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  1. Performance fabric is a life changer in hot and humid areas. I feel comfortable, don’t have clothes sticking to me or ruined after a round or two. I rarely wear a cotton polo shirt anymore even for work
  2. Course layout has as much affect as distance. Hoke design, where trouble is, length of par 3s and par 4s. I play courses that are 6100ish to 6600ish and sometimes the shorter courses are harder. Course management comes into play more on shorter courses imo because driver may be the fun play on shorter par 4s but it could be the wrong play
  3. Not a disciple but like watching his Instagram and YouTube every so often. Outside of a couple things he teaches a lot of similar concepts as other instructors
  4. There’s a distinguishable difference between the 1008 and blades. Non CB, MB and players type irons are designed to have lower spin and higher launch...necessary to keep them from dropping out of the sky. People get tied up in these numbers to much and ignore or overlook land/descent angle which will help determine if one can hold a green. This type of set up is going to be what’s seen in many of the releases out there.
  5. Players irons will be more penal on mishits than a GI or SGI model. Some players irons may be a little more forgiving than others but it will be minimal. AP2 vs CB for example. The ap2 is going to offer more forgiveness but it’s still not going to offer the level of forgiveness as ap3 or ap1. now a players distance iron like i500, ap3, p790 will offer a good blend of players looks and some feel while offering the forgiveness of a gi model. Golf is a great sport that we have many options. Having something in the bag that one likes the looks of and makes them want to go play or practice is what matters. The best thing to do is get fit.
  6. Time is the biggest one for most people. Home, family and/or work responsibilities affect hobbies. Then add in Mother Nature and how much rain areas on the east coast and parts of Midwest have gotten the last year+ and those chances to golf get cut down even further. Money plays a factor as well. I have a buddy who’s not playing much right now due to financial reasons
  7. It’s just a matter of whether i want a fw in the bag or not. 19* hybo gets me where I want to be and the adjustability gives me som wiggle room. The fw is a matter of loft and shaft length. Based on my g400 fitting last year 5w with 3w shaft got a number I was looking for so wondering if the g410 version can do the same and how it compares to the ts2
  8. G410 top of the bag. Nothing earth shattering over what I have but g410 lst could take g400 out of bag for the new and shiny. 19 hybo and May need to tinker more with fw and hybo to get proper gapping
  9. The Phil, tiger and tour package if they can be afforded sound like the best experiences and bang for the buck. Supervised practice sessions and individualized practice plans are a nice to have, even if the practice sessions are groups of students. It’s almost like a free clinic t Based on the bolded part I wouldn’t spend any money with him.
  10. Yes. The gen2 is more forgiving and easier to elevate. The gen1 has two designs with the weight ports because the original design was bad so they moved the weights back. They didn’t sell a lot of gen1 for this reason and everyone in the company knew they had a bad product and needed a big change for gen 2
  11. They did they added dragonfly to the head then they moved dragonfly from the outside to the underneath. Drivers on center contact have been maxed out for roughly a decade and iirc from the way usga is doing testing off center space on the face is also now measured to same standards as center and that faces are getting close to max. remember ping heads tend to be on the heavier side and offer both speed and forgiveness. Other brands go for lighter heads to deliver speed but they have issues with dispersion or are extremely bias to one dude or the other. the g400 max and lst are 2 of the best drivers in the market since the 2016 m1/2 release which has been hard for many to find a better driver to replace it. Whatever ping is doing is working and they are a brand that doesn’t change to change but rather release a better version...see how long they took to release the g410 lst
  12. I’ve heard several “horror” stories about golfwrx lessons. I haven’t done them myself but I have had a free swing analysis from them several years ago during tigers event at congressional. Im not a fan of their approach that seems to be one swing for all.
  13. 714 and 716 iirc were seeded in late June. But that makes sense too
  14. I’m curious about why 620 vs 720 based on 718 last release. I’m guessing either throwback to the old 600 line or they are using 8620 steel
  15. T400 is rumored to be an sgi line which would not fit the concept of matching ts4 for better players and t400 for those needing help. while I’m not a fan of the name changes it made sense in he driver and woods to promote the speed aspect, I prefer the ap designation in the irons. But I do get the need to change things up and try to draw in more consumers. without any knowledge my guess is the t will probably refer to titanium and how it’s used in the construction of the iron and how they took feedback from the cncpt irons to make this lineup
  16. They get new names. There’s also a new line bring added and the t-mb full set is going away with two utility irons replacing them. t100=ap2 t200=ap3 t300=ap1 t400=new line U500/510 replace t-mb
  17. The fitters job is to find the best fit for the customer and sell clubs. The monitor software would need to be tweaked to provide that and there need to be a business need for companies to make that tweak. Most golfers know where they should play from and ego gets in the way. Course layout has as much to do with playability as does the distance on the scorecard.
  18. Finally got around to watching the tiger woods project on golf channel today. He is a freak of nature with what he can see and feel with specs. TM folks were saying how their experts couldn’t spot something like a 1/2 draftee but tiger could see it in flight and looking at it. If experts who look at gear everyday can’t spot it I doubt there’s an avg golfer who can. An interesting thing with the ball, tiger could tell one ball was rolling out 4” more than another. Everyone was like there’s no way to tell that unless using a machine and making the exact same stroke. They took the two balls and tested and sure enough tiger was right
  19. Depends on the area and the pro. There’s usually a general average all pros charge in an area then there’s the more popular/better ones or that work at upper level places that charge more. the cost is really dependent on the golfer and what they are getting
  20. Rick is about click bait these days which is fine because it’s about views to get the ad dollars from YouTube. He’s also anti releases and for whatever reason choices are bad. pxg is a brand that has very little middle ground they are either a love or hate brand and many of the haters just hate without doing any research or testing the gear.
  21. Not a fan and from the sneak leak of poulter hitting what appears to be the ap2 replacement titleist is taking a step back
  22. One of the reasons I stopped watching him. Ping came out and said the last would be a summer release. The ts1/4 makes perfect sense for titleist. Give the two ends of the spectrum something to fit their needs that weren’t there almost a year ago at the release. Both companies release when something is better than previous release. Getting a low spin head in ts4 based on feedback from pros with their experience with the ts3 and then release after others had their stuff out for a few months
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