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  1. The more I think of it, this is more Scummy by Fujikura than anything else. Cheapens their own brand. 
    Why offer something with Ventus on it if it doesn't contain the "groundbreaking" tech that makes the actual Ventus great 
    That's what I thought when I saw they did this. Dumb for their brand. Opens up the possibility of a lot of golfers not seeing the results they expect.

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  2. Wow, this is awesome! The F9's throughout the bag would be amazing to test, keep, and game! Cobra really has pushed out some world-class products the past 5 years. I LOVE my F7 hybrid.

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    3. 8, 110-115mph
    4. Taylormade 2017 M1 Driver, M2 3 Wood, Cobra King F7 3-4 Hybrid, Mizuno MP-18 blades, SC, MMC FliHi mixed set, Titleist Vokey SM6 wedges, Taylormade TP Juno Black Copper
    5. F9 Driver 9°, F9 3W and 5W, F9 hybrid, F9 Conventional PW-5, King Wedges 52°, 56°, 60°
  3. [mention=60807]goaliewales14[/mention] that's a great question that we are often asked. The SuperSpeed drills work on increasing club head speed but also better sequencing of the swing. Typically one will see an increased swing speed with either better accuracy or accuracy will stay the same. If one is having issues after we encourage them to do some face control and impact location drills which can clean it up quickly. Hope that helps!
    Thanks everyone for their posts here. Feel free to ask any questions to us directly and we will answer them.
    Think it's great you guys are involved in the for unstable, and willing to answer questions.

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    I also think, the main reason you are doing this is to gain speed in general and that's what they are primarily for.

    From what I've read and heard, most often yes. It helps with timing and because you are gaining speed, you could back off a little and hit further than what you had been with better consistency. All depends on the Archer and your swing mechanics though too.

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  4. I'm curious to see how this goes.  I know one of my biggest issues is trying to kill it instead of making a golf shot.  If this product does actually work and increases your swing speed, will it impact the accuracy/consistency of your shots?
    From what I've read and heard, most often yes. It helps with timing and because you are gaining speed, you could back off a little and hit further than what you had been with better consistency. All depends on the Archer and your swing mechanics though too.

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  5. On 11/21/2018 at 4:44 PM, MWGolf23 said:

    There's been a lot of hype from the MyGolfSpy staff on the 190 this year. Must be a solid driver. Will definitely have to try it out. Just another option as some of these smaller driver OEMs are putting more money into producing higher quality drivers.

    I'm really excited to look and try out the ST190 driver. Have never really been interested in Mizuno drivers until this one. Best looking driver in years in my opinion (Callaway Rogue is a top one for me. Like the ST190, looks sleek and mean). Looks like they have definitely been putting in the extra added effort into them in the last few years. 

  6. On 1/10/2019 at 1:24 PM, juspoole said:

    Completely agree with you on the mizunos.  I went the same route, but it was against the Titleist AP2 718 and the Mizunos.  I have recently hit the srixons and those are very nice as well.

    My only downfall with Mizuno, and I can't really fault them, is that I wanted to have your exact same set up with the MB and the SC, but since I'm a lefty, I was unable to do so since only the SC's are available in left handed.  Still love the iron overall and I can't see switching anytime in the near future.

    So it sounds like you went with the SC's? Great club. They feel miles better than game improvement cast clubs. Love to see fellow Mizuno MP-18 fans, and it just validates my success with them even more.

  7. I don't understand how guys can guess themselves into the "right" shaft. (1st Admission: I've tried it. No success.) I suppose if I had a large selection of shafts at my disposal I might conceivably be able to get out on the course and start hitting (game) balls and swapping shafts and changing head settings until I was able to "dial-in" a shaft and ball flight pattern and distance I'm seeking
    If I were to want to change the shaft in my driver today to; for example, gain some additional yardage or change my ball-flight in some way what shaft would I look for? What weight would I need? Stiffness*, torque, bend profile, tip characteristics, length, etc. etc. I have no idea. I'd probably be wasting my time and money. But...I suppose it's entirely possible that I might Luck myself into something too. Who knows? But first I'd have to start buying shafts and weeding them out.
    I'm interested to learn from forum members how to go about selecting the "right" shaft for your game and your desired outcome.  In other words... Self Fitting. To use MWGolf23's example: he wants a new shaft so he can start "going after one"  stop swinging slower and "poke" one" out there. So in other words he wants to start ripping it. Sounds good to me. But what shaft is designed for his swing, his particular head club, and... is made for Ripping it?
    *(2nd Admission: I've said many times in the forum that shafts bore me technically speaking. I don't study shaft technology nor do I care too and have no means at home to evaluate my swing characteristics or shaft profiles/characteristics. It's all guess work IMO without at least some basic LM data to give me a baseline to narrow the field a bit. And, even then I think I might have to go through a number of shafts - outdoors with a game ball to see with my eyes what's working or not.)
    I've been fit a few times and know the characteristics of what worked best for me. I went to the Wilson Cortex driver demo and was best fit in the Project X HZRDUS Black 75 6.5 X-Stiff. Everything the fitter said and everything I knew about the shaft characteristics made sense to me. It was a validation for me as I've always had better consistency with a heavier shaft and when I go after it (my natural faster tempo and about 110-113 SS), I have an aggressive tempo. My previous shaft, Aldila NV 65 Stiff was too whippy for my tempo so I struggled finding the right speed and tempo best for the shaft as opposed to the best shaft for my swing. This shaft is now very stiff throughout and I have much better control of the club face. Free demo/mini shaft fit.

