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  1. I have never used a cart. I’m 78 and I love taking my time and enjoying nature as I play. You don’t get any exercise riding in a cart and at my age, I need it!
  2. I never practice. For me , it’s a waste of time. I’d rather be practicing on the course in real situations. I play as soon as the sun comes up and have the course to myself, so I can hit two or three shots if I don’t like the first one. I play about 150 rounds/year and still shoot in the 70’s.
  3. Dave Midland, MI I normally can't play in Dec./Jan, but this year the weather has cooperated and I've played several rounds already. I average 100-150 rounds/year. Haven't used a fitness tracker.
  4. Dave Midland, MI Several different brands (I like variety)!
  5. Dave Midland, MI I played 26 different balls this season, but not this Gamer.
  6. 1. My handicap is 6. Location: Midland, MI 2. Current irons are Cobra Bio Cell. Hit my 8 iron 140 yards. 3. Nothing! 4. I play 100-150 rounds/year.
  7. Dave, Michigan Handicap 6, 95 mph Callaway V-Series G410 SFT
  8. Dave, Michigan Handicap = 6 Current Ball = Hopkins VL-Pro Looking for more speed!
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