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  1. My golf season is over, but I'll be using the watch next season.
  2. Review is complete! Please feel free to follow up with questions at any time. This was a fun product to test because it has so many different features to explore.
  3. Welcome to MGS, @PurePuttsGolf. Fun question as you can see the varied responses. I would say having unrealistic expectations. Managing your expectations, based on your abilities, will allow you to have the most amount of fun on the course, and can provide a clear pathway to improvement.
  4. I have not experienced the same concerns as you with the battery. For example, this week, I began with a full charge on Wednesday morning, wore the watch as my every day watch through Saturday, and played two nine hole rounds. I still have about 5% of battery life now. I'm really impressed on my end, but can understand your concern if it is not lasting for a 4.5hr round.
  5. The only reason I can see the question being needed is that the watch doesn't often advance automatically to the next hole.
  6. 300yd drives. I gotta give myself the best chance to score the lowest number possible, and that's what distance does. I'll gladly three putt once or twice per round if it meant I was hitting 300yd drives.
  7. I agree, it would be nice to have a way to turn that feature off. Sometimes the question will pop up when I'm near the green waiting to hit a chip shot, sometimes it'll pop up as I am moving to the next hole, and sometimes it'll pop up when I'm playing my approach shot. I can't figure out what triggers it to ask that question as it doesn't seem to have a consistent timing between starting a new hole and the question popping up on the watch screen.
  8. This part is essential!! I had an early morning appointment. Fortunately, my doctor prescribed me shots of tequila and then sleep the rest of the day. I followed doctors orders. Worked quite well. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  9. LASIK was such an awesome investment for my overall quality of life. I no longer need to worry about contacts/glasses and can just wake up and go with my day. As to my golf game, it has helped me accurately track how far out of bounds my ball travels. Overall, I am a better judge of distances, can see undulations in the green more accurately, and have an overall better experience on the course. I never have to worry about losing a contact, or having it dry out. The only "side effect" I have is that my eyes are more sensitive to light than in the past, so I wear sunglasses for al
  10. It's kind of funny you mention this. The data in Arccos was causing me to be overly analytical, but in all reality it's a variety of FCB numbers related to slope and wind. With the watch, I find that I appreciate needing to do a little math on my approach shots to know what I need to to do give myself the best opportunity to land it on the green, rather than moving the cursor to various parts of the green in Arccos and trying to remember all of those numbers. I wonder if different presentations of information allow various people to analyze things the best way for their thinking styl
  11. A quick update from the week: Played in my league round (9 holes) and enjoyed the data the watch provided. On the course, the data pops up quickly, and allows me to make decisions in a timely manner. I have really begun to use the "IntelliGreen" screen on every approach shot. It allows me to know my bare minimum to cover the front of the green, as well as how much room I have behind the flag. I have started to make better club selections because of the new information. The watch booted up quickly in finding the course and that concern seems to have diminished the more I use the watch
  12. Injuries just stink. Flat out. I hope your elbow won’t prevent you from being a keyboard warrior in here. The gif game is always fantastic. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  13. I have to echo what a few testers are seeing regarding battery life during normal wear. I began Saturday, 8/22 with a full charge. I wore it Saturday evening/night to a graduation party, most of the day Sunday while doing chores around the house, I played 12 holes on Sunday, wore it while working at home and taking walks in the evening Monday and Tuesday. This morning, 8/26, my battery life is 4% I am impressed so far with the battery endurance compared to my Fossil smartwatch. That battery I need to charge every night.
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