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  1. Ty Denver, CO My practice consists of in course practicing and then putting on rugs. Just recently (because the rugs are a little uneven) I put together a metal yard stick and glued an eyeline setup mirror at one end. Works better than putting on a rug. I had a cheap mat a couple years ago but it wore out and when I rolled it up, it ended up never flattening again. 60% on course (during spring, summer, fall) 40% on yard stick, rug (100% when the winter comes) Fast 11-13 thank you!! Ty
  2. This is a good reference. Feel the weight of the club head in the swing and let it do the work.
  3. Making sure I understand this... So Cejka used a dated green reading book, previous years model essentially placing him in a disadvantage...and was disqualified for using it. Had he been using the current green reading book, he would have been ok? EDIT: I see now that the "scale" is not correct. Got it.
  4. I saw it this morning and had to google that hideous thing. Of course I then saw the topic on MGS. Lol. Never heard of this putter before. It is god awful to look at and looks like it needs a golf bag of its own its so big. But good luck to Adam. He seems to be trending better in putting and if this anchor on a stick gets the job done then more power to him.
  5. I saw him messing around with drop and thought it was hilarious! With all the statues and vanilla-ness out on tour, Rickie made me laugh. This was a fun poke at the rules. The rules will soon become 2nd nature. Hard to change something you have done for the better part of your life. I do wish it was knee and above or knee to waist.
  6. When I am struggling getting the feeling of my chips or pitches, I take the same approach as my putting. I will do the same preshot routine as putting, taking the exact practice strokes and time over the ball, etc. This helps me take my mind out of the shot and try to alleviate the pressure I put on myself of the shot itself. Technique is critical but in the middle of the round when I need to "take a breath and step back" to slow things down, this helps keep my head out of my way.
  7. On a more serious note. preshot from behind the ball. I like to feel a good tempo, chest/shoulders/elbows connected, rotate through shot, visualize the shot/Pick target. Over the ball. Focus on target, stay loose.
  8. I thought it was funny and to see the responses is even funnier. People really need to get on board with CPG. Has created his own brand basically. Look up No Laying Up's podcast with CPG. Gives some great background.
  9. I took an online lesson from Potters Putting. Found him on Instagram. VERY skeptical before I tried it but it was early on so the price wasn't that bad. I came away extremely impressed. He helped me solidify my stroke and it was very simple. I had a loop in my takeaway and in transition. He had me setup with an alignment rod at the toe on my putter and use the alignment rod as a gauge (ala Jordan Speith) for the path of the stroke. I have always felt I was a good putter but what this did was solidify stroke to where I only have to worry about speed. With the right stroke I was putting the ball on the target line every time. I can't say enough good things about Marcus Potter. Guy helps everyone from PGA Tour pros to schmoes like me...
  10. There is a lot of great golf in Denver. If you plan that trip send me a DM.
  11. I read this yesterday. Good read and gives you something to think about when playing in the cold.
  12. Welcome! I was just in Vegas this week. Great time. Both work and play. Meetings on Tuesday morning and ended up heading to Las Vegas Golf Club, nothing special but after 1pm it was $15 for 18 walking. Sign me up! I then played Paiute on Wednesday. Sun Course. Great shape and a good track. Wolf course had a tourney or would have played there. Definitely worth trying. Next trip I need a full day to get up to Wolf Creek.
  13. Ty Denver, CO Age: 37 HCap: 5 Current bag: mizzy JPX 900 Tour Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  14. I don't have much to add here. Know your wedges no matter what loft. Be able to hit carry numbers and know what the ball will do after.
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