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  1. How much would you say firmness plays into your rating of tackiness? I am trying to rate the ZGRIP vs the UTx in the Golf Pride review. I would say the ZGRIP is "grippier" but I think the firmness (with the ZGRIP being near the extreme side of firm) doesn't play in its favor when I rate tackiness. The UTx is just soft enough that I don't have to hold on for dear life to take advantage of the texture of the grip. I suppose these are all related with one another (like feel and sound of a golf ball). I had one Z5 plus (tour taper) that I was going to use in the comparison as well but it fell out of my bag at some point. Hopefully someone is enjoying that somewhere.
  2. It's two hours of coverage of the final day of arguably the biggest league of the inarguably most popular sport in the universe. So this conflicts with early fourth round coverage of a PGA tournament that most big names have skipped. Probably a good call by NBC. Sent from my SM-A600A using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  3. The writing on the blog has to be miles above any place else. There is not one writer where I see the name and think, "yeah, I'll skip it". 98% of every other news story about new gear is 98% copy and paste from the manufacturer website. The new release articles and the forum member reviews are what makes MGS so great, even if the Most Wanted tests are what garner the most attention. So well done Barbajo!
  4. There are Hogan branded balls all over their club photos and they don't appear to be 30 years old. I would think something would have to be coming out this year. We know who to ask to be sure, but he keeps secrets too well.
  5. Got my form, so I'll be rooting for Rory as well. Why does this promotion happen? The number of people that buy it and keep it anyways can't outnumber the people that will buy and return or get the form with no purchase. Did someone in the order chain accidentally add an extra zero somewhere so there is a warehouse somewhere full of these? I'd like to think I would win a $500 driver, but I am thinking it will be worth about 50 by the time the market is flooded with these. Are the chances of Rory winning really that low that TM would risk this?
  6. Shut the front door! Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
  7. Yes, I am confident enough that the putter will change that this is not locked in for the whole year. The day might be stretching it, though. Maybe I could have labeled it "2nd Quarter". Sent from my SM-A600A using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  8. As the season starts, I might as well document what I have and see how it compares at the end of the season. The highlight of the bag is the driver headcover. I enjoy showing this off and having people feel the weight. It won't blow away in a hurricane. And it makes for a fun little boxing glove when the play is too slow. Thanks again to MGS for the trick shot contest this past winter! Driver is now a Ping G400 LST 8.5 deg with a Ping Tour 65 Stiff shaft. I could probably go X-Stiff here, but I tried that with the M3 last year and it took too long to warm up to hit it right. Now I wonder if I only need a couple holes with this to be fine with the X. I'll keep an eye out for a deal on the X on eBay. Next in line is an Adams XTD Ti 18 deg hybrid with a Matrix Red Tie Stiff. I wish I was a little more consistent with this, but have hit it 270 off the tee. If I am in the fairway and there isn't trouble in front of the green, I can roll this up to a green from 250+ (unless I am using a Chrome Soft ). I just landed a Nike Pro Combo Forged driving iron. It had a beautiful baby draw all night on the range. Only 1 for 3 on the course. My intent was for this to be a more consistent fairway finder than the hybrid. It looked to fit that role and I only had 13 clubs in the bag, so I threw it in. Irons are Hogan PTx 22-46 deg (4-PW) with KBS C-Taper Stiff shafts. The shafts were quite a change from my previous TT DGSL Stiffs. After I regripped I thought they might have been non standard length, but figured out they were soft stepped. I wish I could take these to a fitting and try out some other shafts. But If I found something else, I might as well jump into the new PTx Pros for what I would pay for shafts and reassembly. Hogan TK15 50, 54 and 58 deg wedges round out the irons. These might be my favorite clubs in the bag. I don't think I have ramped up the wedge practice more than ever, but I have performed better with these than anything else. Not sure if I want to wear these out, but if so, the Equalizer blacks look pretty fine. A Cleveland Satin Elevado is responsible for the most strokes on the card. I have a P2 Aware Tour on it now. It is at 36" so I hold on to the grip a little lower where the taper is thinner. I just might trim that down an inch tonight. It had been working really well on the Birdieball green over the winter, but the putt count in the first rounds this year has been atrocious. The Ping Traverse bag keeps things organized. It works great on a cart, but I'm not a fan of it on the ClicGear push cart. Does a carry bag work better on these things? I guess it works fine, but it is annoying to switch all the rows around switching from walking to riding. First world problems... The putter is the only club I bought at full retail. It is also the closest to being replaced. I really just need to suck it up and get a putter fitting, get whatever works best and just stick with it. Here are some pics.
  9. If only robots had feelings...
  10. This is a similar conclusion to what I had on the e6 Speed. Didn't stray much offline. Full shots into the green stopped reasonably well. Partial swings would run like Usain Bolt. I wouldn't be able to use it as a gamer unless I was planning on hitting 80% of the greens. However, I would totally use this in a scramble. Aim Dead On and it will hold its' line. If you are off the green, switch out to a higher spinning ball for the chips (and find new scramble partners). PS. If switching balls on a hole in a scramble is illegal, then don't switch out balls around the green. You should still find better partners, though.
  11. It looks to be in great shape! Perhaps the previous owner couldn't figure out what to do with it either.
  12. Another unapologetic pitch for the Pit Barrel Cooker. The Traeger is quick and easy, but chicken or brisket off this thing is unreal.
  13. Made a trip to top golf and the ALIGN tech sure does seem to help on less than full swings. I haven't had much luck with these shots besides the wedges, but did pretty well today. The reminder seems to give one extra feeling of where the face is, so squaring the face without overcooking it was a breeze. Sent from my SM-A600A using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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