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  8. My friend just drove a long distance to buy one with a mat and net too. He's amped and I'm jealous since he lives across state.

    I'm excited. Was looking for something that would give me numbers. Also like that I can take it outside too. Goal is to work on my swing this winter and get a few things figured out. Interested to see how accurate it is, and how the sim golf software is. I'll have to open up a thread once it gets here. Now I just need to find a hitting mat!

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  9. As a result of recently getting officially older, I've got a new bag, and even better, some shiny things to go in it.
    Mizuno MP18 MMC 5-P, with Project X LZ 5.5 shafts. I'm also going to replace my Scor wedges with a new set of Ben Hogan TK's. Bag is a Ping Pioneer that I got a great deal on.
    Until I can find a driver and fairways that I can hit better than my current (very old) set up, they'll stay in the (new) bag.
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    Nice! How do you do with the 5 iron? I'm thinking of updating my 5 SC to the MMC. I'm not hitting it consistently and am being penalized decently on mishits.

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  10. 6 minutes ago, NiftyNiblick said:

    Add me to the list of Mizuno MP-18 franchise appreciators, even as a simple observer.

    The  MMC Fli Hi,

    the SC,

    the straight blade (if you like),

    and the S18,

    all with matching shafts and grips,

    is a totally matched set of beautiful golf clubs.

    Their metals have a way to go to catch up in terms of offering choices.


    There's been a lot of hype from the MyGolfSpy staff on the 190 this year. Must be a solid driver. Will definitely have to try it out. Just another option as some of these smaller driver OEMs are putting more money into producing higher quality drivers.

  11. 2 minutes ago, Brewmaster said:

    I love MB's, I have a similar story as you and since switching to them I have seen my best improvement ever. Won't go back. Complete myth on distance losses from my perspective also. Cheers

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    That's awesome that you saw similar results! Yeah, I think where the main distance lost is if the mishit is pretty far toe or heel in the longer irons where mishits are more likely to happen. I haven't been too penalized by the SC mishits either aside from the 4 iron that I just simply can't hit. And if it is a mishit, it's not going out of play or far off from where you were aiming. Cheers.

  12. Great looking setup there Tinkerman.
    I'm hitting the 919 Tour and MP18SC at a fitting on Tuesday, as I left my run for 900 Tours too late. I haven't hit the MP18 range yet, and thought it would be remiss of me to not try them.
    Consider a blended set for either series. The MP-18 blades in the short irons is what I did and I'm so pleased that I did. I went SC 7-5 and FliHi for the 4. Love the 919 series looks over the 900 series. You've got two great options to sift through.

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  13. Hi all,

    Looking to see tips and tricks to get out of the house to golf without the wife giving you evil eyes and making you feel awful for leaving. This has intensified now that I have a 9-month-old son. Not a big deal in the winter here for me in Michigan, but the tension was always intense if I wanted to get out on the weekend for even 9 holes. I probably played a round of 18 on average 2 times per month in the season and about three 9-hole rounds. I feel like a round of 18 once a weekend is reasonable. Going into the spring, how do I make everyone happy? I'm sure there is probably nothing I can do. 😂

  14. A quick write-up of my season with these:

    I'll first start with that I was coming from a non-fitted game improvement set. In 2017, deciding to take golf serious and deep-dive into it, I dedicated the entire year to focus on improving my knowledge of the swing, knowledge of equipment, improving my swing, and was better able to control shots. I understood what caused what. What came out was a consistent, decent-sized draw. And my miss was too big of a draw (not a hook/snap hook).

    2018 was focused on updating most of my bag to continue the improvement. In the offseason, I researched and updated my driver and wedges, and added a 3W, 5W, and hybrid to my arsenal. Iron set was next, and I for sure wanted to get fitted for these.

    Had an iron fitting at the beginning of the season with the Mizuno MP-18 irons and the Srixon Z 700 series in mind. I had tried both at a demo day shortly before and I really enjoyed both, with the edge leaning towards the Mizunos (probably hit the JPX 900 Tours the best, but the looks didn't do it for me. The feel, like the MP-18s, simply incredible). First time being fit for irons and I was decently happy with my experience. Put me in KBS C-taper Lite shafts to help provide more height and spin that I desired, and 1° flat for the lie angle that helped mitigate the big draw. Goal in mind, holding greens. The very small offset compared to my game improvements also helped, and just looked so much better. Had resistance from the fitter to put some blades in there, but if I'm throwing down $1,000 I'm going to get what I want and blades provide feedback and help improve strike. And they just felt and looked so good, I had to have some. Ended up with the blades PW-8 and the SC/Split Cavity for 7-4. I couldn't part from the incredible buttery feel and the sexy look that the blades provide (The SC's are really buttery too).

