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  1. I forgot to add that I didn't change the head weight on my M6 when I put in the new shorter shaft. I know making it 3/4" shorter changed the swing weight from D3, but it didn't feel different to me. I know one can buy heavier head weights. Maybe I should do so. I've been told I would need to add 10 more grams to the 3.5 weight that comes in the head. That seems like a lot to me. Is that correct?

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  2. Yes, I just bought a Taylormade M6 with a 45.75" Atmos shaft.After several rounds and some work on the range. I replaced the Atmos with an old 45" Aldila NVS. Since doing so my driving has been more consistent and I've gained a few yards due to better contact. 

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  3. I bought my 12* M6 about a month ago and put an old 45" Aldila NVS 55R shaft in it the first week of February. So far it's working really well. It's longer than the Rogue I was playing and much straighter. Frankly, I thought "twist face" technology was mostly hype, but I was wrong. I've been on vacation in Florida and played several rounds with the M6. I was really amazed that my miss hits seemed to go almost as far as solid strikes. Is anyone else out there gaming the M6? If so, hopefully you're having the same success.

  4. This was my favorite shaft for a number of years. It was the stock shaft in Callaway's FT-1 almost 20 years ago. As I traded up to newer models I used the after market version. I don't know why I got away from it other than the fact that newer shafts were offered in the drivers I bought. Recently, I bought a Taylormade M6, but didn't particularly like the Atmos shaft. On a lark, I found my old NVS in the garage, added a TM adapter and it's really performing well. Who knows if it will last but for now, it's working. Is anyone else still using this shaft or any other old favorite from decades ago?

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  5. This is interesting. Obviously, they're trying to reach a different demographic than the normal Titleist player. However, there are so many choices out there now including Vice, Snell and the very popular Kirkland Signature. I'm old enough to remember when Titleist, Maxifli  and Top Flight were  the leading brands. Ping actually had a ball and I played a Hogan ball at The Old Course in the late 90s. We'll see if Union Green is successful. My guess is they have data that tells them it will.

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  6. Sorry, but I was "out to lunch" when the QC information on the Chrome Soft was released. Can someone let me know what problems were outlined?I tried a dozen last Summer and didn't like it at all. Maybe I got a bad batch. I do sometimes play the SuperSoft when it's below 55*, but generally play Titleist balls.

  7. I played the AVX most of last Fall, but gave it up due to how it performed on and around the greens. I may try it again this Spring. However, I got a couple of dozen Pro-V-1Xs for Christmas and it seems to work better for me.

  8.  Go ahead and say it; OK Boomer!!! I'm OLD, but I still like pleated pants and shorts for golf. I know they've been out of still for a decade. However, I don't care. They are comfortable. They are also sometimes hard to find. I like khaki and grey because they go with almost any color shirt. I've stocked up so I'm good until they come back in style. Hopefully, they will before I'm on the other side of the grass.

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  9. How does the Fuji Pro XLR8  compare with the Atmos Red 5? I just bought a TM M6 and it's fine, but I'm curious how the Atmos shaft differs from the XLR8 that was in my M2. Does anyone out there know? The Fujikura web site doesn't list the XLR8.

  10. I just got a new M6 too, but mine is the standard model. My miss is a pull hook so I decided not to go with the D-Type. It seems longer than the Rogue I was playing. However, I've only played two rounds both on wet fairways. I'm looking forward to getting comfortable with the new club. I hope my results as as good as yours.

  11. 21 hours ago, BIG STU said:

    They went straight in the trash when I cut them off---- And I see you are in Charlotte--- I was born and raised in Charlotte in fact a North Charlotte guy

    Yes, we moved here in 1977 from Columbia SC.We live in Myers Park and I play  at Myers Park Country Club. I see you're in Garden City. Where do you play you golf? 

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  12. On 1/1/2020 at 1:48 PM, BIG STU said:

    We called them flaps and I hated them. One of the first things I did when I saw they fit was take a new PAL brand single edge razor blade and cut them off. 

    We  called them kilties. Like you, I always cut them off.  I haven't seen them recently, but I'll be there are still some stashed away in garage closets somewhere.

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  13. Well after experimenting all Summer and Fall  I was sold on the AVX until our greens got super fast. I like the extra distance off the tee, but I could not control my chips and pitches. One of our pros who knows my game suggested  I try the Pro-V-1X. I hadn't played it in years and thought it was only for 100+ swing speed players. Surprisingly, I found it pretty long and it stops really well on the greens. I plan to stick with it through the Winter and Spring. 

  14. I live in Charlotte and years ago one of the topless bars here had a "golf tournament". I don't know anyone that attended, but there was a lot of public outrage. The public course where it was held suffered through a boycott and eventually closed. While I am pleased that golf now attracts a more diverse group than in the past, I'm hoping this these type of events are few and far between. We all want the game to start growing again, just not in this direction.

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  15. I find it both interesting and sad that this golf resort has fallen on hard times. It once hosted a premier PGA Tour event and a WGC event. Now it is (or was ) hosting a drunken golf "dogfight" organized by a topless bar. 

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  16. Thanks for the input and my apologies to Shank Dawg for hijacking his thread. To answer his original question; I agree that online fittings do provide a starting point. Having a certified fitter is the best way to go. Also, an online fitting can confirm what the fitter recommends as happened with me.

  17. I had a driver shaft fitting two years ago by a certified club fitter. It was one of the best things I've ever done. Recently, I tried an online fitting tool just for fun and low and behold the exact same shaft was recommended. However, they also gave several more expensive options as well. My question is: could a 70 year old 10.5 handicapper that swings in the low 80s really benefit from a $200 shaft versus the $100 shaft I'm playing now? Like a lot of seniors I would gladly pay $100 to even $200 more for ten more yards on my tee shot. 

  18. My index is 10.6. I usually play twice a week and I've just started practicing twice a week. My sessions last an hour and a half. I start on the range and work with odd numbered clubs one day and even numbered the second day for thirty minutes. I then go to our short game area to chip and pitch for thirty minutes. I finish on the putting green with thirty minutes of putts from various distances. Since starting this practice regime three weeks ago, I've noticed an immediate improvement in my scores. My golf hero was right "the answer is in the dirt".

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  19. Has anyone tried this new ball? I saw an ad for a free sleeve. I started the process, but pulled up when they asked for my credit card to pay for shipping. Although it was only $1.00, I'm skeptical of "free offers" that require one to pay for shipping. There are so many scams out there now. I never volunteer my credit card info unless I know the seller.

    Anyway the ad has all the usual claims that the Calcutta is the longest, greatest ball ever. While I doubt these claims I am curious. I tried the Snell ball and it was pretty good. Also, I've read great reviews of the Kirkland ball from Costco and the Vice ball. I've been a Pro-V-1 player for years, but I'm always open to change.

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