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  1. which is why I usually tee it up a few feet behind the markers and with the left one out of my vision. Sometimes even taking 2 club lengths back on a par 3 where there are usually no divots and clean grass.
  2. I wasn't even watching the final round as it was going to be a walk in the park. I came on here to see the lead was down to one shot so rushed back to watch the closing. I agree about set up and make the courses tough, real tough, these are the worlds Elite who will get a Kings ransom to play, they need to earn it and entertain us at the same time.
  3. Yup, loads......."is BK the new Tiger" etc etc He will never be Tiger, but what he will be is a reliable, fantastic player who shows little emotion. Didnt realise he's only been on tour 5 years........and now 4 Majors Some/most go decades without even ONE single PGA win............and they are still millionaires! I should have snuck away from school more to practice my game
  4. or has the temperature increased lately? Think it's about a 2 yd increase for every degree up.
  5. uh oh! someone is on the couch tonight!
  6. yup, I'm warming to him also, thing is I didn't not like him, he was just 'vanilla'. The sequence here is just awesome...
  7. but it was a true story................... sleep well tonight
  8. ...and less financially rewarding I think.
  9. off a 5 h/cap I'd be surprised if you didnt break 90. Persimmon woods still go well, vintage putters def still work well, so it depends what bladed irons you use and even they are fine at the 7-8-9 wedge end of the set. Good luck, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.
  10. Dumbest, or cutest, but things you thought were true or facts when you were an innocent child. Credit to twitter where I saw the question and thought it was quite cool. I'll start... When we used to go through a car tunnel under a river I thought we emerged at the same place we went in
  11. seriously, will there be no dialogue? is that their 'clever' way to let everyone have the ending they think would happen?
  12. +1 on a soft bag for storage and transport. I also wrap laundry around the heads of the irons and top of the shafts, interweaving towels etc snake like. It ensures WHEN a baggage guy stands on the soft case the shafts and heads dont get damaged. Def take the driver head off and wrap well as CG2 says.
  13. If the group behind you is always waiting, and your group isn't, then let them through! simple! Club championship first round qualifying today, and unbelievably it was the 2 ball games that were holding up the course. 4 hrs 10 mins today and it should normally be 3hrs 20m - 3hrs 35m
  14. 79 hacks.........again! Timing and staying down/covering the shot is hit and miss just now. Get it wrong with the driver and it's a high push fade (double bogie), get it right and it's a beautiful penetrating shot with a 3 yd draw. Get it wrong with irons and it's slightly fat and low on the face coming up way short. Get it right and a sweet sounding crisp iron going it's full distance. Got it wrong more than right today. Chipping and putting was better though.
  15. That looks like the Masters Spreadsheet? *edit* just noticed the PGA tab at the bottom Great work stud...as usual
  16. birdie birdie start- he must be bricking it
  17. congratulations testers, The Z Star has been calling me to come try it, depending on the test results I might well do.
  18. Callaway Steelhead 4+ Sits well, amazing sound of the face and flies further than my driver with a breeze behind. Like @russtopherb I should use it off every par 4 and 5 tee especially on shorter courses. It's my Henrik Stenson 3 wood equivalent.
  19. there was no SHOCK HORROR SCARY emoji in the reaction list. Obviously you weren't shot but OMG, all for some clubs in a car. Did they get the perps eventually?
  20. Just to confirm he can play, he played in a local pro comp 2 days ago and shot -7 They are playing a different game and thats just local pro's
  21. After playing about 12 holes with my head full of every swing thought imaginable (partly due to recent lessons and bl**dy Youtube) I reverted back to get the basic set up fundamentals right, then swing at the damn ball lol I even ditched the gps watch after 12 as it put more equations in my head. I now used, look at the distance, factor in elevation and wind, then hit what you think was right! it was! I was pin high on or just off the green on the remaining holes, strikes were pure and it felt FUN again. +1 for the last 6 holes and enjoyed them more than the first 12 when I was concentrating on hip turn, leg separation, left heel up on backswing, right heel up on downswing blah blah blah lol lets see if it lasts
  22. I'm looking forward to seeing the elite tested with colder weather, thick rough and long holes. I get bored watching someone spray a drive 20yds offline then stick a 9 iron on the green.
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