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  1. Thanks! Turned 34, and couldn't play golf since it was windy as hell and poured all day. Hooray! But spent it with my 1 month old son and wife, so it wasn't all bad
  2. Everytime I see Maxfli golf balls I think of my grandpa. He used to always call them Maxi-Fly. I also was as big fan of the Maxfli Noodles back in the day. If I get picked for this that'd be great!
  3. Damn you guys are killing it with the testing opportunities recently!
  4. Congrats to the testers. Going to give this one a follow
  5. Always been curious about arccos and have heard nothing but good things about them. Good luck to everyone
  6. Get out of my head MGS. I've been looking for a driving net al day today. Log in here, and there it is, a chance to test one
  7. I was in a similar boat as you with not knowing what I should be fit for. I actually just went last Wednesday to get fitted at a Club Champion here on Long Island, not sure if they're over there in the UK. I went into it with 15 year old Nike Slingshot OSS clubs I had been using since senior year of high school. So I was looking to get out of those and get something closer to a blade, with no brand in mind, since Nike hasn't made clubs in a decade. Tried The Mizuno Hot Metal, Callaway Mavrik, Ping 425, and the Taylor Made SIM2 max. Everyone's going to be different obviously, but I bumped up almost 10-15 yards with the SIM2 and had much better consistency than I didn't know I was capable of. Long story short, I would just find yourself a fitter that will give you the most options and can work with you. Club Champion literally has 30,000+ configuration options with club heads/shafts. Don't pigeon hole yourself to one brand, because you may be pleasantly surprised at what you end up with and what you'll be able to make the golf ball do when properly fitted. I went in looking for more of a player's iron, but ended up with the SIM2's which are technically a game improvement iron. That and they look pretty sweet, so I'm not complaining. To my wife's delight, I wasn't fitted for the most expensive club on the market pre-customization! Good luck!
  8. Holy crap I'd be the happiest guy on the planet if I'm chosen for this. I'm actually going to club champion next weekend to get fitted so the timing couldn't be any better. Good luck to everyone!
  9. Eric/ Lindenhurst, NY Shoe size: 9.5 I've been wearing a pair of True Linkswear I had gotten from ShortPar4 a while back. Couldn't tell you what model shoe it is from them. Main thing I look for in a golf shoe, or really any shoe for that matter is overall long term wear/comfort. Could be nice to check these out.
  10. Eric Lindenhurst, NY My grandpa built me a platform and jerry rigged a net for me when I was a kid. Been looking to get a net for my house, but always balk at mixed reviews. Would love to test this one out I don't use or have a launch monitor
  11. Eric Lindenhurst, NY Callaway Big Bertha Haven't really kept track in a while, but usually 10-15 over a round ~110 TSi2 Just got done testing CBD, and I don't know if the northeast has much golf left in it this year, but would like to try these out for sure!
  12. I'm seeing this as well. I feel a lot better using the oil every day. Once I stop for a day or two, i realize its not the miracle cure i want it to be haha. And the minor aches and pains aren't muffled like they are when using the CBD supplements.
  13. Just a quick little update from me. Haven't posted in a while. After taking the gummies at night daily for a little over a week, I can say I'm pretty sure it's helping me sleep better. I'd been on a long stretch of waking up a couple times a night going into this test. I didn't see the results right away, but I feel like over time using it (as well as the tincture) it built up in my system and the gummy at the end of the night gives it a little boost to a relaxing nights sleep. I can say I've gone from pretty skeptical about the gummies, to finally seeing some results from them that I'm happy with. Starting to organize my final review. Didn't think I'd have much material, but turns out, I have a good bit to share.
  14. I literally was just looking into this yesterday! I'm assuming I'm not eligible as I'm currently testing the Kanibi CBD. Maybe I'll hold off on purchasing to see what you all think. Especially if anyone gets the 4ft wide 8ft length private course medium stimp, with 2 cups into the grain and 1 down grain, and contour shims . Good luck to all!
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