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  1. I’d love to see Hireko’s Juggernaut Max Gold Titanium Driver tested. It has a lot of technology and is non-conforming with its head size and CT, but is a driver that most mid to high handicap players would love to see the data it produces.
  2. I’ve got three, my Cobra Radspeed XB driver, my Tsunami putter and my Cobra Speedzone pitching wedge.
  3. I’ve used them and they are good wedges. Maybe not as good as the name brands, but still very playable.
  4. I’m 78 and have never used a cart. Walking is good exercise and gives you a feel for the nature around you because you’re not speeding down the fairway. You have time to look as you walk and, for me, it is very relaxing. The course I play has deer and wild turkeys galore, geese, an occasional fox and every now and then an eagle. I also find a lot of balls from the day before as I am usually the first player off the tee each morning.
  5. I carry 5: a 42 1/2* PW, a 50* GW, a 56* SW and 2 lob wedges, 60* and 65* (for those short-sided chips).
  6. Plastic. They don’t break after one to two hits. Much better value for the money.
  7. I have over 3 dozen putters, but my favorite is the Pearl Golf Tsunami (ceramic and brass). A CEO of a company bought one way back when they started and he liked it so much, he bought the company!
  8. I have an old Zebra from the 70’s probably and still use it occasionally. I’d love to try a new one and see if it’s really an improvement.
  9. Thanks and, yes, I also saw the Stealth Plus did well for mid swing speed guys in both distance and accuracy. Reason I asked the question is that I make clubs and play a lot (~ 150 rounds/yr.) and I’m thinking of trying a low spin driver, so I appreciate your comments.
  10. Why did MyGolf Spy recommend a Mavrik Sub Zero driver for a mid swing speed golfer. This goes against everything I’ve ever read about Sub Zero Drivers. They are normally recommended for high swing speed golfers because of the lower spin, since high swing speed guys don’t have any trouble getting the ball in the air.
  11. I carry 5. PW, GW, SW 60*/4* bounce, 64*/8* bounce.
  12. I never use the driving range. If I had a pro watching and helping me for a lesson, I would. But I think most amateurs go out there and use the same imperfect swing they have on the course and gain very little or anything from it (except to loosen up). And if this is their main purpose, that's fine. To loosen up before I play, I just go through a series of stretching exercises to loosen my back (I'm old) and shoulders and I'm ready to go. It's much faster (and cheaper) than using the range. But, whatever works for you is generally what you do.
  13. Datrex ... very light and manageable.
  14. I usually play the same ball until it is scuffed, even though I have many dozens of balls (I know, sounds crazy).
  15. I use gloves until they rip or have a hole in them. I play about 150 rounds/yr.
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