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  1. I went on a golf trip this past weekend and we played 91 holes. It was an absolute blast! The weather was not ideal as the sun barely made any appearances from behind the gray clouds, but it did not dampen our spirits. I was just happy to have survived in one piece and was playing as good of golf on the first 18 as the last 18. These were all new courses to me, and I was able to break 90 in the two individual rounds. There were plenty of scrambles and shambles as well to allow us to stay relatively intact.
  2. I'm in the same boat as you @robertson153. I am using the Callaway Rogue exclusively and the F9 doesn't come out to play anymore. The rest of the lineup is secure in my bag and I don't foresee any changes to that. I'm really enjoying my rounds on the course and the extra confidence that this set gives me. I was on a golf trip this past weekend and there were multiple times where I would look at the intended landing spot and just know that I had that shot. The clubs give me an extra boost of confidence in situations that would have scared me before.
  3. Again, another area where they could take more market share. There are many people that do not want to carry their phone for the entire round and would be willing to buy a device along with the sensors to allow that to happen. I think the Link will open up Arccos to a new set of customers, and I am looking forward to using it when it is released. It will be interesting to see how successful it is at picking up shots compared to a phone.
  4. I do think that Arccos can really start gaining more market share if they spent time and money upgrading the experience for their Android users. It seems that the majority of complaints in the forum stem from Android users. I could be mistaken.
  5. Thank you! It's an honor to share this day with two other phenomenal forum members!
  6. Putter out of the trap...
  7. Reading is hard... Shocking to know, I am different than a pro in how I warm-up since I don't get paid to golf. For a warm up session, I will typically only hit 25-30 balls if I get the chance. 5 - 56* (trying for 50yds) 5 - 9i (trying for 145yds) 5 - 7i (trying for 165yds) 2 - 5i (trying for 185 yds) 3 - Driver (trying for 250yds) 5 - 52* (trying for 70-80yds)
  8. I spend the majority of my range time working through my irons as those are the clubs I use on almost every single hole. I rarely will go driver - wedge - putter since I don't have the same distance off the tee as a pro. The graphic is probably accurate for what a pro practices vs. an amateur at the range, however they are hitting to distances that require more wedge play compared to the average amateur golfer.
  9. I added the TA3 to my bag a few months ago and have really enjoyed having it in my bag. I can't say that I'm making more putts per round definitively as I don't have enough rounds in Arccos to track that, but I will say that in one of my recent practice sessions, I made 27 3' putts in a row. My previous high was 12. That has helped increase my confidence and plant in my head that I can make putts and has probably helped me make more putts than before. Confidence is a funny thing ain't it.
  10. I feel Rory had the better season and the players got this vote correct. Brooks did win two majors, and that is a phenomenal year. He just went up against Rory who was consistently great all year. I think he only missed one cut, and rarely finished below the top 20 this season. I kinda want to see if Brooks uses this as more "fuel" of him not getting any respect and has an even better season in 2020.
  11. While I feel that it is a skill in the game, I don't see the reason to eliminate devices that give us distances. Courses generally always have some indicators of distance to the center of the green, and at times have even more yardages marked out on sprinkler heads, or other signage. I agree with other posters that the benefit of DMD's is in speeding up play. Eliminating them from play will cause everyone to walk off distances even if they are good at estimating distance with their eyes.
  12. I wipe the club after every shot on the course with a wet towel, and sometimes will use a brush on the grooves if they need a little more love. It's a habit thing for me to keep the faces as clean as possible during a round of play. Also, I try to remember once a month to wash the grips with warm water and dish soap.
  13. Arccos. The screenshot is from the dashboard on the desktop
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