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  1. 83 today in kind of a meh round. It was frustrating because it was on a course I feel like I should score better on. But it's one of those courses where they always seem to do something that makes the course always play tougher than it's rated. Pins on ridges, and greens cut so tight they were more dirt than grass. Lots of big brown patches. Hard to chip when the ball doesn't have anything to grip against. Hit the ball great, only threw away 2 shots and everything else was inconsistent short game. Trying a new system & back home Sunday, so can only go up from here. Take Dead Aim
  2. Borderlands has been my go to FPS. Lots of toilet humor, which can be ignored, in favor of super fun gameplay. Take Dead Aim
  3. They need to show me more than remasters of GTA & Skyrim....again. It seems with every new generation of consoles it takes longer and longer for developers to produce really stand out games. I didn't even pick up a PS4 until last xmas when they had a $199 bundle with 3 games. But enough griping, what are you looking forward to? I'll say the two DC games - Suicide Squad & Arkham Knights look cool. Take Dead Aim
  4. Woooooooooo congrats! Take Dead Aim
  5. Are you sure about that slower speed with the Evnroll? I tested the ER2 last summer and was just blasting everything. Felt like everything came off hot. I think there's only a difference for the cheapo hot rocks. Those seem to jump off every club putters included. So you'll find a difference going to a top flite from a Pro V, but not so much switching to a Q-Star or Project S. Etc. Take Dead Aim
  6. Your local pro here [emoji1787] I agree that something with the yips is mental. Part of it could be that your mind has wandered off and you just are not focused. Do you usually chip with a 54, 56, or 60? I didn't see anything on Saturday. Try this- use a lower lofted club to get the ball rolling on the green as soon as possible. I like a 7 iron, maybe for you it's a 9, maybe you'll feel the most comfortable over a 4 or 5 iron. It's what feels good for you. Grip the club down by the steel (don't choke down, choke is a negative word and there's already too much negative in the world, we don't need it in our golf games) So grip low by the steel and square the club face to your line. Take a stace with your feet closer together and make almost a putting stroke. I mean you'll use your shoulders more than your wrists. The ball should just carry a couple feet then roll out the rest. You can do this, just need your mind focused back on the task at hand, getting the ball in the cup. Take Dead Aim
  7. I agree that's a nice feature, but I don't see how it's going to help public course golfers. I need to hope that enough other people posted on the same day as me. And even then doesn't it only account for weather? Take Dead Aim
  8. I really liked how Tony said those were the EASY pins yesterday. Just shows how much more work I need to put in to get my game where I want it. Take Dead Aim
  9. It was such a gorgeous day with fantastic guys, even if the golf wasn't. Congrats [email protected] for the low round and I can't wait for the next one! Take Dead Aim
  10. Yes, my favorite and most comfortable pair. Take Dead Aim
  11. I agree. It seems like courses get their rating and slope when they first open and it isn't really updated. Maybe traps were taken out, or maybe a bunch of trees have come down without replacement. Or maybe there was a redesign and it's gotten tougher. Take Dead Aim
  12. Thanks Tony. Been using a tenze machine on it and took ibuprofen. Should be ok good for tomorrow. Though I'm planning on a good warmup session after the drive. Take Dead Aim
  13. Rough morning. The course was chaos at sun up, guys hit into us on 1 and then just drove past us on 2. I woke up with a stiff neck, and by 11 it crept into my right shoulder and there was discomfort at set up. I didn't hit 2 shots in a row for the last 8 holes. Greens were punched & sanded so putting was all over. I was +3 thru 10 and everything fell apart physically. Take Dead Aim
  14. Never 3 putt. That would eliminate everything above a double bogey and those would become rarer too. Take Dead Aim
  15. That's always a question to consider too, how many weekend warriors don't carry a handicap, and what do they shoot... even by the social club standard. Take Dead Aim
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