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  1. How the weight and feel of the club will have good effect, bad effect or no effect on how the golfer swings. If the feel is off then it will affect the negatively affect the timing of the swing and give not so good results. Vice versa if it’s a good feel
  2. Ignore the majority of fitters at golf galaxy. Shafts don’t launch. Shafts are a timing device. They can affect dynamic loft. It’s the golfer and how they deliver the club fat determines launch and spin. if you are going to schedule a fitting find a reputable fitter
  3. It depends on the design but I can tell you that the 3 sets of srixons I had along with the two sets of miuras my launch with them were within a degree of several titleist and mizunos irons I’ve had or tested. My 3 different ping heads also launched in the same 1-2° of the others. Club design and club delivery affects launch. Someone who flips will have more launch than someone who delofts with the same iron. Nothing wrong with narrowing down to a specific brand but unless you go test them first you won’t know what to tell the fitter you want. It’s going to be hard to find fitters who have more than a single fitting iron because of costs for inventory to keep multiple heads on multiple lie angles with differ shafts in different lengths and weight
  4. They aren’t worried about wny a 6 year old club broke. They already have that data from any other warranty claims after release. They would have made the adjustment in the following releases which there’s been 3 of and the last two are some of their better releases.
  5. Ping has too, yours is 6 years old. I’ve seen Ping give a new head to replace a 4 year old head, thus my example above about a g410 breaking might get replaced.
  6. I am not a Ping rep but it’s standard industry practice that warranty for clubs is two years and from manufacturer date. Doesn’t matter the brand. I’ve been around golf for awhile and know the warranty times and policies and have seen plenty of stories good and bad about warranty items. even if it’s 3 years the g400 is well past that timeframe. So it’s still long past their warranty period and long has helped people out on out of warranty period, but it’s usually for the the previous model release like I said earlier if you had a g425 they probably would have helped you out, g410 it would be 50/50. The number of cycles isn’t irrelevant because it affects inventory and also represents timelines from manufacturer date. In the case of Ping it’s every two years. TaylorMade is every year, so if you have a model that’s 3 years old from TM it’s out of warranty and depending on inventory of that model or the model after they may replace the club, but they wouldn’t have to give you a new release because you had a problem with an out of warranty club. They might but it’s not as likely. The Ping rep isn’t wrong and whether he should have said that or not is up for debate, for me I wouldn’t have been bothered by it, it I know the warranty policy and if they chose to not do anything then I would have moved on because I have it a shot to see but i would have gone in with no epxectation. Ping despite your experience actually has some of the better customer service in the industry. abuse has nothing to do with it, 6 years out from a release is a long time and materials degrade over time. The face actually thins out from use.
  7. Well of course. Just like drinking water the night before a round and not drinking any during the week isn’t going to be beneficial but over longer use and time the body will be hydrated, but just water alone isn’t good. Yes the op is looking for it for a round which is a short period and there are things like caffeine that can do that. While 5 star energy isn’t the route I would go there are supplement and energy drinks that have proven ingredients that for short term use work. You may not believe in them and that’s ok, but there are tested and proven ones out there
  8. Your issue is problem adding loft at impact. If that’s the case you will launch and spin all irons high. blades are going to spin more than CBs, player distance, gi, sgi. Players distance, gi or sgi are designed to spin lower but that doesn’t mean they will. I have seen more than 1000 x iron number on players distance irons. its possible the shafts you play are causing it to as they have a role in dynamic loft. We could give recommendations like i525, p790, t150,200, etc and they may or may not work. You need to do some testing and/or get fit. Also look at your numbers on a monitor and see what your swing is doing, over the top, stalling and flipping
  9. The grass in NC is probably still dormant, it’s going to play different than when it’s in season.
  10. I don’t deal in hypotheticals we will agree to disagree on what they are trying to punish. You can’t claim on one hand the ball goes too far which btw means nothing because it’s not comparing to anything or anytime and then say that distance gain is from the golfer. And they aren’t reacting to changes in the game. The game has always been the same it’s just that we have strokes gained to prove that closer is better and the mentality laying up to a number is a bad approach. I don’t know if it gives more credibility to the game or not because in other forums the argument isn’t about the athleticism but the lack of skill (which is a dumb statement) that the players today have compared to the past. Golf is about getting the ball in the hole in the fewest strokes possible. The RBs can’t regulate fitness and their statement about the distance coming from the players not the equipment is a glaring fact that they are out to get the guys who have worked hard to gain the skill to hit the ball longer. They are telling a Matthew Fitzpatrick that his hard work rather than be rewarded is going to be negated by taking the distance he gained away. I disagree. A battle for home run leader in the same league would be great entertainment. You get to see the best battle it out each game trying to be the best. Look at the excitement that Judge garnered during his chase for 62 home runs a couple seasons ago. Nobody is sayin every time the ball gets hit it needs to be a home run, but rather that when a home run is hit that people get excited more for than than a base hit and that when a ball looks to be a home run the excitement grows as the ball travels then when it’s an out or hits the fence and stays in the excitement dies right away. People like highlight plays, slam dunks, home runs, diving catches. The same goes in golf with long drives and sticking it close. It’s what sells and the pga tour knows it and sets up their tournaments for it. Not every pro hits the ball long but a Rory driving a par 4 gets more cheers than a 275 yard drive in the fairway.
  11. There are studies about many of the “brain” supplements. Not all supplement companies just put stuff out there. There are scientific backings to the product and the ingredients. One just needs to spend time doing actual research on the products and not calling everything snake oil
  12. Incorrect. This is a misperception by most amateurs. Everyone has the same swing from one one swing to another. The swing itself is repeatable, what happens is that the compensations one makes for their swing faults isn’t always the same and that’a where the inconsistency in strike and ball flight comes from. Even the pros have swing faults the difference between the pros or better golfers and the rest is the ability to make the same compensations each swing. A good fitter can see this and make the necessary adjustments to the equipment for the fitting. Between watching the swing, talking with the golfer about their game and what the ball flight in the fitting is like compared to their on course ball flight and misses the fitter can tell when a normal swing and what isn’t happens in the fitting. Its why I don’t get fit by anyone that doesn’t understand the swing itself.
  13. Interesting first post. Hopefully you didn’t join just to make this post and then disappear or to hope it gained some traction to influence google search results to make Ping look bad. You have clubs to at are past their warranty date. Ping like almost every club manufacturer has a 2 year warranty from the manufacture date not date of purchase. The g400 is now 4 release cycles old. They have no obligation to do anything for an out of warranty club. Being disappointed in Ping shouldn’t be the feeling here. Ping and most manufacturers might do something for a club barely past manufacture date like if you had a g425 that had issue, potentially even a g410 but to expect any company for any product to do something 4 years past warranty date in unrealistic And yes registering the club is only for specs and future build changes not for warranty especially this far past the warranty
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