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  1. Different situations will call for different shots but more often than not I’ll opt for the bump and run. I’ve always felt it’s better to have the ball on the ground sooner rather than later.
  2. I mean, I go from 10.5* driver to 18* fairway to 25* hybrid. Pretty big gaps that might freak some people out but it works for me, so…
  3. HFW for sure. Excellent game. I'm just peeved that I don't own a PS5 so I can't play the new DLC that got released.
  4. Been playing Ghost of Tsushima after finishing Horizon Forbidden West and so far it’s only OK. Nowhere near as good an open world game as HFW or RDR2.
  5. I'm actually kind of surprised we haven't heard more about this line overall. I know the drivers have gotten some recognition, and I know @GolfSpy Barbajo has had the irons in the bag off and on based on his tweets, but since release there really hasn't been much. Typical Wilson dropping the ball with marketing, continued lack of retail shelf space, or....?
  6. It's a bit of a cop out answer, but... it depends. I like brands that I can try out first if possible. Whether it's a "try before you buy" demo program from a DTC or hitting a name brand OEM in a bay at a store, I don't always like buying something before trying. There are caveats to that rule for me, like W/S irons and Callaway drivers which always seem to work for me no matter what. But I'd consider a DTC brand if I could try them out first and the price was right, however my own personal inclination would probably be the known OEM first and foremost. As far as sourcing - I do think there are a few variations on factories, but many of them from what I understand do come from a limited number of sources. I'd probably opt for a brand that has a track record of customer support, public communication with customers, etc.
  7. Great pics and video! Having the woods already be that much of an improvement right out of the gate is going to be awesome for your game.
  8. Interesting on the box - I know I have Callaway boxes that have built-in support to prevent crushing/bending. Agreed on the head cover, can't say I' a fan either but the club itself looks fantastic. I also know the fear of the branded box sitting out on the walkway or porch... a few years back I lost a shipment of music gear that the USPS insisted was delivered but must've grown legs. I've been paranoid ever since.
  9. This is probably a 7i bump and run for me - get it up and out, then rolling up to the hole.
  10. I'm so excited to see everyone getting their new drivers. Looking forward to seeing what results you all start seeing, I know Callaway drivers are among my favorites because they always seem to just flat out work
  11. I'll move side to side on the tee box based on the hole layout and where the "good" misses are based on whatever shot shape I'm working with that day. I pick an aim point, then a closer point in line with that within a few feet, and then step up to the close aim point.
  12. Morning all! Got my coffee in hand, a cat sleeping in my lap, an apple to snack on, and some Coheed and Cambria cranking as I prep for my 11am meeting. On the downside, I forgot my charger at the office! I am in the process of running Windows updates on my personal laptop, as I can't VPN in to the office until it's fully patched and updated. Fingers crossed it finishes updating before my work laptop runs out of juice.
  13. Hammer Control. Comes in yellow and feels/performs well above its price point. Often on sale at Dicks for even less than the SoftFli (which is another great choice BTW). Right now you can get 2 15 packs for $30. Alternatively you can find great deals on AAAAA used balls online. Anywhere from $12 on up based on brand and level of ball.
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