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  1. 80,000 is pretty dang incredible as a group of participants! Here's to the next 80,000!
  2. This is how I envisioned every forum member trying to solve this basic math problem:
  3. Sometime's they need cooled off as they are smoking hot!
  4. Honestly, I am hitting the ball further than expected when I see the ball flight. There have been multiple times where I have audibly said, "That's short," when the ball was in flight only to see it hit beyond my target. It has been a learning curve for me to truly dial in my "new" distances. I've decreased my short misses on approaches by 7.1% as of today and increased my long approach misses by 3.1%. (Approach shot stats) Distances given from the system of yards to specific hazards or aim points have been very accurate for me. I compare to my wife's Garmin watch and it is within 1-2yds of each system. Sick! The black look is just phenomenal and the performance matches. We'll have specific write-ups about each section of the bag throughout the challenge. For me, the wedges are currently my second favorite part of the new setup. My short game has become more versatile in the shots I can take and I even feel comfortable "trying something silly" with them in my hand.
  5. The Cobra F9 driver, may be the driver to shut down all competition for the spot in my bag. With how I hit the ball, the flight it produces, and the increased success rate for putting the ball in a good position for me off the tee, I don't want to even look at other drivers. Ever. When I went for my fitting, I told the fitter that I wanted to stand over the ball and feel confident that I knew where the ball was going to end up most of the time. We went through a few shafts and ended up with a shorter shaft (44.75") to provide greater control. That has been a huge win. Most of the time, I stand over the ball and feel that I know where it will go. According to the statistics, I am slowly eliminating my two way miss which makes me happy to see. Unfortunately, the miss right has been way offline and puts me into big trouble. My misses to the left now are not as far offline as previous drivers I have used. I am for the most part still in play with my left miss, which allows me an opportunity to score better. My distance has also improved using the F9 as my average is now 253yds. The more I use this club and practice, the more I fall in love with it. I used to dread needing to pull driver out of my bag because it was a guessing game as to what was going to happen. Now, I am disappointed when I can't use driver off the tee due to course setup. Now for my FIR stats for this week. Not every shot off the tee was with a driver. Some shots I took with the competition in mind, and others, I made decisions based on course set up. June 15: 4/14 June 17: 4/7 June 22: 8/14 June 23: 0/8 (12 hole round cut short due to darkness) Total: 16/43 As the competition progresses, I look forward to perfecting the driver and continuing to hit my goal of making it a weapon.
  6. @joen, excellent review! I'm looking forward to my pair when I finish winning this challenge!
  7. Great question.@bardle is right. The best way to make sure the yardage is correct is to pull out your phone and hit next shot, or confirm that a 2nd shot was recognized after you swung. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  8. Boyne Mountain is beautiful! Hope the practice session was a success.
  9. Or it was leaving my PW approach shot woefully short... Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  10. So this wasn't over a highway, but it was 250yds with no roll. I'm loving this driver! More details to come in my write up.
  11. Probably me. Hole #2 at Rackham is a dogleg right and if I pull driver, I'd be hitting it into the next fairway.
  12. Is a Kentucky fan allowed to wear orange and white? That seems sacrilegious. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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