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  1. Would be great if there was a course rule that requires leaving it in to speed up play...
  2. GolfSpy Stroker

    Pics from the course

    I do wonder if you ever get used to views like this or, if whenever you look up it seems surreal and like a painting. Thanks for sharing....nice to see the sun is out somewhere.
  3. GolfSpy Stroker

    Grips... get a grip

    South Texas. Meeting my buddy from OR there.
  4. GolfSpy Stroker

    Soaring Club Prices too Much For Van Sickle

    Make sure you turn on closed captioning!!
  5. Wonder what they'll do the first time this happens.... I suppose the new rule takes care of it...but it will surely be debated! https://www.usga.org/articles/2016/11/when-is-a-ball-actually-holed-.html (this is an old article....)
  6. GolfSpy Stroker

    How would you handle this

    I wonder if there's a way to flip it around ... just reach out to the guy and ask him about his life and family and try to turn an enemy into a friend....or at least an acquaintance.
  7. GolfSpy Stroker

    2019 PGA Show Driver Bonanza

    the 2 I'm most keenly interested in are the Mizuno and PXG gen2 - both could have a really big year in drivers and are some that don't necessarily come to mind at first. It's too bad that TM isn't going. I'd really like to see more on the "BMW" (m5/m6) of drivers.
  8. GolfSpy Stroker

    2019 Sony Open thread

    Wonder if JT will recapture the Hawaiian magic? Great to be able to watch in the evening....and the beautiful scenery is a joy to see in the middle of winter!
  9. GolfSpy Stroker

    Grips... get a grip

    You can find grip info here...https://forum.mygolfspy.com/forum/24-clubmakingclub-repairfitting/ I bought a set of the tour velvet align and put them on my irons and hybrid. Definitely need to take your time and check your lines but it's not too difficult to install them yourself. The rib is subtle, especially with a glove on but you can sense it being there. I'll be putting them in play during a golf trip next week. They were $9 each ... A little more than a regular grip, but if they help me consistently square the face at impact they'll be priceless...
  10. GolfSpy Stroker

    Pet Pictures

    I continue to be impressed how easily he can from dead sleep to up and full alert watching another dog walk by and back to sleep again...
  11. GolfSpy Stroker

    Pet Pictures

    Just once I wish I could sleep as peacefully as a dog ....
  12. GolfSpy Stroker

    Official - Snedeker Leaves Bridgestone

    Well, I hear that Molinari and Koepka are available....
  13. GolfSpy Stroker

    2019 Starting Bag

    Awesome! If you ever get a chance to share a pic that'd be cool. I bet it looks sweet.
  14. GolfSpy Stroker

    2019 Starting Bag

    what do you do with all of those cool headcovers?
  15. GolfSpy Stroker

    2019 Starting Bag

    leaving on Sunday for a week of golfing in south Texas and hopefully the bag I bring will have some success...even after no rounds in 2 months...because I kinda like what I'm trying Cobra F7+ 1 & 3 woods, Titleist 816 hybrids, back to the wishon single lengths with new GP align grips, ping glide 2.0 wedges and maranello putter. The only thing I can envision changing is the driver (maybe) and the putter. love the ping wedges (3rd year w/them and they are still in fantastic condition!), hopeful on the sterling irons, the 816 hybrids are just so easy to play and that blue cobra 3 wood has captured my ... might swap out some shafts but other than that this will be the first year in a long time that I'm not really **craving** much... (I'm gaga over that Evnroll 8.3 but it's a long shot)