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  1. My course is still open (near Atlanta, GA), but everything inside the clubhouse has shut down. You can still order take out food, but locker room, bag storage, etc. is understandably closed. Like most, the course is walking only or 1 person per cart. As of a few days ago, that even includes people that live in the same house as you. I was going to go play nine holes with my sons the other day, and we were told that we couldn't ride in a cart together. While that didn't make a lot of since to me, I am very thankful that our course is staying open. My boys are too young to walk nine holes, but we have a short course that we were still able to play on.
  2. Matt Marsico, Atlanta, GA Yes I have a plastic device that clips onto the ball and there is an opening to draw the line on Srixon Z-Star Align XL Personalized - Red with my initials, MRM
  3. Matt, Atlanta, Around 100 Rounds per year (over half of those during June/July/August since I am a teacher with my summers off) Facebook 4, Around 110 with driver Driver: TS3, 9* (C1 setting, surefit cartridge in fade setting) 3/4 Wood: 917D2, 16.5 degrees (D1 setting, surefit cartridge neutral) Hybrid: Titleist 818 H2, 19 degrees (C3 setting, surefit cartridge neutral) Irons: Mizuno MP-18 MMC Fli-Hi 4-Iron (23 degrees); Mizuno MP-18 SC 5-iron(26) and 6-iron(30); Mizuno MP-18 7-iron(34), 8-iron(38), 9-iron(42), and P Wedge(46). Nippon Modus 120x shafts. 1 degree upright. Wedges: Mizuno S-18 50, 54, and 58 degrees. 50 is 1 degree upright, 54 and 58 are standard lie. Nippon Modus 120x, soft stepped in the 54 and 58. Putter: Evnroll ER1 Driver: KING F9 TOUR LENGTH SPEEDBACK DRIVER (Satin/Black color, not sure about loft/shaft...would need to go for a fitting) 3/4 Wood: KING F9 SPEEDBACK FAIRWAY (Satin/Black color, 3/4 wood loft, not sure about shaft...would need to go for a fitting) Hybrid: KING F9 ONE LENGTH HYBRID (3 Hybrid, not sure on shaft...again, would need to get fit) Irons: FORGED TEC BLACK ONE LENGTH (4-PW, would have to get fit for shaft choice) Wedges: KING BLACK WEDGE (50, 54, and 58 degree, would have to get fit for shaft choice) I would love the opportunity to test one-length hybrid/irons against my variable length irons and share the results with this community.
  4. I definitely am. Got to roll the ER1TS in a store today, and it completely made sense. Both as a training aid starting the ball in front of the shaft and as a putter starting the ball right in front of the head. The later felt like the most stable putter I have ever hit. Will definitely try the cast version and then pick one out of the two.
  5. I'm selling my two previous gamer putters. A Scotty Cameron Select Newport 3 and an Evnroll ER1. Both are 34" and have the original headcover. The Evnroll knocked the Scotty out of the bag two years ago, and the new Evnroll ER5B just knocked the ER1 out of the bag. I'd love to keep them, but they can get more love elsewhere. Asking $175 for each, shipping included. Payment by Venmo. Let me know if you have any questions.
  6. Matt/GA Evnroll ER1 Would love to review the Rosie S. The trend of mallets that have toe-hang is really intriguing to test/compare to a blade. Don't know if it could knock the Evnroll out of the bag, but I'd love to review and compare.
  7. Matt GA Rogue Subzero with HZRDUS Black 75 Halfway - I was fit for the shaft, but the head was given to me.
  8. Yes, it does. Actually would get too high for me, so I got an 818 H2 with x flex to keep the flight down. The 816 h1 was definitely easier to hit, though.
  9. Club wise: Titleist TS driver and JPX 919 tours. Those are all I can imagine replacing my current gamers. I'd also be interested in testing any products that are not clubs that could improve my game.
  10. After a month, I must say that the feeling of a 50g counter weight is pretty subtle. I think it has smoothed out my stroke some, and has allowed me to more consistently release the putter head.
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