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  1. GolfSpy Stroker

    What equipment are you thinking about?

    Did you catch the TXG fitting video? Looks very impressive!
  2. GolfSpy Stroker

    What equipment are you thinking about?

    190 or 190g?
  3. GolfSpy Stroker

    2019 Official MGS Fantasy Golf League

    Don't worry boys, I have that second to last place spot locked down. Both A players out and 1/4 making the cut.... Amazing that my season is over after week 2.
  4. GolfSpy Stroker

    2019 Official MGS Fantasy Golf League

    Got ya beat...31st out of 32 teams...
  5. GolfSpy Stroker

    Kuchar is embarrassingly cheap

    I like the fact that he donated to the philanthropic causes supported by the tournament. That was a nice touch.
  6. GolfSpy Stroker

    A seventeen on a Par 4... in a tournament. Golf is hard

    sounds like he has the right attitude! I can only hope I'd be this positive after something like this happened...good for him!
  7. GolfSpy Stroker

    Kuchar is embarrassingly cheap

    ...such a sad sad story.... I still remember when I first saw Kuchar as a rookie in the 98 Masters. He was as happy as I have ever seen a golfer playing. Hopefully this is just a blip on the radar for him; he seems like a nice guy...especially considering how he handled the British open in 2017...win with class/lose with class....but maybe it's not real? Sure hope not.
  8. GolfSpy Stroker


    Always wanted to.... I remember the 90's when I first started to even mess around with golf and a guy at Camp Pendleton was buying a set...he had to buy them one at a time and when he showed them to me I was in awe. For a long time, in my mind, 'Ping' was the creme de la creme of golf clubs...
  9. GolfSpy Stroker

    A seventeen on a Par 4... in a tournament. Golf is hard

    Wedge, wedge, wedge, wedge, putter...
  10. Don't let anyone ever tell you this game is easy... https://www.golf.com/news/2019/02/14/pro-makes-17-on-par-4-after-hitting-six-tee-shots-out-of-play/
  11. GolfSpy Stroker

    Kuchar is embarrassingly cheap

    Hard not to think that Matt won't look back on this at the end of his career with some regret. At the end of the day 50k is a small sum here so he must be standing on principle, i.e a deal is a deal. Really sad to see this all play out for everyone involved. A similar story that I heard on a podcast yesterday...A guy was caddying for Bill Gates at Augusta where he's a member..and Gates isn't a very good golfer... they get to 16 and Gates says give me the 7, caddy says no there's wind take the 6 ( really wasn't any wind caddy just knew he couldn't get there with 7 ) Gates says no there isn't I'll take the 7, caddy says trust me hit the 6, Gates finally relents and uses the 6. And you probably already know this but he gets a hole in one. Caddy is jacked...he just helped the richest guy in the world get a HI1....Gates hands him the club and says thanks. Caddy is pissed...WTF? Gates leaves and caddy is storming around telling anyone who will listen. Few weeks later caddy gets something in the mail from the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. It says thanks and this is a scholarship for your daughters education to anywhere she goes to school for the rest of her life. His daughter was 7. Maybe Kuch could do something like that?
  12. GolfSpy Stroker

    2019 Official MGS Fantasy Golf League

    My team is . Rickie wins week before the draft and then skips next 2 events and PReed is a head case...I got nothing.
  13. GolfSpy Stroker

    My Tip Of The Day

    Thanks for the description @chisag ! When I went for a fitting a few years ago in a cold Feb snowstorm the fitter kept saying "go ahead and release the club"... but he didn't really describe it very well, it was really cold and I was pretty sure he didn't want me to throw it from the bay into the snow. LOL I will try what you've suggested; I used to have a terrible early-release or, if timed right, what I call a 'right-at-release' in which the clubface/shaft/handle/ball relationship was all in a straight line. Sometimes I still do it but I have consciously tried to incorporate more shaft lean (which I realize has other variables like hip rotation, weight transfer, etc.) but I never want to feel like I am forcing things to happen. I asked a buddy of mine who's a scratch player and hasn't ever had lessons how he is able to compress the ball so well and he said that when he gets to the top he just feels like the club falls toward the ground and barely even feels a downswing. As an aside it's funny you mention 'strength' ... I've played with some what I will call "strong" guys. Good athletes, especially when it comes to sports where strength is key and they try to apply that same type of strength to golf and rarely does it lead to success.
  14. I gotta do this on the course this year....just to see the looks on my playing partners faces.