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  1. For me it’s better control with irons and wedges. But that’s not across the board. The left dash prov1x suck for me around the greens. I have no problem with bump and run or with flying the ball to the hole with most premium balls. Iron and driver distance vary between some so I have given up on the Bridgestone balls and it’s predominantly prov1 for me with prov1x and tp5 or tp5x mixed in
  2. You mean where he broke tradition.
  3. 1) Any other options I should consider? Limited flight balls are only going to fly about 10% shorter than a regular ball so skying one with driver it’s going to still go a couple hundred yards. Any of them will work for what you are doing. 2) Are they dense enough to show through foot spray on the face? Yes. They are still a regular golf ball. 3) How long did they last? They will last around the same as any other golf ball
  4. People prefer the sound and feel of softer balls. You see that in lots of comments about how some premium balls sound clicky or loud. Some of that sound and feel come from contact point on the clubface. Softer ball makes the mishits sound better. The other is the old notion that slower swing speeds can’t properly compress a high compression ball
  5. I have no idea as I’m not his agent, but I would be shocked if he’s working for free on tv. Bones is commodity that tv channels want. He’s going to command top dollar for whatever he does and isn’t going to shirt change himself. He will have a long tv career if he chooses to stick around.
  6. Yes he’s being paid by JT. He also gets paid for being on air when he does that work. He literally said in the post round interview that he was only going to go back on a bag for someone special.
  7. You literally spent a whole post talking about feel and why it is and so on and mentioned nothing about performance, then @Middler asks questions on your statements about the materials and you switch the conversation to performance aspect. Why not answer his reply with something related to his reply?
  8. Feel for me is about how the overall feel is in my hands, arms body at contact. This is as much about the shaft as it is the head. Two steel shafts from different brands can have different feels on identical strikes based on how the shaft is designed. I prefer the feel of $ taper or modus 120 over s300. What many consider feel is actually the sound of contact. A shaft can have an influence on this too, but I’ve played 2 different miura cb sets, have hit the baby blades, have bad forged, forged face and cast iron clubs form several brands they all produce different sounds on pure shots, good contact shots but not quite flushed and off center strikes. The sound is where to me they get separated and not in performance. Now does that sound and feel impact how someone plays, which then impacts performance? I think for some that’s possible, someone who doesn’t like a clicky sound isn’t going to play as good with that club as one that has a sound they prefer
  9. Perfect example that basing any golf purchase based off a handicap is not the correct route. We all get our handicaps in different ways. All the brands you mentioned make good clubs. Unless there is a bias against one brand no need to rule out a brand. Also because of biases asking people on the internet what you should try is going to yield a bunch of different answers based on biases and preferences which may or may not align with yours. Go to the demo day, let the rep do his/her thing and make sure to be honest with the rep about what you like or don’t like about a clubs looks, sound feel, ball flight and so on. Let the performance and your preferences determine what to buy. Simple put keep an open mind and find what works best
  10. It’s what separates good to great teachers from the rest of the crop. There are those have one swing model and try to fit everything into that even if their body that can’t do it. Then there are those that have an acceptable range for where the body, body parts and club should be and work on matchups but making sure the golfer is moving in a proper sequence and efficiently. You will find that most of if not all of these good to great coaches teach the same thing just communicate the thoughts and feel differently and tailored to how the student learns. Its what I like about amg pros vs ams videos
  11. The subtleness level of the ball flight will vary by user. How it looks at setup to how you swing will determine how the ball flight will or will not change. If your eyes don’t like the something is setup your mind will make your body adjust to find a way to hit the ball that’s to your liking. Some people are more sensitive to this than others. How you deliver the club will play a role in what the ball does differently than it will for me because we have different face angles and face to path relationships so even if we both went to b1 as an example because a1 want giving us the spin, launch, ball flight we wanted one of us may not see much difference while the other may like or hate the change in looks and how the ball flies. Unfortunately there’s no hard and fast rule of what the setting are going to do to ball flight. Here’s what you need to do. Set it at what your fitting was. If that’s not working then go to the farthest extreme first then slowly change from there. If you are at a1 and need the ball to more left then set it to a3 and see what it does. Then from there see if you need to take off loft of lie and try again.
  12. This is what any good instructor does. There are things all pros do in the swing, they also all don’t swing like each other. They have movement patterns and that’s what good instructors get their students to do. Within the limits of their body make the same movements as the pros especially those who have similar body types. Proper pressure shift, how the hips move, what the arms and hands do. Most amateurs do the opposite of the pros. Yes and no. Everyone should be striving to play golf and not golf swing. But the swing your swing is swing with your tempo and rhythm, your movement pattern, etc but make sure you are moving the right way
  13. Not enough information to say what type of area is. There could be a red stake out of view of the camera behind them. There could be something on the score card that has a local rule that says that area around the course is treated as red stake penalty areas. Theres a course back home I play once in awhile that has lots of fescue. The scorecard states all fescue areas are lateral hazard, but none of its staked
  14. Take lessons using a 3-5 pack with a pro and spread them out over several months so you can practice and work on the specifics from each lesson. take the rest of the money and do at least a fitting with a local pro. This will give you an idea of what you like or don’t like from looks, sound and fee as well as what works or doesn’t work for your swing. Using this info from the fitting you can piece together a bag of used clubs that are as close as possible to your fitting
  15. His swing is pretty consistent. His swing is pretty flat and as a result if he has a bad day with timing he’s prone to two way miss which is consistent with anyone that has a flat swing and gets stuck. He has also lost his putting stroke which at one point he was one of the better putters on tour. With that part of the game being a weakness now he’s unable to make good and consistent scores. He also recently found out he had eye issues which he’s addressed and why you see him wearing glasses on the course now. Hes just not as good tee to green as the best in the world right now. He has done some swing changes trying to get away from ring as flat as he was. This was something him and ****** worked on. He’s gone back to more of his original swing, which when he’s swing fine he can drive the ball well and play good irons, but he’s prone to two way miss or lots of hooks. As mentioned above he had more issues with putting than his swing and this is what has caused the majority of his bad play. Plus the eye issues he had.
