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  1. I sweat profusely, I have numerous medical problems and I have to take a medication at night for my restless legs, and I looked up the side effects and excessive sweating is rare, but it happens. I starting sweating just on the putting green. I am soaked through to my boxers by the time I tee off. I use the lightweight moisture wicking cloths, and I attach a Ryobi fan to the cart, life saver. I also use Liquid IV, Hydrate plus at the recommendation of my DR. It has helped a lot. I got dehydrated twice last summer, before I started using it. Hope this helps, be careful, you can get in trouble with the heat we are having this year.
  2. The prices are crazy. Most of the time when you get a handicapper like me around 16, It's the archer not the bow. I will be 66 in September and I think I need to be fitted, because my swing and speed have changed. I'm still searching for that magic club and it's just not there. I want the new Paradym, but I will go by what the fitter tells me at my local CC.He's the type that will tell you to keep what you got if there is minimal difference. I think it is time for me to go to a senior shaft, but we will see.
  3. I too had this problem, then my golf instructor told me to read a book called ZEN Golf. I thought he was crazy, but I ordered it off of Amazon and it changed my game. It is a very short book and I go back to it quite often. You will think it is a waste of time when you start, but stick with it, it's worth it.
  4. Let me tell you about Sub70, I too had read about them and I was looking for some new wedges, so I said what the heck. They have a "no questions asked" return policy, that you can return them within 60 days. I was so impressed with the wedges, that I ordered a set of 5-A 699 irons. They felt great, but I hit them way too high. I called them and spoke directly to Jason and he and I talked a length about my game. We went over my current irons PXG and the shafts in them and he gave me some recommendations. I went with an upgrade to the AeroTech Steel Fiber I70. They paid for my shipping both ways andI got them back in less than 2 weeks. They are sweet, much better than my PXG's, which I sold. I have since ordered their 849D driver, sold my Ping 425 and last week I got their 005 Wide Blade putter, so solid. Their customer service is the BEST in the industry. They answer the phone and work with you. I have gotten a personal note, hat, ball marker and stickers on every order I have placed. Check them out, they also have a demo program for trying their products if you don't want to purchase without trying. I'm a Lefty and didn't have as much to chose from, but I'm telling you, if you are not hung up on having "name brand" equipment, their products are top of the line.
  5. Bob, thank you for your explanation. I am a disabled vet that has had 4 back surgeries and a hip surgery. I'm stubborn and keep playing. Balance is my biggest problem, I have 3 pair of TrueLinks, because they are a little wider in the toe and help me a little. I think I and going to give your shoes a try and see if can help me with my improve my balance.
  6. I also switched to the Maxfli Tour. I have been playing Vice Soft for years, but after reading the test results on MGS, I gave the Maxfli a try. Right now it is my "go to" ball. I also played the Revolution back in it's day. It's good to see Maxfli back in the game.
  7. Love my private course up in Cartersville, Cartersville Country Club. Some of the best greens in the state. 2 of Golf Digest top teachers in the Nation are out of CCC. You always see PGA, LPGA and Korn Ferry players out at the course. Hidden gem, I have been a member for almost 25 years.
  8. Strange, I am an old fart and I just got the Sub 70 699's with the UST SR shaft. I love the feel of the clubs, but I hit them really high and I am losing 10+ yards per club. I had the PXG 0311 with an ACCRA shaft
  9. Honda Ridgeline Truck- The bed has a compartment that is flush with the bed floor that holds clubs in a cart bag with 6 pairs of shoes, balls and many other accessories in a a waterproof compartment that is lockable. Most people don't even realize this compartment is there. It is the best
  10. I've been a member of a private course in NW GA for 25 years. The course is 68 years old, but they keep it updated and everyone who visits says it is in the best shape of any course in North GA. We have one of the top teaching Pro's in the country. Golf Digest listed him as a top 10 teacher that no one has ever heard of. That's one of the things I love about it, great course, great people and laid back with no snobby people.
  11. I play with 24 old frat brothers every April at Kelly, it's a fun tract, runs $110 in April and it's in great shape and there is NO ONE around.
  12. Welcome to the forums jdennish :)


    We are glad to have you at MGS. Go start your first message!


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