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  1. Welcome to That state up North from a fellow Ohioan transplant.
  2. I used to always use the Callaway gloves that Costco carried. Now that they make their own glove, but don't make it for a lefty, I was out shopping for new gloves and couldn't find anything in store that fit or was for the correct hand. Remembered that this thread existed, and due to the high recommendations have ordered 5 MG DynaGrip gloves. $36 total including shipping and tax. Can't beat that price.
  3. Oh for sure! If that stays my trend for the year, I’ll be in major trouble. I don’t put as much stock into that stat for yesterdays score as I was playing off of very wet/muddy conditions and could not figure out how much I needed to club up. Not being able to get up and down once though is a concern to me, because that is something that you have to execute no matter the conditions if you want lower scores. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  4. My second par of the day. 176yd par 3. I hit the draw that I envisioned to pin high just to the right. Burned the edge of the cup with my first putt. I was really happy to drop the par putt as I had trouble most of last season on this hole. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  5. I didn’t get a chance to use the Siri feature as I didn’t set it up yet. I was trying to beat the dark and just adjusted for the flag using the “move flag to current location” feature. Once I set that feature up, I’ll test it out. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  6. Played an after work 9 and shot a 43. I shaved 4 strokes off of my previous round despite not being able to get up and down. Going 0/5 on up and downs really shows me what I need to focus on. I’m hoping the meteorologists are wrong and the rain doesn’t show up the rest of this week so I can go wear out the practice green. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  7. I played an after work 9 today to work on establishing my baseline for the Cobra Connect Challenge. It was my first time using the updated app, and I am blown away! The only shots that the system did not pick up were my tap in putts. The new feature of moving the flag helps so much with tracking the distance of your putts. When I went to pick the ball out of the cup, I would bring out my phone, tap the green flag icon, and the choose move flag to my current location. Super simple and did not negatively impact the pace of my play. Kudos to Arcccos for the upgrades to the system. Can’t wait to play more rounds to collect more data to work on lowering my handicap. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  8. Like many have said already, I want to see Tiger break the record. I would have loved to see him shatter the record, but his comeback story has added so many layers to his legend. I then want to see someone else grab the golf world's attention the way that Tiger did, and shatter his record. I love watching athletes work their butts off to be better than those that came before them.
  9. Haven't tried that yet, but will make sure to do so when the weather finally allows. I'm staring at a weather forecast of rain for the next 5 days....
  10. Thank you for sharing this, @GolfSpy MPR Adam, thank you for sharing that passion with us, the golf community. We are better because of your passion and relentless desire to share the truth.
  11. What a fantastic Masters! The theater provided excellent drama throughout with a climactic finish. Tiger once again proved that he moves the needle. I will admit that I did not think he was ever going to win another major, and now the conversation is back in full force of if he can match or beat Jack's record. I am now super excited to see how many mock turtlenecks are on the course this season!
  12. Recap of my first on the course experience of 2019 from 4/13. Wind was a major factor for my 9 holes. I waited until 2 in the afternoon to try and give the sun a chance to warm everything up, but the wind just kept everything at a steady 50-55 degrees. It was a steady wind of about 15 miles an hour with random gusts of up to 30 miles an hour. I was just so excited to finally step onto a course for the first time. Overall, I am happy with how I played. I shot a 47. It was no surprise to me that the part of my game that hurt my score the most was the part that I have not had the opportunity to practice yet: chipping and putting. First hole is the perfect example. I was within 10 yards of the flag in two shots as I had come up just short on my approach shot. It took me 4 more shots to get in the hole. 2 chips and 2 putts. Hopefully, as the weather warms up and I can spend time working on my chipping and putting, that will become less of a concern. Overall, I had 18 putts, so I am not too upset with beginning the year at a 2 putts per hole average. I was very pleased with my ball striking. My new swing thought and pre-shot routine really helped me execute on the course in a consistent way. I only had 3 shots total that went way offline from my intended location. I'm looking forward to my next opportunity to get back on the course and keep working on the new things in my game.
  13. For me, I want to know the shape and execute it. Currently I am playing for a draw working to eliminate my misses to the left. I don't have a personal preference of a draw over a fade, I just want to be able to execute whatever it is consistently.
  14. There are small moments in a marriage that remind you that you are with the correct person. This morning one of those moments occurred. On Fridays, my wife and I are fortunate to both work from home. Since my work requires phone calls and video conferences, we work in different rooms in the house. She chose the living room today. I came out to grab a cup of coffee and she was watching Live from The Masters. I asked to switch rooms for the day as I don't have calls or conferences to join. I am relegated to watching from my computer screen. I love that woman.
  15. Consider this the first appetizer course of a 20 course meal, @Reesedw. We wouldn't want you to experience too much of the good stuff before we get to the main entrees. Thank you for the encouragement though. We know that the bar was set quite high by last years crew. We will work to please the audience.
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