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  1. Eric/ Lindenhurst, NY Shoe size: 9.5 I've been wearing a pair of True Linkswear I had gotten from ShortPar4 a while back. Couldn't tell you what model shoe it is from them. Main thing I look for in a golf shoe, or really any shoe for that matter is overall long term wear/comfort. Could be nice to check these out.
  2. Eric Lindenhurst, NY My grandpa built me a platform and jerry rigged a net for me when I was a kid. Been looking to get a net for my house, but always balk at mixed reviews. Would love to test this one out I don't use or have a launch monitor
  3. Eric Lindenhurst, NY Callaway Big Bertha Haven't really kept track in a while, but usually 10-15 over a round ~110 TSi2 Just got done testing CBD, and I don't know if the northeast has much golf left in it this year, but would like to try these out for sure!
  4. I'm seeing this as well. I feel a lot better using the oil every day. Once I stop for a day or two, i realize its not the miracle cure i want it to be haha. And the minor aches and pains aren't muffled like they are when using the CBD supplements.
  5. Just a quick little update from me. Haven't posted in a while. After taking the gummies at night daily for a little over a week, I can say I'm pretty sure it's helping me sleep better. I'd been on a long stretch of waking up a couple times a night going into this test. I didn't see the results right away, but I feel like over time using it (as well as the tincture) it built up in my system and the gummy at the end of the night gives it a little boost to a relaxing nights sleep. I can say I've gone from pretty skeptical about the gummies, to finally seeing some results from them that
  6. I literally was just looking into this yesterday! I'm assuming I'm not eligible as I'm currently testing the Kanibi CBD. Maybe I'll hold off on purchasing to see what you all think. Especially if anyone gets the 4ft wide 8ft length private course medium stimp, with 2 cups into the grain and 1 down grain, and contour shims . Good luck to all!
  7. I would definitely go cream for immediate relief. The cream for me is almost a numbing sensation and almost instant relief. That being said, i do usually follow up with the oil later on. But the cream itself I've been pretty happy with. But like TR1PTIK said, depending on the severity, you'd be better off with a combination at least. Either way, gummies I've been using primarily at night as I don't really notice a difference in myself taking them during the day. Everyone metabolism/digestion is different so you may see different results on that front however. I feel like i ramb
  8. I second this feeling. I play alone majority of the time, and sometimes get lucky and they let me go out solo. Nothing like having the course to yourself. Whenever I play with others, I feel like I should be a tour pro and play better than everyone else. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. But hell, thats why we're not all millionaire tour pros right?
  9. Actually played the par 3 at Smithtown Landing. Played 18 at Bergen Point in Lindenhurst. Haven't played brentwood in a while, but a nice course and relatively cheap for what it is.
  10. I've only done the gummies one time before bed. And did the tincture in coffee saturday morning. Both from what I've seen do have similar effects on my sleep however. I do use the tincture quite a bit. I'm going to do the gummies just at night going forward and see if in that aspect they'd be more useful to me.
  11. This weekend I took advantage of the beautiful weather we had here on the island. Played 9 holes Friday afternoon and 18 on Sunday. Friday went to a little par 3 course near my office just to get some time on the course in before the weekend began. Had brought my gummies to work and ate one shortly before I left. To be honest, i haven't gotten out much at all this year, which I'm real sad about, but was good to at least get some swings in and it not be at a range. First shot of the day, topped it. Brushed it off, and since no one was around, dropped another ball and dropped it 7 feet fro
  12. I can definitely agree with them about the choco mint. Zero hemp flavor to it.
  13. Kinda figured that would be the case. Through saliva/bloodstream is quicker with pretty much anything. I think I'd also like to compare if the delayed release by digestion would compare in overall feelings. Curious if there's a difference. Truth be told, I dabbled quite a bit in my college years into my mid-late 20s in the other part of the plant. And eating/smoking were definitely two different effects.
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