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  1. Stinks to hear an app isn't in the near future, but I understand priorities. Gotta put the attention into what makes the most sense for the most people. As to the testing side of things, I stopped trying to poke around after the first month or so of the change. Poking around today things are more user friendly than before. Thank you! It's an initial look, but for me when the change was made, I couldn't figure things out easily, so I stopped trying and that probably lowered my participation compared to previous years. Will be slightly more active now that I can figure things out.
  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am forever grateful for this forum. I know that I've been less active this year, but still love and appreciate this place. Some random thoughts on the forum that I hope is constructive and not just whining for the sake of whining: I struggled/am struggling to adjust to the new way that testing is displayed on the forum. Granted, I haven't had the time to really learn the new way to navigate through the threads. I'm not sure if it's because I'm acting like a stick in the mud and not adapting, but the user experience is best if it doesn't need lots of explanation on how something is supposed to be used. When I first joined the forum, reading through the testing threads required no explanation on how to read and learn the the thoughts of the testers. Also, my lower interaction with the forum is also linked to losing the app. The online version of the forum on a cell phone is less than quality, so I only jump on the forum on my work laptop during work hours. Having an app would be a way I could engage better than I currently do.
  3. Played a quick after work 9 yesterday. Decided to play from the tips because it's a shorter(ish) course. 3100 from the tips for the 9 we played. Shot a 46 with two 3 putts (1st hole and 6th hole) and a triple bogey on 5 due a lost ball, and poor short game. You know my short game is poor when my wife comments on it. I'm happy with how I am hitting the ball for lack of practice time, but the poor short game is really showing. We are on vacation with the in-laws for two weeks, so I hope to take advantage of the ready and willing baby sitters to find practice time and gain the confidence back with my wedges.
  4. Dad and new home responsibilities really cramp the opportunity to be active in here, so here is a summary of my golf season so far: No time to practice = lack of quality short game. I did get a quick putting lesson and have been using a new stance that has helped me be more accurate than last season. However, with no time to practice like I used to, I have no feel for my short game shots and that has lead to some blow up holes. For the most part, I am scoring close to last season, but it hasn't felt that way. Started as a 12, and I'm trending to an 11.8. I think the trend down is because I shot an 84 at a pretty good course, The Premier at Treetops Resort. I'm hoping to maintain some of my current abilities and then start working hard next year to break 80.
  5. That's interesting to hear. I did the update and have not had it freeze on me yet. Granted, I don't use it for scorekeeping, but have not had it freeze. Would be curious if you play a round without using it for scorekeeping to see if it freezes again. Could narrow down the culprit.
  6. My golf this year has been curtailed compared to last year, but the watch has been used every round. A feature that I should use more often is the hole layout to map out how far away certain hazards or dog legs are for tee shots and approach shots. Knowing on the tee box if a hazard is in range is a key element. It's been interesting for me in my league play to see the folks that use a rangefinder and compare the yardages they get to the watch. I like that I have a broader yardage range in my head, rather than a precise number to the flag as there are too many variables that can prevent you from hitting the exact number. All I think about is being committed to making it past the front edge of the green, and that has helped me increase my GIR. Just a mental thought process I have that I wouldn't have with a rangefinder.
  7. I enjoy them in my Cobra irons. I was fit into them two years ago and have had no reason to go away from them in my current set up. If you trust the fitter, go for it
  8. Super late with this, but CONGRATULATIONS!! This is a great group of competitors and I'm looking for a new addition to the CCC alumni caboose club!
  9. Can't wait to see the Wilson Ultra Distance start competing with the price of OSB
  10. One of the best times of the year!
  11. Congratulations on 14 years! Cheers to many more.
  12. I'm assuming the bar is behind you here to help you through the tough and trying times of working on your game.
  13. TaylorMade TP5-X for me this year. Worked well for the back half of 2020, so no reason to go away from it.
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