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  1. I'm with @chisag and @cnosil on this one. If your current irons are a terrible fit, there might be some good gains with a properly fit set. If your main issues are with the indian and not the arrow, then Sub70 looks like a great option to have some fun with some new irons without breaking the bank. If you fit well into some of the stock shafts, they are a steal. Even with some of their more expensive shaft upgrades you are looking at prices below a new set of Hogans and practically half of a similar set of big brand OEMs. Oh my stars....the 699 Pros are on the website...I might be getting in some serious trouble in 2020...
  2. So what gets stamped on the bottom of the club? The name? What size font would you have to use for it to fit? Would milling that much out of the sole of the club throw off the swingweight? If you propose putting the loft of the club on the sole, The Ben Hogan Company already realized that was a bad idea and have iron numbers again. Going back to lofts would be a return to insanity.
  3. I am finding the opposite. I think the confidence is higher with the Elevado. I am not seeing numbers that indicate I will have 5 less putts per round, but when I stand over a putt, I am feeling like the putting stroke is a variable that is out of the equation and the result now only depends on my sub-par green reading (maybe that should read "plus-par"). Now I just need to have someone tell me how to quantify the putting mind games...
  4. Yes, I dont know that Reed has the same ring as Nicklaus or Hogan. I am not anti-Reed (yet) but have no desire for irons with his name. Adam's was soooooo underrated. I think they punched way above their name recognition. I may have to hunt down some of these MB2's myself.
  5. Because they say Patrick Reed? I think the post is cut off right as what I assume is "without the Patrick Reed on them". Then if they were free?
  6. Tagging @chisag. I know he tried these and didn't have any luck. I would check with him on timing of his trial and a new cover.
  7. I'm now buried in 18 inches of snow. So unless I can maneuver a trip south for a weekend to get a round in, I will be looking at birdieball practice from now on. In looking at my practice green work, a slight advantage went to the SC on the long range putting. But that was quickly given away by more solid short range (dare I even admit mid-range?) second putts. I think the main advantage of the SC on the long putts is that they would occasionally go in. I didn't sink any super long ones with the Frontline. At that range it is hard to say if it is pure luck or if I can really judge line and speed well enough with the SC to drain one now and then (not probable).
  8. In all of my testing so far, neither my current gamer or the Frontline have really jumped far ahead. The practice green testing tends to bounce back and forth between drills and one of them usually ends up ahead by the end of a session, but it doesn't amount to more than a stroke per round. Last night, though, was an absolute domination. I will have to see if this was a blip that will return back to the norm. But if that was a session trying putters in the golf shop, there would have been no doubt as to who I would be taking home.
  9. I have found most any brand will go on with air. Grips with cord are a bit tougher, though. I have put a just a little grip solvent in the grip with those and they go on nicely. But then they tend to stick a bit coming off, so my extraction rate with corded grips is much less than 100%
  10. I have also been trying to do some heel center toe testing. I need to get some impact tape soon can do it and see impact without purposefully hitting it on the toe or heel. I feel like it does a good job minimizing twist, but when I know I am hitting o e one the toe, I feel that it's hard to not influence the stroke. I have also hit some weird feeling putts. But these aren't twisting. I think I am swinging with the putter a bit off the ground and hitting it below the insert. And that has a weird clank of a feel like hitting a softball off the handle of a bat. Distance isn't terribly punished though. I haven't done that too much, but when I think about the shallow face of this putter and lift it to hit the center off the face (center height) I have caught it thin and gotten that feeling. Better to not think i suppose.
  11. @GolfSpy MPR, are your grips on with tape or just blown on? I am really curious about that gravity grip on the Frontline. If I recall, isn't that a bit narrower than the Lamkin Sinkfit that comes stock on the Frontline?
  12. I agree with your case that accuracy doesn't need to be the top priority. However, to track progress, there needs to be some level of precision in the device you are using. If one of these devices tells me my 75 yd shot is only going 65, but it is always very close to that 10 yds short, I can use this for practicing (Precise, but not accurate). If it tells me my 75 yd shot is going 75 yds, but that is an average of anything from 65 to 85 yds, then it is relatively useless in my opinion (accurate, but not precise). I don't see where any of that is discussed in the review, so looking at the actual data to see how these things perform would be helpful.
  13. So you're stranded on an island with a beautiful golf course (not really "stranded" then) and the pro shop has only two putters for you to choose for your bag. One feels like you can always line it up exactly where you want to hit it, but you have an occasional WTH stroke leading to a wobbly pulled or pushed putt. The other putter can roll the ball perfectly down the line, but you are a little less precise on your alignment. Do you prioritize alignment or stroke? (These are the only two choices available. No "I watch Forged in Fire so I will make my own putter that fits me perfectly and aims by itself".)
  14. As others have already said, the background reviewers give about themselves can provide so much more meaning to a review. They may have a pretty negative experience with a club or product, but when they explain how it deviates from their preferences or dig deeper into why it didn't work, I can still deduce that I should give it a shot because our preferences are polar opposites. As a tester, I can't see how your game could get worse even if the product wasn't a good fit. If it is for a club, aren't you also still hitting the old club to verify that the new one works better or not? Maybe if you are already playing 18 holes 6 days a week you aren't increasing your time on the range or the course, but many of us will be putting more than normal time in to get a review done. I have learned more about my old putter in the last three weeks as a result of the current putter testing than I did in three months beforehand. The Elevado performs better in some aspects. My current gamer is better in others. The heightened awareness required during the testing to figure out the "whys" is invaluable to learning about your own game. So whether the Elevado ends up in my bag or not, I am confident that I will be improved by the end of this.
  15. 2135. Besides my bedtime, what does this mean? This is the radius of a golf ball in millimeters x 100. Why should you care? Cleveland feels that by having the alignment line on the putter at this height, you can have your eyes inside of your line and you can still tell that the ball is centered on the club face. In their example above, I can see how there could be some issues with someone who has the eyes well inside the line or even outside the line (gasp!), IF they have a putter with the alignment line at the base of the putter. I don't have a putter arsenal the size of @GolfSpy MPR, but when comparing the height of the alignment line of the Elevado to my SC 5.5M and an old Rife 2-Bar, they can't be more than a couple of nanometers x 1000 different. I can't find any of my trigonometry books to take a refresher, but I think the possible alignment error from the eyes even 12 inches inside of the putting line with a change of a couple mm in your putter line height is going to be significantly smaller than the size of your strike area of ten putts. Is this really technology? I would say it is a measurement (that's missing the decimal point). Do I like it? Yes, because I had some wires crossed at birth and am severely left eye dominant. That line on top is great for me. Can this be a detriment? I can't see how, unless you are playing TopFlite Magna's. In which case you will need to find a putter with 22098 "technology". On a side note, I have determined that my horrible speed judgement in the last round was a result of my practice green. I got the medium speed green and played on really slow greens. Without a single warmup putt, I left a 15 ft birdie putt on the first hole 4 ft short. I hit some more putts at home last night and my speed was right on again. So not so much a putter issue than a putt-er issue.
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