroker

    Prairie Club

    Wow....great pics! I'll bet the wind can really come into play on this course. Thanks for sharing.
  12. Haha... my very first fitting was at Spargo years ago and I met Steve then. Glad to hear that he's still around. I did a fitting at club champion and at TrueSpec.... neither one of those helped me make 10-20 footers but I gained an understanding of what type of putter I need.
  13. accomplish? I'd like to make some 10 and 20 footers; sucks big time to keep having birdie putts and not make a damn thing. Sure, I'd love a Scotty or an Evnroll but those are outta my budget, so I gotta go with the next best thing.... Double Wide showed positive strokes gained from both 10 and 20 feet; oddly it showed a negative S.G. from 5 feet? what??
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