  16. To better clarify it should be a shaft that is too soft and not an actual a stamped flex of regular. There are some companies x flex shafts that play as soft as others Regular flex. Even within some brands shafts of different weights in the same flex will play differently. Example the Ping tour 75g x flex plays softer than the 65 x
  17. If the adapter works in the driver they could be swapped but the swingweight is going to change due to the shorter shaft, this could negatively impact the feeling of the driver but that’s player dependent. Now let’s talk the shafts and particulars. Flex has no industry standard so unless the shafts are the same exact model and in the same weight class, comparing flex isn’t a good comparison. So what shaft model and weight is in the driver and what is in the 3w. Second we need to look at swing. Driver swing is typically a neutral to upward strike where a 3w is a neutral to slight down strike. It’s possible that something in your swing is impacting how you deliver the driver that causes the face and/or face to path relationship to cause a slice ball flight. With no video of swing this may or may not be the case. So with all that said there’s no way to of swapping shafts will work or if moving the 3w shaft is a good evaluation of having that same shaft in stiff flex in the driver or any flex of shaft in your driver. Your course of actions are to try and test it yourself, get a fitting to see if it’s the shaft in your driver that’s the issue or not
  18. let’s look at your words and how it’s changed from majors to the event this past week as well. Phil’s situation is his own doing. But nothing in that article supports your stance that he was cancelled from majors. He pulled out of both the master and the pga. Neither tournament banned him or disinvited him. Nothing in the at article leads to indicates he’s secretly suspended. It’s just talking about how he went from being on top to not, which again was his doing by trying to have his cake and eat it to. The real Phil revealed himself and the smoke and mirrors that have been around Phil the nice guy got erased and the world got to see the real Phil. these statements are you talking negative about the tour and/or the pga championship cancelling him for his recent actions and that he should be allowed to play. Then pointed out he pulled out you then shifted to talking about this week and the commissioner not saying yes or no about his suspension and speculation based on this and that since he isn’t playing this past week leads to him being secretly suspended. There’s been no evidence presented that he’s been cancelled from playing golf on the pga tour or the majors.
  19. Clubs shouldn’t be purchased based on handicap. We all get our handicap in different ways. Someone who struggles with irons will need something different than someone of the same handicap who hits their irons decent or good. Also there is nothing wrong with not upgrading to something more players style just because one improved handicap. If you spend enough time reading golf forums and groups you will find low handicaps playing game improvement irons. I knew a 3 hdcp that played the Cleveland launchers. Some of the most popular irons on pro tours were Ping i20 and Titleist AP2, now Ping i210 and Titleist T100. Start with what you want to do with your irons. Are you looking to make it easier to move the ball up/down and/or side to side? Do you want better feel/sound? What is it that you don’t like about your current set? Thats really just the start. Getting the right shaft to pair with the clubs you want. Not having the right shaft and head combo can make the game harder because you are working harder to make the clubs work to get the desired result. This is why it’s always recommended to get fit. Even if you buy used your get an idea of what works and what doesn’t
  20. TruSpec > than any box store TruSpec > club champion The options at TruSpec are more than box stores and on par with club champion. Fitter experience better at TruSpec. TXG or Cool clubs probably only two others on par with TruSpec for options and experience. Local fitters at courses/pro shops could be an option but research needs to be done on each one
  21. So you complaints about the treatment of Phil for his words and actions against the pga tour are based on a non answer from the commission and Phil not playing in an event he doesn’t normally play in. Grasping at straws in an effort to throw shade at the tour and whoever else. Ok. That’s weak sauce
  22. Again zero indication that he’s been suspended by the tour. He hasn’t talked to the commissioner in months. He’s avoiding the tour for whatever reason. As as mentioned below it’s not a normal tournament on his schedule. So without any supporting evidence it’s speculation pulled out of thin air
  23. What is the hard evidence for this speculation? He signed up then per the tournament he pulled out. If he was on suspension he wouldn’t have actually registered for the event. Not to mention before that he’s the one who decided to step away from tour events. He’s also the one who hasn’t even reached out to the commissioner to talk about anything. He tried to back track a little on his comments. The articles I’ve read all indicate there’s nothing to suggest he secretly suspended. So leaping to this speculation is almost baseless
  24. I don’t think any really go into it. I’ve seen someone post a formula before. Only one I know that has something close is TaylorMade. Also keep in mind due to manufacturing tolerances the stated loft and even lie angle probably aren’t exact and loft can be upwards of 1.5* off https://www.taylormadegolf.com/on/demandware.static/-/Sites-TMaG-Library/default/v1578349685920/manuals/2020_tuning_manual.pdf
  25. It can be a detriment depending on how the golfer delivers the club. Left misses or balls th at start left and move right (rh golfer) doesn’t need a more upright lie or the draw setting. This is where a fitting comes into play and looking at ball flight, what happens when a change is made to loft and/or lie and how it also affects the golfers swing and setup. Fitters can also see the data points and how they change as well For someone who is self fitting it’s going to be a trial and error and nobody can guess how it will impact the golfer.
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