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  1. Mine has Ben something I learned from a buddy who I played with a lot when I first started playing but am trying to work on using GGs approach of get a target and shot, develop a feel and take a practice swing, go external then super internal then stand over ball and hit it
  2. Worked on short game with chips using 54 and 9i. Hit chips using what GG refers to 7:30,8 and 9 o’clock (9=hip high) positions and using 3 speeds for each. Slow, medium and fast (not golf swing fast)
  3. I can attest to this. Understand a lot more in two languages than I can speak in them.
  4. I know when I was talking with one of my golf partners about his next set tgw no longer has a customize option for the i500 so it would seem that they have stopped taking any orders for anything than is not 100% stock.
  5. I was going to post these. It’s been several years since I gamed one but the original models were quite loud. Softball bat sounding. Other than that they are good putters
  6. You should look at some of Phil’s clubs over the years.
  7. The smoke lineup of shafts are slightly softer than the original hzrdus like but they still play stiffer to flex. I and others have said it in various threads about how flex is just a rating within a companies shaft line and it’s not even standard a lot of times within the same company. The even flow lineup from PX flexes don’t play the same as their hzrdus lineup in the same flex. Finding a weight and a shaft profile that fits ones swing is more important than the flex listed on a shaft.
  8. The obligatory there’s no standard on flex in the industry and even within a brand. With that out of the way. The red is going to play 1 times stiffer flex. The blue is going to play right on flex for most. It will feel better to most as well. Those who swings agree with the blue love the shaft. For the price point it’s a steal
  9. A fitting for hybrid or high lofted fw to help get the 165 distance and get some height to help hold greens could be the “easy fix” some considerations for the 3wood would be to get something like a sim2 3hl or other brands 4wood in 16.5 degree. Possibly even play an additional 5w but with a 3w length shaft. I’ve done this with my m5 5w and first time I tried it was with a ping fitting for the top end of my bag to fit gapping.
  10. Depends on how you want to look at it. Very very few people play steel in their woods and hybrids before moving into steel in their irons and wedges. So in that aspect most golfers play a mixed material setup I have a bag that is graphite from driver thru pw and steel in my 3 specialty wedges. In a past golf life there were others I know that also had similar setups Brandt Snedeker has steelfibers in his irons and his 48* and s400s in his other wedges
  11. Its crazy how many guys outside the top 75 or so seem to come and go after a few years.
  12. He earned special temporary privileges this year so he’s in most of the events already and being inside top 50 also get him in WGC. He needs to win to get his actual tour card. With his temporary status he isn’t qualified for FedEx cup unless he wins an event. This is the same way Spieth was in 2013. he could finish 2nd place in every event the rest of the way and still wouldn’t make the FedEx cup. It’s a money thing. It costs a lot to have someone like hideki playing a full bag or even irons and woods. Even though the Dunlop brand under SRI sports has a bunch of money they d
  13. You could go down a rabbit hole on YouTube trying to find a fix to a flaw. Finding a good coach and getting lesson would be a better route But if you want to go videos and work on it yourself buy Monte scheinblums no turn cast or efficient swing videos and work on it slowly. swing changes don’t happen overnight
  14. Everywhere I’ve been and others I’ve talked to in other states. If there’s a fee it could be the course charging the fee to host the event and not actually titleist that’s charging it
  15. Go to titleist.com select fitting and then club fitting. Search on your location and find a titleist Thursday. They are free and will have all the heads and shafts and will get you in the right setup
  16. That’s what I saw too. Also different peak height
  17. Cool. So the next thing to look at is what @cnosilposted about comparing the ball flight numbers to see where things differentiate between the two
  18. Congrats on the new clubs and glad you had a good experience. The open mind was the best thing you could have done.
  19. This is typically a sequencing problem and not having the lower body involved in the takeaway. A swing training aid my or may not have an influence on fixing it but some options would be planemate, GBox, orange whip. Drills without a swing trainer could have as much benefit as using a training aid heres one example Danny Maude, Chris Ryan, Athletic Motion golf all have good videos on proper swing drills
  20. Have you had the lofts checked? If not start there to make sure they are the correct lofts. If not then have them adjusted and re-compare The finish shouldnt have any impact
  21. A fitting not only aids in helping to not manipulate the club but optimizes ball flight characteristics. someone who hits a good shot and the ball rolls out too far on the green may not have the right launch, spin or descent angle. Getting fit into a combo of shaft, head, loft, etc, that improved that gives that golfer a better chance of having a shorter putt. Someone whose ball drops out of the sky or hits a lot of knuckle ball drives has the wrong ball flight characteristics. They get fit into a combo that fits their swing they end up with better drives and less errors gives them a
  22. This is why a split setup of clubs and possibly shafts can help. Many amateurs lack the swing speed to get the right launch conditions to give a good enough separation between clubs so putting a hybrid or more forgiving style head in place of the club that’s part of the set can help. Same with going from hybrid to a wood. The smaller head with lower loft in a hybrid may hurt someone compared to a higher lofted wood. The lighter shaft option works. When I used a driving iron I went graphite and lighter than my steel shafts and it worked fine
  23. I don’t recall anyone here saying that a fitting is going to make anyone score better or drop their handicap. Some may not see any noticeable difference in their score because one still has to execute the shot at hand and there’s a lot of variables in golf. The best in the world whom have equipment dialed into their swings still make bad swings and have a big penalizing miss when they do. You will see that on display today. What a fitting does do is out equipment in the hands of the golfer to reduce the amount impact a miss does have and reduces or eliminates the need to manipulate their
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