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  1. Still no response from Srixon? Do they not care that their mid level ball got such a bad review? I'd assume that from the number of balls that were bad that they essentially don't have any QC reviewing what comes out of Indonesia.
  2. You guys would have to be crazy not to include me. I've been playing the Honma XP-1 irons this spring and absolutely love them. They are longer and have a better feel than my previous gamers Callaway Apex CF19's. Current driver is a Callaway Mavrik standard. Really enjoy playing it, but always looking for a better mousetrap. SS is 90 and handicap is 12-15 depending on how well I'm playing. If you want details, I'll be happy to provide them. I'm a CPA by trade so if you like details, I'm your kind of guy.
  3. John Omaha, NE 12 Apex CF19's T200 Never played Titleist irons in the past but I've been thinking of giving them a try. I need a custom fit, but I'm ok with getting and paying for the customization (shaft, shaft length, and lie) so that I can make a true comparison with my current gamers.
  4. jjfcpa


    Perhaps I'm not that good a golfer that I can play a different ball without suffering missed shots. The area where I feel I would lose some strokes is chipping and pitching. This is a very important part of my game - the last round I had 6 up and downs - so if I don't feel that the ball will perform as I expect, then it will cost me shots. I guess it comes down to a confidence thing.
  5. jjfcpa


    Just got through comparing the Bridgestone Tour B X to the Snell MTB-X (which I've played for the last 3-4 months). With the drop in price of the Bridgestone balls, I figured I'd buy a dozen B X and play a couple rounds with them. Here is my evaluation. Driver - Distance wise, very close. Feel wise, edge to MTB-X. Does not feel as harsh off the driver. Also seems to launch a little higher. Irons - Edge to MTB-X for feel and distance. Wedges - Edge to MTB-X for feel and launch angle. Just seems to launch a little higher. Both seem to check up about the same. Putter -
  6. Does this also depend on swing speed? The faster the swing, then the less time the ball will be in contact with the face. Someone would have to measure how long the ball is in contact with the face to validate whether this could affect the trajectory.
  7. I will quietly mention that I'm playing the TE EXS driver and absolutely love it. Quietly because I don't want any my golfing buddies to buy it. I was previously playing the Callaway Rogue Draw, but the EXS is easier to hit, longer, and gives me equal or better distance. I've tried going back to the Rogue, but it just doesn't deliver like the EXS does. And it's hundreds less than the big OEM'S drivers...
  8. Welcome back. I took off 30 years before I got back into golf and I was terrible when I gave it up. I didn't start again till I turned 67 and I'm 71 now. If you're retiring then you should have lots of practice time. That's what I did... practice, practice, practice. And there's lots of videos to explain how to improve your game unlike before the 90's. I think a good set of game improvement irons will go a long way and there are various online retailers that sell used equipment... 2nd Swing comes to mind. You can probably also find some used equipment at Golf Galaxy and other brick
  9. I think you might get more interest, at least from my perspective, if you compared some of the big boys with the DTC (direct-to-consumer) brands like, Snell, Vice, Oncore, Pearl, Cut, etc. In my own comparisons, I really like the feel of the Oncore Elixir, but found that I lose distance with it compared to the Bridgestone Tour B RX. However, the Snell MTB-Black and Vice Pro are very similar to the RX and quite a bit cheaper. Currently, I'm still playing the RX, but will do more comparisons with the Vice Pro and Snell Black before finalizing my choice as my gamer.
  10. Going to compare the Oncore Elixir, Vice Pro, and Tour B RX tomorrow during my round. Won't be able to test extensively, but I do plan to hit some comparative shots to see how they perform. I've been playing the Vice Pro the last few rounds and really like it, and I've played the Tour B RX for the last year. Thus far, I've only had a change to hit the Elixir indoors and it definitely feels softer than Vice Pro and RX, and I've also noticed that it runs out a little more on putts. How it performs on the course may be a completely different game.
  11. I too switch from the MTB Black to the Vice Pro after playing the Vice Pro for a couple of rounds. Call it a feel thing, but more importantly, I feel like I'm getting more consistent play out of the Vice Pro. Not too firm and not too soft. Really like the feedback off the putter. Also, not quite as clicky as the MTB Black. Both are good balls, but the Vice Pro just seems to fit my game a little better.
  12. Still waiting for my order of the Elixir to be delivered. I could tell if you were happy with the Elixir of not? I played 18 with the Vice Pro and was more than happy with the results. Consistency off the driver was very good and liked the way it performed on approach shots. Putting was extremely good.
  13. I really liked the results of the Oncore Elixir for my particular SS and swing characteristics, so I ordered 3 dozen on April 29th. I got a ship notice on May 1 with tracking info. Checked the tracking info and they don't get delivered until May 9th? I thought that was an unusually long time since their shipping charges (no matter what you order) is $ 8.95. I figured this would be like 2 or 3 day delivery. I decided to give them some feedback today regarding adding the shipping information and perhaps an alternative expedited shipping option, so I email them. I got a reply back withi
  14. Well, I tried the Tour B X and it feels a little too firm for me. Played the Vice Pro today and it felt and played very well. Unfortunately, the driver was not working for me, but everything else seemed pretty good.
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