    I think the MP-18 MBs are the best looking blades in recent history. They are probably the cleanest, sleekest looking. Simple, but elegant. Reminds me of a luxurious item, like a Rolex, or a high-end car. Sophisticated. Bottom line, they make you feel good. When they arrived, I was excited like a little kid. Opened the box and they just looked incredible. I loved the way the C-Taper Lite shafts looked, with a brushed, non-reflective finish just looks sharp and smart with the Lamkin UTX Wrap blue grips, and the super reflective and shiny finishes on the heads. Very pleased with the aesthetics of the entire set and how it all came together.

    Very happy with my decision as I am in love with the blades because they are so CONSISTENT. My standard shot now is actually pretty much very straight. I hit the same yardage almost every time, within a few yards. Mishits in the short irons for blades are not severe at all and is not as common as striking is easier in the short clubs. The max I've lost from a miss hit has been 5 yards short and the mishits are just short, not wide left or right. And they shape so easily, providing a variety of shots that I was unable to accomplish with the game improvements I had prior. I'm able to fade shots in over tight pins and get them to stop from 0-2 yards, or I can draw them in with a slight roll up. The SC's are no joke either and enter the green almost just as good. As expected. I love the buttery feel and classic looks they provide as well and the sets blend so well together. My 7 and 6 I hit pretty much straight and on a Par 5 on one of the courses I play a few times a year and have to lay up, I can fade my 7 iron really well. And my 5 iron I play a small draw.

    In hindsight, I would probably have gotten the 5 iron in the MMC to add more forgiveness as many people like me, my strike consistency suffers. I may have also have gone with the blade in the 7 iron. Either or, I'm a very happy camper with my 7 SC. At the end of the season I have updated my 4 iron to the MMC Fli-Hi 4 and have yet to play it. Have struggled to get the 4 iron up and is deemed useless for me. My hybrid does pretty good, but like most hybrids, want to draw regardless with their large offset. Wanted a more straight flight with the flexibility to shape a little with the Fli-Hi. Actually took to the MyGolfSpy Forum for a recommendation if I should go with the MP-18 FliHi or the JPX 919 Hot Metal. Really appreciated everyone's input and it was unanimous. Looking forward to hit it on a simulator in the winter and get out on the course with it in the spring. Looks incredibly good for thinking of it as a more forgiving iron. It's just a thicker looking soled SC.

    My iron game was probably the weakest part of my game with a nearly non-existent GIR number because the game improvements were so inconsistent for me. My low spin, inconsistent-sized draw, would miss left or would not hold the greens. Now I'm able to plug my shots in there and pin-seek. This has been the largest factor in my game dropping from a 12-17 handicap down to a 6-10 handicap and is one of the stronger parts of my game.

    Side Note: I had a friend who's experimented a lot this past year, going through I think 4 sets of irons. Had recently purchased the JPX 919 forged and he loved the feel of those, but decided to trade them because he was concerned about their durability, and he hit my blades a few times, so maybe that's really why. He surprised me and told me he traded his 919 forged irons for MP-18 blades. He couldn't deny that the MP-18 blades are the best feeling irons he's played and is now a HUGE Mizuno iron fan just like me.

    CONCLUSION: I'm a HUGE fan of the MP-18 blades and SC (and the line in general. I'm sure I would love the MMC and am likely to grab one). Most important takeaway, CONSISTENT, CONSISTENT, CONSISTENT. No surprises when hit right. Bonus points for everything else that follows. The feel is likely unbeatable in the blades. The blades are incredibly good-looking, and the entire line is, with the simple, clean, modern lines and looks. I love that Mizuno and Srixon have created blendable sets. I think it is the best way to go. I would say to anyone with a good, decent swing, just try some blades and experiment with them on demo days etc. I likely would struggle with blades from 7 and above, but that's the beauty of Mizuno creating a blended set. I can get the best of both. Awesome, incredible feel in the short iron blades with the ability to shape shots and very little mishits. More forgiving, still incredibly feeling irons in the mid to long iron sets, with whatever type you get. SC's are forged and really hard to tell that they feel just slightly less buttery than the blades and the MMCs and FliHi's with steel, tungsten in the toe, and titanium. All really nice feeling irons. I'd recommend a blended set of MP-18's for anyone up to a 17 handicap who hasn't been fitted before. You likely could be decently lower with a fully fit bag (unless you are a terrible driver or putter, but get fitted for those too). I'm only professionally fitted with my irons. Driver shaft fitted but not my current driver head (as those are so synonymous anyways), and that's it. So don't exclude the MP-18 line because it's advertised for the better golfer with less forgiveness. You could potentially be that better golfer with this dangerous iron line in your bag. I can't wait to see how my entire golf game shapes out to be in these next few years as I round out my bag, as the MP-18's have definitely jump-started my improvement towards my best go.f. I'll end this with Mizuno's tagline. #NOTHINGFEELSLIKEAMIZUNO


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