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  1. Dave from Chicago Illinois BOO! Left handed! When will Ben Hogan get some left handed clubs? I used to have Edge Pro way back when. I use 3 and 4 hybrids, then a 3 wood. IF there were lefty stuff to try regular flex.
  2. Dave from Chicago, Illinois. Currently use a Ping Sigma II Cushin C. I would like to try the Ketsch because (1) to see how the increased MOI helps and (2) my backup is an old Odyssey model 7 and I may want to go back to a bigger design. If you must, I could also game the Piper C as a more direct comparison to my Sigma II. NOTE: Left Handed please
  3. Congrats Guys! Getting fitted in 9 days and these are in the mix!
  4. Dave | Chicago area, IL 14 handicap Titleist AP1 Itons I have hit these at demo days and would love to put them to the test.
  5. Dave Chicago suburbs, IL 14 handicap Current irons are Titleist AP1 714 I have been looking at and have hit T200 indoors and would love the chance to give them a multiple round evaluation. I think graphite shaft in a lighter weight for me
  6. Lefty10Golf -er here: First name is Dave and I am from Illinois. Handicap is 14.9, and I play Titleist AP1 714. My 7 iron goes 142. I am a LEFTY (in case the handle didn't give it away) and am looking for new irons, maybe with a lighter graphite shaft. I like the look of the G410's and would love to give them a test.
  7. Tier 5: Rory Mcilroy Score 279
  8. I would LOVE to try this! 1. Dave Mistal - Chicagoland - 50rounds/Yr 2. Facebook 3. 15hdcp, Swing Speed 92 4. AP1 Irons, R15 Driver, Calloway 3W & 3 and 4 Hybrids 5. LH 10.5 Driver, 3W, 3&4 Hybrids, NOT one length
  9. Dave from Illinois. I am a walker currently using a Sun Mountain 3.5. I am a lefty and Sun Mountain is the only company that makes a carry bag with the straps, pad, and pockets "switched" for lefties. I would like to try the 2.5 walker bag to see if it works for me and if I can get used to carrying like a righty.
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