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  1. Love love love Windmill... though when I played it 3 weeks ago it shouldn't have even been open. The day after our last big storm. Anyways, I imagine i'll have to work some so that would be late morning or afternoon for me. Take Dead Aim
  2. Maybe. Course and time? Da club? Take Dead Aim
  3. Hadn't been out in 2 weeks about an 84. No feel for short game, as I was sick so no practice either. Working on new swing thoughts 1 birdie, 1 penalty that led to double. Also I'm sticking to the middle tees until I break 80 then moving back. If I can't break 80 from tees between 6000-6300 yards why am I playing the tips??? Take Dead Aim
  4. There's not a lot of guys built like me on tour- stocky type body. So I try to copy them Molinari is so consistent with his swing it's great. Matsuyama is very solid too but you can't copy that pause he has at the top. I like JB Holmes short swing and the power he generates. Forget Patrick Reed though, I don't mind him personally, but that swing is all his own. Take Dead Aim
  5. Let's do it partner. Take Dead Aim
  6. Put a Super Stroke Fatso grip on my Odyssey #7 last night. I've switched to cross handed and the giant grip feels great. Take Dead Aim
  7. Tsmithjr9

    Srixon ZStar

    Red 5 standing by... Take Dead Aim
  8. My muni pro is $30 an hour and he's by far one of the least expensive. I think it's important to be able to talk with the pro so they understand what you want out of the lesson. Do you need a tune up or are looking for a whole rebuild? If the former you need to find a pro who understands that, not one that will ignore your needs and only teach "their" swing. If the pro only wants your money and isn't willing to take 20 min or so to talk to you about what you need, it isn't worth your time. Take Dead Aim
  9. I think this is on the right track, but ive played with plenty of guys that can hit it 270+ yet don't have any business being on the back tees. There's more to being a highly skilled golfer than how far you can hit driver. Take Dead Aim
  10. X in everything but wedges. Those are DG wedge flex. Take Dead Aim
  11. Always for Rickie! Take Dead Aim
  12. I've played 3 tournaments this year and haven't come close to placing. The last one Sunday felt like a 5 hour long funeral. More importantly than poor results is that this is not fun. I'm a 6 handicap and average score is around 80-82, so I have lower expectations when I've played. I just hope to be competitive as I'm not planning on blowing away the field. But that seems too much to ask for right now, and it's too expensive to just be a donator. I've thought about all the more golf I can play if I wasn't throwing it away on tourneys I can't compete in. No more, it's time for golf to be fun again. Maybe when my average gets into the mid 70s I'll give it another go. Take Dead Aim
  13. All the more reason for me to switch over. ++durability. Take Dead Aim
  14. Oh yea, that hole is a pain. If you miss the exact fat of the landing area you need to pitch around the corner, then it's a long iron, or even fairway with little room for error if you're going at the green. If it's not a perfect drive just write down 6 or 7 at least. Take Dead Aim
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