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  1. Went out early this morning on one of my favorite courses, The Fortress in Frankenmuth, MI. It was about 35 degrees, misting the entire day, and extremely windy. Grinded a 37 with 8 pars on the front (3 putt bogey). Then go out on the back and shoot 43! The worst part is, even in that bad of conditions, all my strokes I gave back were mishaps around or on the greens. I had 0 penalties, but 3 putts killed me. Gotta keep grindin!



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  2. I got into golf before I got into fitness which I think makes a huge difference. Once you have the fundamentals down, being stronger only helps as long as you're still mobile. I'm not jacked or huge by any means, but I'm a strong guy. Hitting everything a lot further, probably from my swing speed being up.



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  3. Yes! I went to College in Traverse City which is a bit north of there. Make sure you go North to Glen Arbor, and check out the sleeping bear dunes national lakeshore! The area is friggin beautiful! If you're in for heading to TC, I would absolutely recommend "The Red Mesa Grill" it will be the best Latin food you'll ever eat, and they have one hell of a tequila selection.


    I lived 3 miles from Bay Harbor! You have to check out "The Knot" at bay harbor. They have a beer list and you can get your name on the wall. Charlevoix has a brewery and you can't go wrong wit most of the food there.


    You should also look into Dunmaglaus in charlevoix!! And the Belevedere, one of Tom Watson's favorite courses.


    Walloon Lake you need to stop by the "Barrelback". It's a nice little bar/restaurant on the best lake in Michigan.


    Petoskey has a plethora of food and beer.


    Let me know if you want more info! My parents still live in Charlevoix.




    - Alan

    I can second that Red Mesa recommendation
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  4. I've played Tullymore and the Grand Traverse Resort in Michigan and Caledonia Golf and Fish Club in South Carolina. We are actually playing Caledonia and it's sister course, True Blue, on Father's Day weekend along with a couple of others courses.

    Played in high school tourneys at Tullymore and Grand Traverse for 4 years. Love Tullymore.
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  5. I got paired with an older woman a couple spring breaks ago and she was a bird watcher. But not just someone who knew the names of birds or had a good eye, I mean full out ditching the cart and heading into the woods every hole bird watcher. The conversation throughout the day was just really strange and the round was astoundingly long. Made for a funny story after though.



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  6. Al, try this when you go out, I do it periodically to test myself.


    Par 3s: No matter where flag stick is, only aim for the literal middle of the green. Then take putts from there.

    Par 4s: Aim for middle fairway (don't go for any green in one). Then play approach shot to literal middle of green regardless of flag position. Putt from there.

    Par 5s: Aim for middle of fairway. Don't go for any green in two (play second shot to exact sand wedge distance). Play third shot to literal middle of the green. Putt from there.


    Now what this allows you to do is really focus on the true nature of a round of golf. This is like a workman's approach. I've played some of my best ball striking rounds this way. I can hit every fairway and usually every green.


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    Okay I need to do this, how have I never thought of this? 

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  7. No question that your reaction was justified. If you're hitting into groups you are just plain dumb and deserve the repercussions. I've hit into a group once in my life and it was a 360 yard hole and I somehow rolled one up on the green. I drove up apologizing and they hadn't really noticed but I still felt awful about it. Not justifying hitting into someone at all but flying a ball in is a whole other story, glad you didn't get hurt!

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  8. 39 today... showed up the course expecting to hit the range but it was mats only so went out for a spontaneous 9. Was alright off the tee, driver was going a mile. Ball striking was insanely good. But I would get up to the green and throw the hole away, nothing outside 5 feet wanted to drop and chipping was horrendous. Oh well not a bad day, stuff to work on.



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