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  1. I prefer a blank space on the ball showing when I putt. Do not put any extra lines on my ball, just a one dimple dot in a certain area for identification purposes.
  2. Congrats to the chosen testers. As a big fan of Hogan equipment (12 of 14 clubs in my bag), I will certainly be following along closely.
  3. Yep, the Apex has a flatter lie angle than most which is likely why I have expereinced more success with it than others. Good luck with the Mizuno!
  4. Graphite shaft only 55 year old here. Steel was forced into retirement when my 40's were left in the rear view.
  5. Almost always play, and only buy, Bridgestone Tour B RX balls. I will play the same ball for three or so rounds as long as the cover does not get trashed. Will occasionally play a different found urethane ball in perfect condition just for the heck of it.
  6. Bridgestone Tour B RX and Titleist AVX are my two favorite lower spinning balls.
  7. One silver sharpie dimple dot by the ball number on each side of the ball. I prefer as little distractions as possible on my golf balls.
  8. Usually have to clean it about every 2 holes. No ball washers at my course now so carry a wet towel to do the cleaning.
  9. The only hybrid I have ever seen success with is the original Callaway Apex 23*. Granted, I have not tried a ton of different hybrids, especially recently. Tried 3 other 4 hybrids since that one came out and none gave me as good of perfromance. OF course, I am the guy that still games a Callaway XHot Pro 5 Wood because nothing more modern has equaled the performance I get from it. Granted, the 4 iron (Hogan PTx Pro) does not give me the height or stopping power that the Apex does, but I get the same distance with it and better dispersion. They both go hot and cold on me so they spend about equal time in the bag. Nice to have a back-up plan when the deep freeze strikes one of them.
  10. I have about every style you can think of. Was always a blade player until I started experimenting with a few mallets this year. Was really liking my first full mallet (Indi Allison) until the sun brightened up and the darn thing became way too reflective. I have been primarily gaming a Ben Hogan BHB02 (face blalanced blade with single bend shaft) the past few weeks and seeing some pretty good success with it. I really attribute that to the Two Thumb grip I have on it (which was previously on the mallet) because I was so-so with it before. Started using the Two Thumb grip, which also rrequired a putting grip change from conventional to prayer style, during the two month quarantine when my course was closed and really got comfortable with it. My go to putter for the last several years has been a SeeMore mFGP. So, as you can see, I am all over the board. Definitely not the right answer, but I have always been quick to bench one and take out another when one went cold.
  11. The Accra TZ6 is an excellent shaft for achieving a higher launch and holding spin down. Have been gaming one in my driver for about a year and am seriously considering putting one from a higher weight class in my 3 wood.
  12. I was lucky enough to win a Club Champion putter fitting a few days ago so will be doing that sometime this summer. Really excited about it. Have never been through one and am tired of blindly throwing money at putters (currently own 12 in all different shapes and sizes) hoping to land the perfect flatstick, which I have definitely yet to do.
  13. The 3 grips I really like are Lamkin UTx and Z5 and Golf Pride Tour Velvet Cord.
  14. Ditched mine for about the thousandth time and put a 4 iron back in the bag in it's place about a week ago.
  15. Yes, an average of about 4 times per round (2 off tee and 2 off deck). 3 and 5 woods have been staples in my bag forever and will likely always be. Not a big hybrid guy.
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