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  1. Set looks beautful! You talk a little bit about additional workability in your short irons as a reason to go with 760's. Do you find yourself using more shot shaping with these and therefore gaining some benefits from them? And do you find yourself having issues in that 7-8 transition as far as club appearance when standing over them?
  2. Hey Sandman, welcome to the boards! Common theme is going to be that you need to get fitted if you're trying to find the shaft that will best fit your game and your style preference. Probably a tough call right now with most shops shut down for fittings. If you know what you like for weights you can at least narrow down your fitting choices to those that fit the weight you like and style then do some research to see information like kick point to find which may help you with lower flight. Ultimately, in my completely unprofessional opinion, you may be able to get something that will work out just fine for you this way. But best bet will be to get fitted.
  3. Ya this was my problem with it. I liked the way it felt off the tee but just could not for the life of me control it around the green.
  4. @edingc, i'm glad to see that someone has found these to be the right ball for them. Whats your driver swing speed?
  5. Stage II review is up including some graphs showing performance differences between the MTB-X and Chrome Soft. And by differences I mean, a lack of differences really. Wish I could have said I loved the ball and think everyone should play it, but I did not see any observable improvements when using the Snell. Still stand behind Snell as a company and what they're doing but I think unless you're an incredibly consistent ballstriker (i.e. not me) and have a high swing speed (> 100 mph) then I can't imagine you'll see a measurable difference. But hey, YMMV. Thanks MGS for letting me do this again!
  6. Got to hit around 350+ shot between Thursday and Sunday last week using strictly the MTB-X and Chrome Soft. Took about 150 - 160 swings with Trackman then played 27 holes over the weekend. Couldn't get the driver working properly in the bay, but out on the course I had a few opportunities for direct comparison of the two balls with good tee shots. Honestly though I did not observe a measurable distance improvement between the two. I was walking the round where I played both side by side and let me tell you doing that in 95 degree heat with 90% humidity will drain you. But when I hit both well I found them to typically be within 2 - 3 yards of each other. I like the Snell a lot with my long irons where I use a lot of 4 iron off the tee, it's got a great solid strike and from the Trackman data it looked like a gained a small amount of distance with the 4 iron going to the Snell. However, I don't like the Snell around the green at all. I just cannot get a feel for it. Maybe it's having played so much with CS and having a good feel for it's flight but I can't get this thing to play nicely around the green. With full wedges I'm finding it spin similarly to the CS and provide similar stopping power, but with my around the green shots I can't seem to reign in distances and touch shots. Could be a lack of practice with them on my part but that has bee pretty frustrating thus far.
  7. Unless you've changed altitudes between courses the heat and humidity should improve ball distance (basing this on baseball stats where high temps and dew points increase ball flight). From plenty of heat experience playing here in FL though your body starts to slow down a bit when you're really fighting the temperatures.
  8. Been a busy month over here having just bought a house and dealing with holiday travel. I'm hoping to get onto the Trackman on Friday after work to get the hard numbers on the MTB-X v CCS. Hopefully have an update with those for everyone next week.
  9. Shank, any guesses on why you're not seeing as much spin around the green? And which ball are you comparing to again?
  10. I have also been a fan of the yellow. Makes it much easier to find the ball in the rough, where I spend much of time. I have been finding the ball to be long but it's taking me some getting used to on the short game front. Also have found that the yellow doesn't hold up particularly well to scrape from trees/cart paths.
  11. Someone may have answered this and if so I'll just delete this. But theres an area in which you can drag and drop a picture in the writing area at the bottom (Says Drag files here to attach). I like to build my review in word with the figures where I want them then save them as Pic 1, Pic 2...etc so I can add them in order and place them where I want them. I'll usually copy and paste each block of text until a picture then pop the picture in.
  12. First swing for me. Topped it right into a ravine in front of the tee box. Considered just backing out and sending the balls back right at that moment...
  13. I put it in my stage 1 but I'm going to try to do a 2 ball round some empty afternoon. Haven't decided if I'll play it as a best ball or play each individually
  14. Ok my unreasonably long stage 1 is updated! Had a chance to play a round with the MTB-X and Chrome soft this weekend. Definite differences between the two with regards to feel. The Snell feels so solid that going from that the Chrome Soft makes the CS feel mushy almost. One notable shot was tight drive that I didn't feel I hit particularly well and still wound up at my usual 280 distance that the CS would get on a solid hit. Can't say I noticed a significant difference in spin characteristics between the two based on this round, but I think some work on the Trackman will help quantify that. Also can't wait to see how quickly Snell turns around orders and shipping since I am DEFINITELY going to need another box in order to a thorough review without running out
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