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  1. No. In on long putts doesn't bother me, but inside 6 feet it needs to be out. Take Dead Aim
  2. Tsmithjr9

    Your ball?

    Can't beat the value of the Q-Star Tour. Of course the Z-Star (when it's warm enough), ProV1, and bridgestone B are great. Take Dead Aim
  3. A pro can teach you in 5 minutes what will take you month to figure out on your own. Pay da man. Take Dead Aim
  4. I just caught a video the other day. The M6 5 iron is the same loft as the R7 3 iron. It's getting crazy. No wonder lots of GI sets don't go lower than a 5 or 6 anymore. Take Dead Aim
  5. Little short for here but: Titleist 714 CB TM R7 TP Macgregor Nicklaus Muirfield Take Dead Aim
  6. Thank you! Sounds like your in the same boat as me. What are your favorite courses? Take Dead Aim
  7. Thanks! I grew up out in Geauga and played tons of rounds at Windmill & Sugarbush. Any opportunity to play those is great. Take Dead Aim
  8. Thank you! Yes I am right around there, Big Met is about 3 minutes from me, but I don't play it a ton. Head lots of great things about Sawmill, and I'd love to get out at Plum Brook, could have played it through NOGA last year but missed it. I've played Thunderbird Hills and Eagle Creek out for way. Take Dead Aim
  9. Hi Spies! I haven't been active on here in a bit, but my wife and I just had our first child in October. But this recent warm weather has me thinking about spring. Who is looking to play more, have more fun, and see a variety of courses? I don't have a regular game, but always looking to play and will go anywhere within an hour. I live in near westside suburbs, so anywhere from Mentor to Ravenna, Canton to Vermillion is all in play for me. I'll try to post here or start a thread whenever I make a tee time. Hope to see some spies on the course! Take Dead Aim
  10. Hi Everyone! My name is Tom and I am excited to review this Evnroll putter. I play out of Northeast Ohio, and I play until it starts to snow. This year my season has been cut a bit short too, but not because of weather. My wife and I just had our first child last Saturday, a baby girl, which is a bit more exciting than a new putter (sorry MGS). The weather is still good, so maybe I can sneak out if momma allows me. I started golfing in middle school, thanks to my dad and lots of family members who play. He passed now, but I still play with my sister a lot, she was the one who made varsity golf all 4 years of high school. If I can’t play with any of the family I usually go out by myself at sunrise. I have friends that enjoy golf, but none of them are as serious as me, so they usually only want to play a very relaxed 9 holes after work. Nothing wrong with a practice round with them though. Those are the two biggest reasons why I play, the time spent with friends & family, as well as the peacefulness of being alone My home course is Cossett Creek in Brunswick, Ohio. I play there because it’s one of the few non-flat courses on the west side of Cleveland, it’s inexpensive, and the pro works to make the round enjoyable. The conditions are probably slightly below average, but I enjoy it. My favorite courses in the area are Sugar Bush, Windmill Lakes, Fox Den, Rain Tree, and Gray Hawk. I will play anywhere within an hour or so of home, so that gives me about 100 courses to choose from. I am not really brand loyal, but right now most of my bag is Titleist. I have a 915 D3 Driver with a Mitsubishi Diamana White X flex shaft, I was fitted into that. I carry a Cobra Fly-Z Fairway set at 16.5 and an Adams Gold Boxer Hybrid at 19. These I purchased for less than $30 each off eBay. My irons are Titleist 714 CB 4-PW with X100 shafts. I wasn’t fitted for these either, but after hitting clubs at golf galaxy the 718 CBs were by far the best performing, so I went shopping for an older model and found them. Wedges are Vokey 50-54-58. The Vokey 58-04 is the best club I’ve ever bought. The putter I currently use is an Odyssey Versa #7. My friend has a #7 in his bag, and I used it and it just had such a good feel, I had to go get one of my own. I love the mallet and it feels so balanced. I put a Super Stroke Squared grip on it, and while it took some time to get used to the weighting change, it still works great. Before that I went really old school and carried an original Zebra putter, which was my dad’s, so maybe there was some sentimentality there. Before that I used a TaylorMade Rossa blade putter. I don’t remember the exact details, but it was the first one they put the gel-filled grooves on, so that is going back to 2006 or so. This Evnroll is the first blade I’ve used in about six years. I play to a 7 handicap, up from a 3 last year. I’ve played about half as many rounds though. But my putting hasn’t suffered from it! I average just under 30 putts a round, and if I have a day with considerably less, it means I was chipping lights out, not sticking my irons. I don’t feel as though my putting is a liability, but I wouldn’t consider myself to be amazing. Ultra fast greens can mess me up pretty easily, but outside of that I want to say I have a 3-putt once every 3 to 4 rounds. I use a standard grip, but I interlock my fingers just like on my full shots. I am working on shortening my backstroke to stay inside my body and stop deceleration. I read greens well, and I play the break on my long putts, I don’t try to hit it through. On the 3 or 4 footers I try to bang it in the cup. Playing break on those can be dangerous if you are on unfamiliar greens. Evnroll got off to a great start by having their PGA Tour rep call me and walk me through a fitting over the phone. What a first impression!! With his help I decided on the 355 gram head in 33 inches. I went 1 degree flat but left the loft standard. I have the oversize grip, but it looks like they offer bigger ones. Then the first impression when this putter arrived… Murdered Out is the right description for this thing. The all black head, with black shaft is soooo pleasing to the eye. Just the small alignment in white is all this putter needs to look glamorous. You can never go wrong with the red logo and red on the grip to give this the perfect touch. Red and black always look good together. All this in a foam-lined box to protect everything, and a cool head cover with the strongest magnets on earth. I want to use the interim time to provide pictures and breakdown of the technology and improvements. For starters, it already feels great in my hands. While I don’t have biases against this putter, or very much knowledge of Evnroll or other boutique putter companies, I want to close with something I think is true. I do not expect to drop from 30 to 22 putts a round because this is in my bag. With putters more than any other club, it’s the fiddler not the fiddle. I believe that once one is comfortable with the club and has a solid stroke, they will putt well with anything.
  11. Thanks! Playing with my dad is how I got started so I can't wait to carry this on for another generation. Take Dead Aim
  12. Personally I've seen two major reasons- time and personal enjoyment. People don't seem to have time for it simply, even 9 holes. And that feeds into the other. Take someone who was a single digit handicap. As they play less and less odds are scores will go up. They're not playing like that know their abilities allow, never mind that they went from 3 rounds a week to 1 and no practice time. Their goals and reasons haven't changed. This is something I am going through now too. My first child will be born any day now cbd I've spent most of the summer preparing for it. I need to refocus and just enjoy getting to play golf. It's a very fun priviledge still, and just trust that my game will bounce back as time frees up. Take Dead Aim
  13. I played a course where those red stakes with green top were protected areas...BUT we were instructed to play them as a free drop. No penalty, but same rule as a normal red drop. Take Dead Aim
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