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  1. Strange, I am an old fart and I just got the Sub 70 699's with the UST SR shaft. I love the feel of the clubs, but I hit them really high and I am losing 10+ yards per club. I had the PXG 0311 with an ACCRA shaft
  2. Honda Ridgeline Truck- The bed has a compartment that is flush with the bed floor that holds clubs in a cart bag with 6 pairs of shoes, balls and many other accessories in a a waterproof compartment that is lockable. Most people don't even realize this compartment is there. It is the best
  3. I've been a member of a private course in NW GA for 25 years. The course is 68 years old, but they keep it updated and everyone who visits says it is in the best shape of any course in North GA. We have one of the top teaching Pro's in the country. Golf Digest listed him as a top 10 teacher that no one has ever heard of. That's one of the things I love about it, great course, great people and laid back with no snobby people.
  4. I got rid of my White Hot several years ago and I have regretted it since.
  5. I play with 24 old frat brothers every April at Kelly, it's a fun tract, runs $110 in April and it's in great shape and there is NO ONE around.
  6. Dennis- Georgia 1/2 Foot Joy, 1/2 Columbia Macon, GA, early 90's playing with 3 friends. Day started cold in the upper 30's then the wind started, then the rain and the temp continued to drop until the rain turned to snow. We were on 18 when they finally blew the horn, but we finished with a little help from some Scotch.
  7. Dennis Georgia, USA 12 Cobra Bio Cell BioCell Lite Flex graphite, 60G, Low Kick, Mid Torque Ping I500
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