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  1. I'm actually a big fan of playing 9... it doesn't feel like it takes all day and my wife doesn't get as annoyed
  2. This is the exact problem I'm having ATM and also due to weight loss... for me it's irons and wedges
  3. Location and HC - Sheboygan, WI 12 Current line method - Line over OEM Ball choice and personalization - Callaway Chrome Soft 'Finish'
  4. 2-3 gloves Pair of Rain Gloves Umbrella & Rain Hood Tees & Balls 2 ballmarkers, divot tool Wrench Snacks/ drinks
  5. I have an extensive shoe collection... so that's where my non-golf money is spent
  6. I donated last week... can I get a tag?
  7. I received mine yesterday. I got one with a crooked grip. Regardless, I rolled some putts with it. I like it. I'll be keeping it.
  8. I chose Fowler because he sells to the younger generation. Rory doesn't seem to have a lot of personality. TW has done a lot of things that I don't agree with and never will agree with, so he's out. Phil has some off course baggage and I don't find him to be all that relateable.
  9. The local Munies have been pretty good at making sure everything is spaced out. Supreme Court just lifted as restrictions, I'm not going to get into that. But, it has cleared the course out a little bit which I enjoy. Monday I was able to use the range and keep my distance. The course wasn't extremely busy, but it seemed to be getting back to normal.
  10. Mine is set to arrive within the next hour or two. Very jealous you were able to get a weight kit.
  11. They've also been spotted at Costco... not sure what this does to effect price. I had a terrible experience with their customer service however, and will not buy them even though it is now more convenient
  12. I don't know what the tech is but I play Grip Masters and can confirm that they work best in wet or humid conditions. I rub my grips with a wet towel before I start my round and don't need a glove. They are incredible.
  13. Played league last night. I've been struggling with my irons and wedges so far this season and it didn't get any better. I only missed 2 fairways... but didn't hit a single green, and in most cases, I wasn't even close.
  14. Custom paint looks great. I'm really tempted to pull the trigger on one
  15. Mine is set to arrive Tuesday (fingers crossed) and I should be able to take it out immediately for league play. I'm pretty sure the weight kit will be online only, so you'll have to keep checking. If I see something I'll let you know.
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