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  1. RickyBobby_PR

    Titleist Limited Release 718 AP2 & AP3 Black Irons

    That is usually the case but imo when buying black irons or wedges one should expect wear and tear to show. I know with the vokeys the sm7 finish is holding up better than sm6 I agree and I know someone willing to take one for the team and put them thru the paces
  2. RickyBobby_PR

    Best place to buy used PXG 3-wood?

    It’s been awhile since I checked but pxg was running a 50% discount on gen 1. They are still doing the pxg for heroes program that offers a bigger discount to military/vets and first responders. Other than that eBay or Facebook market place will be best options
  3. RickyBobby_PR

    Titleist Limited Release 718 AP2 & AP3 Black Irons

    Ap2 are some of the best looking players irons on the market and a nice change is looks from 714 and 716. Not that it matters to some but they are the #1 iron player on tour.
  4. RickyBobby_PR

    Titleist Limited Release 718 AP2 & AP3 Black Irons

    Downright sexy. Price is great for them too
  5. It’s been speculated on for a few months and is probably another if the worse kept secrets in golf contacts since last season ended. TM is looking to show they are a ball company and not just a brand that makes clubs and has a ball too. The original TP5 and 5x were really good balls and testing showed for the pros they were better than pro v. Several amateurs around the webs felt the same way. The upcoming version is supposed to be even better and TM is ready to show it. Is Rickie signing with them for ball and glove a big deal? Could he switch clubs when his cobra contract is up after this year?
  6. RickyBobby_PR

    Rickie Fowler to Taylormade?

    I think Callaway takes a hit in drivers this year. They may not drop to #3 but I have s feeling TM takes over the top again and I think both ping and titleist steal some of Callaway’s share. I heard the g400 and ts2/3 were the top selling drivers at the end of the year
  7. RickyBobby_PR

    Rickie Fowler to Taylormade?

    I think it’s big too and I’m a prov guy. While titleist doesn’t promoted golfers or the gear it’s a blow when the competition steals a guy like Rickie. I’ll agree that for titleist it might not make a dent right now with them having a 30+% lead in the ball market but they did lose a small piece of market share last fall as did Callaway the current #2. for TM imo it’s a big deal and while they won’t catch Titleist as a result this has the potential to steal market share from both Callaway and titleist in the ball category and if they can surpass Callaway for #2 that’s big
  8. RickyBobby_PR

    Rickie Fowler to Taylormade?

    So getting one of if not the most marketable guy outside of tiger to play your new ball especial the pix version with the orange and be able to use him to say “look Rickie Fowler switched from the #1 ball in golf to our ball because it’s better” isn’t big?
  9. RickyBobby_PR

    Dallas Golf

    Just ordered a couple adapters from them. Good deal and quick turnaround. They have a good rep
  10. Something I see in posts periodically when people are discussing equipment or potential equipment or improving their game includes a comment of some sort about shaping shots. Whether that is are you looking to shape when discussing what type of equipment to get or the perception that to be better st golf one has to be able to shape shots. I’m curious how many of the spies here shape shots (only talking draw or fades and not up/down) and your thoughts about why you do or don’t?
  11. RickyBobby_PR

    2019 Callaway Apex & Apex Pro Iron Thread

    7x5 and 5x5 are some of the best irons on the market in looks, feel and performance in their respective categories. Curious what would make you want to test the waters? I agree they will be hard to beat. the design of the non apex pros mst give you added distance over 745 and maybe even 5x5 but for me on looks and price of the apex release has me not even looking at them. I can find similar or better performance in a better looking package and price tag
  12. Your welcome. Only thing I would recommend is verify that wherever the fitting is they don’t charge pxg who then transfers the cost to the golfer as was mentioned by pmookie
  13. RickyBobby_PR

    Puma Introduces Play Loose Collection

    Shorts are so so. Kinda like the striped shirt
  14. You can schedule a fitting thru their website
  15. Waiting for weather to break as I want to see how good these are.
  16. RickyBobby_PR

    Do you shape your shots?

    This is why I stopped trying to play a draw and it’s why a lot of pros like the fade. The fade is more predictable in the end results. Like Trevino said you can talk to a fade but a draw will never listen. Purely my opinion the chase to hit a draw is the downfall of many amateurs for the resdons you mention of more draw than desired.
  17. RickyBobby_PR

    Do you shape your shots?

    I don’t try to shape nearly as much as I used to try. I prefer a fade with long clubs and a relatively straight ball with scoring clubs. I like having a stock and something I can rely on.
  18. RickyBobby_PR

    So many choices...

    The great thing about golf gear these days is imo everyone can find something that doesn’t sacrifice one for the other.
  19. RickyBobby_PR

    PXG 0311T vs Ping i500

    Yes Ping chose to avoid any lawsuits. I had a conversation about whether the i500 would be injected with anything in the summer with some reps from Ping that were traveling from Phoenix to do fittings on the east coast. They said they will not be getting sued.
  20. RickyBobby_PR

    Cobra F9 Driver Thread

    UST helium in this as stock offering is pretty sweet. Stable lightweight shaft that performs.
  21. RickyBobby_PR

    Matte or glossy

    Which driver/wood finish do you prefer?
  22. RickyBobby_PR

    PXG 0311T vs Ping i500

    P790 are definetly another great iron to consider here. In this category bit makes sense there were at/near the top considering pxg for along time was out of most people’s price range (I would love to see the overall sales numbers between pxg and p790 since the start of the pxg for heroes and the standard 50% discount on gen1). Also p790 has been on the market for nearly a year compared to about 1/2 year for i500. having played p790 for a good amount of time over the summer and having spent time with i500 the i500 imo present a better look and a slightly better overall performance. The only aspect where p790 is better imo over i500 is sound and feel which due to the speed foam makes sense that they would sound softer and provider a better feel thru the hands. with all that said the 0311t won out the battle for me between these 3
  23. RickyBobby_PR

    WITB Matt Kuchar Sony Open

    Nice mix of old and new and brands
  24. Rev brings up an interesting point and I think overall I agree. I think however the problem comes in to what people perceive as swinging fast(er). I think many amateurs relate swing speed to effort and this swinging faster translates into swinging harder. This turns into a slower than capable swing because the bigger muscles tend to take over and the release of the club becomes a problem. Then hands can move faster than the chest. granted we see some guys like Tiger or Rory, that look like they are going max effort with the long clubs while guys like Ernie or Couples look effortless. The difference isn’t nevessarily effort but rather tempo. But what they all have in common is proper sequencing leading to the proper release of the club allowing for generation of fast club head speed. I think this is where the smooth/slow vs fast imo amateurs need to find their tempo that allows them to make the right moves in the swing and to be able to swing faster not harder or with more effort.
  25. RickyBobby_PR

    Club fitting question

    Agree on g400. I was talking to my fitter when I ordered my new 3w and he said many guys weren’t interested in g400 when they came in for fittings and after he asked what they were interested in he would ask if he could bring one more out. Everyone was surprised at how good the g400 was and how easy it was to hit. i also agree most aren’t agnostic whether it’s due to being in staff or personal preferences.