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  1. I have both a cart and stand bag... I keep each one fully stocked and I'll swap out clubs based on how I'm feeling
  2. I think my next set is going to be Miura... I've slowed my ho-ing quite a bit and I'm ready to commit
  3. Played in league last night and decided I wasn't going to hold back with driver. Had wedges into most greens and hit 4/7 fairways with the 3 misses being only a step or two into the rough. I now know that I need to improve my wedge game. Made a triple on a par 3 after getting stuck under a tree after an awful tee shot. More range time/ course time coming on Saturday. Determined to play well more than once this year
  4. Friday I played 2-9 hole rounds at a par 3 course... shot +2 and +4 Sunday I played in a scramble... we shot -4 with some pretty ugly golf mixed in.
  5. I basically do the same thing... TX in the driver, and regular flex in my hybrids... allows me to really get them up in the air so I'm able to hold greens
  6. Played my worst round in probably 2 months last night... a combination of terrible iron play, bad course management, and plain bad luck... playing a short par 3 course on Friday to focus on ball striking... scramble on Sunday so I just need to hit a decent shot once in a while
  7. Thinking about either replacing my irons or just the shafts... After some swing changes due to weight loss, I feel like I'm not loading the shaft
  8. I'm halfway having been to 3 PGA's and a US Open... Ryder Cup next year... Master's eventually Also have a Senior & Women's US Open
  9. Shot a pretty ugly 44, lots of chunky pulls with my irons... shot 44... opponent shot 66... very hard to find a rhythm.
  10. Pulling for Koepka or Spieth... Happy to have major golf back in my life
  11. I play WGT semi-regularly... I'm looking forward to PGA Tour 2K coming out in a couple of weeks
  12. Today is day 1 of my social detox. I'm over the constant negativity. I'll hang out around here and The Cameron Collector... other than that I have no use for that type of energy
  13. DL III never seemed to add much... a bit dry... I agree with the above and think that some big changes are coming... especially with ESPN throwing their hat into the ring
  14. Played last night in the rain (again)... 1 birdie, 1 double, a couple of bogeys... shot 42. Putter was red hot and helped turn a potential 45-46 into that 42.
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