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  1. perseveringgolfer

    How'd you play?

    I wonder why we put ourselves through this torture we call flog golf sometimes Looking forward to playing, new swing bedding in nicely (I thought) then followed a round of thins, fats, bogies and doubles including a 4 putt on our hardest hole. Even managed to drive a ball off the tee 12" off the ground into a bank 20 yds in front, never to be seen again! I need to see the pro and sort this nonsense out. /LoveGolf
  2. perseveringgolfer

    MGS and Mark Crossfield - unscripted

    Saw this on the main MGS page and thought it worth sharing here for anyone who might miss it. I like Mark Crossfield as he challenges the norm and poses questions to make us think. His videos are usually pretty entertaining also.
  3. perseveringgolfer

    Genesis Open

    I wore a polo recently and the comments I got were quite flattering...............(mainly from family but I'll take anything these days)
  4. perseveringgolfer

    How'd you play?

    I dream of a 26 putt round............what an amazing difference that does to your score.
  5. perseveringgolfer


    Hand raised.....for the PE2 One iron which stayed with me for many years
  6. perseveringgolfer

    Another mea culpa from Sergio

    Here's an interesting take on his 'latest' apology from National Club Golfer https://www.nationalclubgolfer.com/news/a-history-of-sergio-garcia-tantrums/
  7. perseveringgolfer

    MGS and Mark Crossfield - unscripted

    go on, I'll bite
  8. perseveringgolfer

    We've all been here (bunkers)

    He took it very calmly..........object lesson here Sergio https://www.facebook.com/PGATour/videos/396007684509976/?t=1 https://www.facebook.com/PGATour/videos/396007684509976/
  9. perseveringgolfer

    We've all been here (bunkers)

    Not sure, it was on the PGA Tour feed 12 hrs ago
  10. The other potential benefit is it might stop the 'putter diggers', you know, the ones who won't take the ball out the cup with anything other than their putter while damaging the hole edge!!
  11. perseveringgolfer

    POLL: When's Your Next Round?

    Hoping this heatwave (48*f - 9*C) continues into Saturday and I get a game in the roll up. Will be first game in ages and I think I've forgotten all the little tweaks that worked during my last round a few weeks ago
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  13. perseveringgolfer


    I don't even know what a PE2 is
  14. perseveringgolfer

    Is there such a bag or is it a unicorn?

    Been looking at the bag posts and some have what I want but most don't- what suits one person doesnt suit another and so on. Plus I have bigger grips and getting clubs in and out is a hassle and the grip tops get damaged easily. Heres what I would really like on a bag, does this currently exist? if not why not....I'm looking at you bag companies Must be easy to carry and legs that fold away well when on a push trolley. Sit well on a push cart. Have more than 4 sections but not 14 sections and roomy enough to minimise club tangle at the grip end. Waterproof or water resistant. Valuables pocket. Insulated pocket. Place to put your brolly when on a cart that makes it easy to get to. Separate putter slot that can be used when on a cart or trolly. Sensible pockets arrangement. Rainhood that's easy to put on and off. I think I'm asking too much but surely if they researched golfers they would see a bag like this would be a winner, in my eyes anyway.
  15. perseveringgolfer

    Hi-New Member* sort of. New to engaging with forum

    I see you've been a member over 3 years now, look forward to hearing more about you- jump in, the waters lovely in here.
  16. perseveringgolfer

    New member...Murfsurfandturf

    Welcome to MGS forums MSAT
  17. perseveringgolfer

    Pebble Beach Weather!!

    One of the commentators said this is just like Scotland, spot on! However, this week we are forecasted for a heatwave of 50*f (10*c) with rain showers, means I might get a game in this weekend
  18. perseveringgolfer

    (4) TESTERS WANTED: Galway Bay Rain Gear

    Good luck fellow spies. These new waterproofs do look very good indeed. Look forward to hearing the reviews.
  19. perseveringgolfer

    Is there such a bag or is it a unicorn?

    it doesn't. If I can get the other features I'll negate the waterproof part (I just won't play in the rain )
  20. perseveringgolfer

    Is there such a bag or is it a unicorn?

    Thanks, checked them out also but still just the same as everyone else I'm afraid. Thanks anyway.
  21. perseveringgolfer

    Is there such a bag or is it a unicorn?

    Thats looks good and getting closer. I don't think my wish list is out there...........yet
  22. perseveringgolfer

    Is there such a bag or is it a unicorn?

    Titleist would be my bag of choice but same 'issues'. They tweeted about a tour carry bag due out soon, so maybe that will be a good option.
  23. perseveringgolfer

    Feast Your Eyes on These Beauties

    very nice! I still have my Titleist Persimmon 3 wood that must be 40 yrs old, looks similar to these.
  24. perseveringgolfer

    Is there such a bag or is it a unicorn?

    same 'issues' as all the other bags
  25. perseveringgolfer

    Is there such a bag or is it a unicorn?

    even they dont cover half of what I'm looking for. Yes if money was no object you could have a bag custom made for silly money. However, all I'm asking are basic common sense features that I'm sure nearly all golfers would welcome. First company to do all this in a good looking bag will get the sales, even if it's slightly higher than the average price for a Titleist/Callaway/SunMountain/Ping bag.....in my humble opinion of course.