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  1. Thanks for that clarification. Makes sense as a differentiation tool for WHOOP.
  2. Thank you for this review, @edingc. I've been interested in WHOOP, since hearing about it from Scott Stallings in various media platforms. My biggest hangup has been the monthly subscription as it seems that it just tracks recovery functions, but does not monitor or encourage daily activities like a Fitbit or similar device. Overall, you are correct with your assessment with all wearable fitness technology that the monitoring is a useful tool, but the willingness to do the work is also required to fully see benefits.
  3. I'm interested, but not sure if I have enough free cash according to SWMBO. I'll try and get an answer to you soon.
  4. I'm pretty partial to the Cobra Connect Challenge threads. Also, I really enjoy the thread, or maybe a better term is autobiography of @GolfSpy MPR working to lower his handciap: MPR: The Single Digit Project: https://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/29673-mpr-the-single-digit-project/
  5. palvord

    Happy thread

    Congrats! That is a fun/nerve wracking time. Also, welcome back to the continent.
  6. If I had $3,000 for a golf specific experience, I would use it to play as many courses as I could that I find interesting, rather than spending it all at one course. Some quick examples without actually having done any real research into costs: Arcadia Bluffs Bandon Dunes (multiple courses to choose from) Myrtle Beach golf trip Forest Dunes - The Loop Chambers Bay Sand Valley
  7. Why, yes it is. Did not fully realize that. Thanks for pointing it out!
  8. Deleted because apparently reading with comprehension was optional for me yesterday.
  9. I rolled putts in my basement along a 3ft ruler working on start line. Having not touched a club since October, I would say it was a successful little session. Nothing strenuous, but enough to show my some errors in my putter stroke and to ease my suffering through these dark and cold months.
  10. Looking sharp! Enjoy that wonderful specimen.
  11. I've never heard the 20% guideline before, but it make sense as my driver SS was 99.3 in my Cobra club fitting and my 7iron was 83.4
  12. Good luck, and speedy recovery!
  13. That is a fantastic way to spend an evening! I try not to be jealous, so I'll say I hope to be able to earn the opportunity to do the same.
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