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  1. Clif bars, mixed nuts, gatorade or propel. Take Dead Aim
  2. 38-42=80 course finally dried out enough to move back to the tips, and this score is amazing given I hit tons of poofie shots today. Back 9 anyways plays tougher at the home course, but today the greens seemed off too. Back 9 greens were at least a place slower than front and very bumpy. Take Dead Aim
  3. $150 shipped for a set of Titleist 714CBs, 4-PW. My gamers, I love them. Take Dead Aim
  4. White belt: Yes all day Take Dead Aim
  5. I've said it before on here, and maybe it's just a touch of conspiracy, but I think these are just Top Flite stamped with a Callaway logo. Take Dead Aim
  6. Dungeons & Dragons has taken over the off season. I've been playing twice a week during quarantine. We owned a pool table as a kid so I used to play a ton. Play cards and other board games. Take Dead Aim
  7. I agree. I am enjoying this golf, spread out the times a bit and more walking. Take Dead Aim
  8. Masters The Open Players US Open PGA US Open used to be higher, but this tourney has become a joke since Chambers Bay. Take Dead Aim
  9. 79 today, 3rd round straight in 70s, odd that it is happening so early in the season. Had a few bad holes today and it got much more hot and humid that it was supposed to. With that and a weekend of yard work, I am gassed. Take Dead Aim
  10. Reset my driver, and bagged a new 3 wood. 78 in absolutely soggy conditions and standing water all over the back 9. Only 1 birdie and 4 of the 5 times I hit the 3 wood it was a good shot. Take Dead Aim
  11. 3 green dots next to the first letter of the brand name. When putting I purposely turn my ball so I see no markings. Take Dead Aim
  12. Something something green is all that matters. Most public courses can't worry about turning a guy away because he's in a t shirt or jeans, or doesn't have full leather, color coordinated saddle shoes. I still dress the part, but I'm used to seeing all kinds. I get playing in jeans, but I've also seen guys in work/ hunting boots. That doesn't seem as comfortable. Take Dead Aim
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