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  1. As my German teacher would say, “Ah ploose”
  2. I just liked this, and then made it to the bottom and saw the irons got switched! @lmh3, do you have a closet full of stamped irons or do those go on ebay? I like the stampings, I just don't know if I like any of my clubs enough to "make them mine".
  3. I had the new one all picked out, and despite the stench of overheated metal and burnt rubber, this thing just won’t die!
  4. One thing that needs to be taken into account that I didn't in my response above is the course layout. Most courses I play here won't kill me for trying to rip the cover off the ball on the tee. If I'm bad enough, I just end up in the wrong fairway. On courses in AZ that i have played I would be in rattlesnake country with those wild ones. So i think i would play less than driver more often.
  5. This is where I think Broadie hit the nail on the head. Hit it as close as you can without risking a terrible lie or penalty. I think when I have play the hole backwards, I have a tendency to think too much and end up wondering far too often "if I am going to hit from this crappy lie, would I be better off in a crappy lie but 60 yds closer?" This certainly isn't a universal rule, but most of the data I have seen shows on average you still end up closer to the hole the closer you are. As rev says though, your proximity to hole relative to starting distance may be worse, but you are still closer to the hole.
  6. I think the member reviews are more influential than the Most Wanted testing. I have made purchases based off of both. My bag was a top performer for a couple of years. The guy I bought it from even advertised it as a Most Wanted bag. Members usually do a good enough job describing their game and preferences that I can tell how to take their feedback. If there are a lot of similarities or similar preferences, I consider their comments with more weight than someone who obviously favors something that I can't stand. I showed off the grips I tested to whomever would listen, but those are such a personal thing that no one was wowed into running out and regripping. I just had some people over last night and had the Cleveland Frontline out with some others on the BirdieBall green. One guy liked the old satin Elevado soft feel better. Funny, because that was why I dumped it in the first place. So I think the way the MGS reviews can help influence is that people state what they like or don't so well so the readers can be influenced correctly. "Gold Star -Goes Far" isn't that helpful to me.
  7. Doesn't this just confirm what the OP was asking/suggesting in the first place? I was anti-jacking to start, veered towards indifferent, but am now thinking it is hurting more golfers than helping. My current irons are at least 1-1.5 clubs longer than the old Wilson blades I have. Is that from 40 years of technological advances? Some of it is, I am sure. But I bet a majority of the distance gain is because the old 8 iron has the loft of my new 9 iron. Does the number on the sole matter? Of course not. But if the average golfer is going to chase an 8 iron that goes farther, they are going to get wooed by the new 8 iron that is essentially their old 7. I don't have any concrete data, but I bet the trend has left many golfers with more long irons that they can't actually hit (or if they can, the 4 doesn't often go further than the 5) and they now have a giant gap between their set PW and what they thought was a GW that no longer fits that gap. What do they have to show for the new set? The same scores because they created as many problems as they fixed. I think that IS a disservice to the unknowing weekend warrior because they are pitched a solution to improve their game that doesn't necessarily fix anything. Just because they don't know doesn't mean its not an issue.
  8. I did the hard rock challenge this summer (a day late so I didn't record it in that thread) with some Pinnacle Rush balls and some early 80's Wilson Staff Fluid Feels. Once I got over the fact that 9=8 and so on, it was a blast. I wouldn't have known I was playing with a rock. I didn't shoot any worse than I was playing that course with my regulars at the time. Those look awesome and were a steal at 100 bucks!
  9. I'm blowing out 10 sprinkler stations tonight on a .33 acre lot with a 3gal harbor freight pancake compressor rigged up to a 7gal auxiliary tank. Or as many of you would figure, working on an emergency air compressor upgrade!
  10. I'm curious what the shafts are on each. You could be in the perfect shaft with the old ones and have a terrible fit with the new ones. The more forgiving clubhead might not make up for a very inconsistent delivery with a bad shaft (for you). As the others said, though, it could be in your head. It's crazy what that blob of cells in your head is capable of. Edit: I am referring to all human brains as a blob of cells, not singling yours out!
  11. Snuck out with a friend for a quick 9 on the executive course I played couples league at. Shot a 34 (+3) again which seems to be a barrier I just can't break there. Iron play was close to trash. Chipping was a complete mixed bag. The putter saved me multiple times. I am guessing it knows it is on notice with a testing opportunity coming up. If the Cameron keeps this up, the Cleveland Frontline will need to be quite stellar to work itself into the rotation. Based off of @chisag 's last putting tip I moved the ball forward about a ball in the stance and it worked for a short round. Let's hope that is sustainable.
  12. Rev, I think if the OEMs were pushing a club selection strategy to make more money, they would be pushing more $400 woods than $200 wedges. I can count on two hands in the last year that I have used my hybrid, driving iron or 4 iron. I hit that many wedges less than two rounds. Broadie showed how Tiger smashed the field in his prime. I just don't see how the typical amateur is going to improve that much trying to learn how to stick 4 and 5 irons in birdie range. I had a laminated card with all my partial wedge distances. It made selection of a wedge a 5 second process. I lost it and have reverted to a one wedge tactic and my game is suffering for it. I have started using the rule of 12 recently when I am in chipping range and have liked that a lot.
  13. Very nice. I built a set of Snake Eyes wedges back in the day but they cost me more in balls than I saved on the clubs. Those things would turn half a ProV1 into spaghetti on a full wedge shot. Instead of learning to swing less than 110% (the real problem) I ended up letting them go. They did feel great though. Did you buy these assembled or put them together yourself?
  14. Wishon, Maltby, even Hogan, Sub70, Lynx, and Tommy Armour etc. were exactly what I was referring to by "off brand". Anything that you won't find in a PGA Tour SS or Golf Galaxy. I certainly wasn't referring to them as being inferior. My bag is nearly full of them. At first glance, a counterfeit will will probably get less sneers on the first tee as any of these, but these guys are at least paying someone (whether internally or outsourced) to do their development work. Lynx had some models eerily similar to some other brands, but if they went through the proper channels to get the rights to use those dies/moldings, then more power to them. Stealing the work of others and selling on the cheap is not a route I would want to go. Just because components from the big brands also come from China doesn't mean they are cheap copies of someone else's work.
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