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  1. 2018 Honda Accord. Fits 2 sets of clubs sideways and all the luggage 2 people need. The seats also go down if you must or if you pack a LOT. For buddy trips I agree that a minivan is great. Had a 2004 Honda Oddyssey that work great on a week-long Myrtle Beach trip for 3.
  2. I play public golf in the Chicago area. We have a wide range of golf courses at different price points. You can find something for all price points, conditioning levels, etc. As to round times, it is often luck. I often play the Village Links of Glen Ellyn. Nice staff and regular players, but round times range from 3:20 to almost 5 hours. Luck of the draw. Sometimes outsiders who play like they want their money's worth, sometimes regulars who think they own the course, and sometimes a great pace of play. I also have a group of about 15 guys and we play various courses in the area. My group plays in 4 hours for the 1st group (unless there are "Slowskies" in front, but some of the guys are closer to 5 hour types for the usual reasons. I run the group so I am out 1st. Sounds like some of the private course are not the panacea that I thought.
  3. I cannot be "Mr. Smooth Tempo" but I do need to start it down easy and then ATTACK
  4. I carry 54 and 58. Regarding the 58, I have both a high bounce Vokey K grind and a Callaway Mack Daddy low (9 degree) bounce. The mack daddy is in the most of the time because of the sand conditions where I play. Which wedge is used from 30-60 yards depends on conditions, pin position, etc. I do tend to go to the lower loft option when conditions allow.
  5. I have a Leopold GX2i and would love to compare to the latest technology.
  6. I just bought a Wilson C300 5 wood with the regular FUJIKURA SPEEDER PRO 68 GRAPHITE shaft because my 3 and 4 hybrids go the same distance and I hope this creates a gap. Waiting for it to arrive. I can play it down to 17 degrees, leave it as is (which is the plan) or make it 19 like my 3H (Callaway X2Hot). I could not find a Cobra F8 or F9 for a lefty at a good price. My 3 wood may be replaced next.
  7. Interesting story. I use Callaway X2 Hot 19 & 22 degree and tend to draw them. I am looking to replace the top end of the bag this year after getting Wilson D7 irons last year, which replaced AP3's. I looked at the Tour Edge C721 driver, but as far as fairways and hybrids go, not sure what they might have for a lefty like me. Got a fitting tomorrow so we'll see.
  8. My main go to ball is the ProV1x because of the last MGS ball comparison. If you don't mind the firmer feel it should be fine.
  9. A lot of good comments here. I agree (1) take a lesson from a pro that you trust and (2) find a club fitter. I am 68 and trying to find a way to get my swing speed up. It is currently 85-87. I game a M6 with the Fuji Atmos Black 5R that I cut an inch off, based on what a guy at GolfTec told me. I hit it in the middle, but think I hit it in the middle at the full length, and the swing-weight is like C5. I am going to a fitting at PGASS to see if a different shaft/length/head will help me get back to 90+. This fitter fit me for my Wilson D7 irons and they are working well for me.
  10. Not sure what I am in for if selected, but bring it on. This lefty would love to see how one length irons work for me, so that is what I selected.
  11. I would to try one of these, with the thought of determining if they are worth the premium price. Dave I walk almost all the time, unless carts are required. I have a Sun Mountain 4 wheel cart
  12. Dave from Chicago Illinois BOO! Left handed! When will Ben Hogan get some left handed clubs? I used to have Edge Pro way back when. I use 3 and 4 hybrids, then a 3 wood. IF there were lefty stuff to try regular flex.
  13. Dave from Chicago, Illinois. Currently use a Ping Sigma II Cushin C. I would like to try the Ketsch because (1) to see how the increased MOI helps and (2) my backup is an old Odyssey model 7 and I may want to go back to a bigger design. If you must, I could also game the Piper C as a more direct comparison to my Sigma II. NOTE: Left Handed please
  14. Congrats Guys! Getting fitted in 9 days and these are in the mix!
  15. Dave | Chicago area, IL 14 handicap Titleist AP1 Itons I have hit these at demo days and would love to put them to the test.
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