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  1. Okay gents.... time to lock this one up. Thanks to all those that applied. The review thread should be up soon!
  2. Played a late afternoon 9 with my father-in-law in NJ. Hi lives in Basking Ridge next to the Lyons VA hospital and is a member of the 9 hole course. Easy and fun course with no bunkers and only 1 minor stream; great for an 80 year old retiree! There are deer all around and they know when the course closes....we were on 9 and they started to come out to the fairway and graze...their timing was impeccable!
  3. Haha...this is true! This course was near Mcallen TX and when the wind blows there nothing gets in its way... I've never "played the wind" on a putt before but learned to pretty quickly.
  4. ...well, tbh, everything sounds better in paradise...I mean Hawaii. but seriously - can you feel when you hit one in the sweet spot?
  5. TRUE! Especially when the wind is blowing 30+ mph and flag stick is flopping all over the place like when I played in TX.
  6. Yep... I understand the physics of it. A ball going into a hole with a vertical object protruding out of it is the same no matter what the angle of the hole is. My comment was more from an "aiming/alignment" perspective....will golfers find it easier to read the break with the stick in or out? Personally, I think the pin in for long breaking putts makes it easier to read. There are 2 parts to the discussion - the first part is as you mentioned - the ball physically rolling into the hole at certain speeds and the second part is more theoretical - does it help golfers start their ball on the proper line with the correct speed? I realize it's nearly impossible to test the second part but I think perceptually that does play an important role.
  7. I wonder how the flagstick in/out debate works for breaking putts? Not sure if that was a part of either study but -- perceptually -- there is a big difference to me between straight putts and left/right breakers. I can see the stick being in/out for straight and shorter putts as negligible but I think it really comes in handy being in for longer breaking putts. I've only played a couple times and I can't say it has helped me make more but what I CAN say it that it has definitely helped with my LAG putting.
  8. EXTRA! EXTRA! EXTRA! Some golfers have an edge on others... ...but few have a TOUR edge. Join me in congratulating these 3 fine spies for being selected to test the MyGolfSpy most wanted best value driver of 2019! @03trdblack @ZJBogey2 @Badams69 Personally I am very excited for this specific test as this could be the best deal on the driver market this year. Have fun gents and can't wait for you to put this thing through the ringer. I'll be sending you a PM shortly.
  9. Was at the Smithsonian today and they had Eisenhower's golf bag. Love the head covers. The big stick (?) has "Ike".. I could easily roll with this!
  10. R E S P E C T Earned it Deserves it Gets it A living legend....
  11. Dang! I'll be driving the fam to DC tomorrow morning and was hoping to catch the back 9 from the hotel...
  12. He's apparently 1st in putts over 20 feet and 50th or worse on the 5 to 10 footers...maybe the rain will change that??
  13. Speaking of Tiger, am I the only one who noticed the giant bald spot on the back of his head when he finished his round and was shaking hands? Whew!
  14. Yeah, probably should have said nailed instead of nicked... that's more like what I do!! I was watching live online and had to rewind it 3 times to make sure that what I just saw actually happened.
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