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  1. .... I need to stop browsing. saw a set of Mizuno MP64's and now I can't get them out of my mind.
  2. hit the range last night and tried the "Bryson" swing... one thing that people have pointed out is that with his 'new' swing compared to his old swing he's already at impact vs just starting his downswing on the new one. So I tried to up the tempo - much faster back and through.... actually was quite surprised with the results. It feels much different but in a good way. Might have to put that into play. My tempo is usually pretty slow.
  3. haha... well, if this was a superflex league you'd be living large but since you can only start 1 QB having 4 of them actually hurts you more than it helps you. 1 and a backup is fine but 4 ??? the easiest position to stream in all of fantasy is QB. Cam isn't that much better than Stafford and Crowder is a PPR target hog. they literally have no one else in NY. good luck
  4. Ditto! Sent one your way CMO... let me know what you think.
  5. Yep... I've always believed in letting players manager their teams the way they want. I was purely wondering if there was some confusion on how FAAB works. When it's your first time doing it sometimes it can be deceptive.
  6. quite odd, TBH... not sure folks realize that the 100 is supposed to last all 13 weeks and the playoffs? would really be a bummer to get to the end and your opponent can block you with their remaining FAAB....
  7. Great breakdown of the final play by a former O lineman...
  8. Loved that play where Cam faked it and threw to the fullback. Too bad they used it earlier, that would have been sneaky good. On a side note, this is where they really missed James White...
  9. haha... no cats, just a small dog, but I don't play many "nicer" courses. thanks for the recommendation; we move in to our new house on the 30th and I need to wait to see if the 10 or 13 foot version would work best.
  10. +1 ... the commitment to a "coach" is typically a big one and if it doesn't start well...
  11. really need a putting mat. thinking hard about wellputt. birdie ball would probably be more fun but I have a feeling wellputt would be a better learning tool.
  12. check this out.... pretty illuminating.
  13. First Saquon and now CMC... this is 2020. Panthers running back Christian McCaffrey appears to have suffered a more serious ankle injury than he initially believed. McCaffrey said after Sunday’s game that his ankle was going to be fine, but he is actually expected to miss “multiple weeks,” Adam Schefter of ESPN reports.
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