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  1. So you want them to scramble at the last minute to get a flight to get to an event the golfer might have a chance at winning which then has the golfer distracted because he’s worrying if the family got on the plane, had any issues and so on instead of being there all week or for several weeks at a time. Having family there can help the golfer relax both during and after the round. theres not an amateur golfer I know and most of not everyone on this forum would be happy to have their coach on the range with them. managers and other entourage members are there to do things for the golfer to help them not be distracted, coordinate scheduling, flights, lodging and so on. Not really distractions imo
  2. That’s like comparing apples and oranges. Not comparing like for like and using an entire season vs a few events of the current season
  3. Are you comparing course for course and the courses in the same condition? Go to TM’s YouTube channel and see how far they are hitting it. While 5-10 yards isn’t nuch for tour pros even they aren’t going to change something that gives them less distance in an era where on tour the longer you are the better your scoring will be
  4. I haven’t tried them but know others who have and they notice a difference in vibration with them in their steel shafts. Compared to graphite I don’t thibk the feel of the steel shaft changes it’s just dampening vibrations in contact so I’m guessing the feel between the two materials doesn’t change. Personally I don’t necessarily feel a difference in how the shaft loads and such between steel and graphite
  5. Only way to avoid it is covering from head to toe. To minimize it get a tan outside of golf
  6. Going to vary by person as well as between spiked or spikeless. I’ve used both to walk and it comes down to finding what feels comfortable to you. Anything puma in spiked will meet waterproof and comfortable. Anything spikeless from them in the last two years will meet comfort requirements but lack in waterproof. adidas tour boost 360 meets both. I’ve never had a problem with Nike other than som tw models. fj pro s/l, flex and dna
  7. That’s somewhat obvious and as long as I’ve been playing everyone I know checks the tee where the actual marker is to see if playing longer or shorter. the less obvious is how the hole was measured. There are courses I’ve played that were measured at angles that differ from the hole layout
  8. That’s the reason Rors isn’t using a 3w. Said it was too long
  9. It doesn’t take that long. I’ve never had a shaft I wasn’t fit for in any club (all bring done in an hour or less by shaft oem fitter, club sales/tech reps or my local guy) not work for me on the course.
  10. Coach to keep an eye on things...there’s not an amateur who wouldn’t mind having a coach in the practice range before a round. manager is making sure the player has everything they need, etc Iirc start of tournament day the ones allowed on the range are limited to certain people. Even so having family and friends there before one tees off can help ease the nerves.
  11. I struggled with 15* or stronger and played 5w. Had somebody put me in a 16.5 and haven’t looked back since.
  12. Doesn’t matter why scores are high or low they are what you are or what your potential is at the time. if a 12 hdcp took lessons and regressed a little before posting scores in the 70s would that be an unfair advantage too? After all he posted higher scores while getting better
  13. It’s subtle advertisement when compared to how Callaway or TM market their stuff. Their bread and butter is the ball market though which is why there is more ball advertisement for those than clubs
  14. Imo they have a brand perception albeit imo not accurate. The brand itself is perceived as elitist, stuffy and other unflattering adjectives. I think this comes from them being a country club type brand. Their drivers have been shorter distance on avg compared to the distance kings like TM and Callaway (imo the 915 and 917 were overall better than Callaway and 917 was longer than m1 and m3/4, about the same as m2). There is some truth in the numbers and titleist admitted they needed to step up the distance game for off the shelf which is how many avg Joe golfers buy. Their irons have had the perception of requiring skills of of a good golfer. Not what I have since since the 710 lineup. They aren’t an in your face marketing machine like TM was and Callaway has become since The crew from TM went there and started the 5 year war. I think overall the company is trying to change some of hay perception and we all know perception is reality to most people
  15. Towards the toe means upright and would need to go flatter. What was your ball flight?
  16. Handicaps come in forms. Some golfers struggle with short game/putting but hit irons and woods well. Others may have at least a good short game but may give up strokes off the tee or with longer irons and so on. let the numbers determine if a club fits. Golf is about finding ways to enjoy it. Find a club that you like the looks of, makes you want to go play and practice.
  17. RickyBobby_PR

    TP5 Pix?

    From what I recall the process that TM is using is different from the truvis so I’m guessing the need to avoid lawsuits and such it took time to develop as well as most of golf is copy cat so brands werecwaiting to see how truvis did before putting money into r&d
  18. I don’t think they necessarily lost ground but rather (especially in driver category) understand the consumer perception and results that off the shelf their previous models lacked speed compared to Callaway and TM. While they still push the get fit aspect and titleist Thursday’s they understand a lot of amateurs are going into box stores and hitting a few drivers in stock setup and they need to impress them with numbers on the monitor. titleist has already been changing slowly with the addition of ap3 (I think this is where we will see some changes in the next release) and also the yellow in pro v1/x as well as the avx release last year both in color and as another tour level ball offering. i do think they will stay true to their overall approach while as you said change their marketing
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