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  1. Day two w the Link - clipped it to my belt above my front left (forward) pocket. Hole 1 - missed second putt from two feet Hole 3 - recorded first two putts but missed third from two feet. Hole 4- recorded first two putts missed the third from two feet I decided to try and put the putter sensor to sleep by holding the club grip pointed down between putts. Then wake it up again to see if that helped. It did for a while. Hole 11 - complete mess- missed 7i from the tee and then recorded three putts rather than one. Weird.
  2. Can I ask how you decided on the shafts for your one length irons? Those aren’t stock for the forged tech ones... I ask because I also play one length - and every time I talk to someone like at a Golf Galaxy or Austads (those are my only choices nearby) they look at me like I’ve grown a third eye... ive got the Forged Tec Bllack. I’ve thought about putting graphite shafts in the 5, 6 irons - trying to get just a touch more distance to improve my gaping. I’ve thought about taking the graphite Atmos shafts from a couple F9 one lengths I found in the bargain bin... just curious how you
  3. I have not. I’ve used that function before when it wasn’t picking up a particular club at all. But with the putter it typically records the first putt, but not the second. Oddly, I made a long distance birdie today and it recorded two putts - the algorithm probably just couldn’t believe I made a putt outside of ten feet... However, I three putted the 18th from off the fringe and it recorded none of them. So, I dunno. But when I ordered the Link I also got a new putter sensor - so I’m twisting that in tomorrow and will report back.
  4. The Link arrived yesterday and went into play today. Zero problem getting it paired, doing the firmware update or anything like that. The good news - ZERO shots with irons, wedges or woods were missed. The bad news - it missed a bunch of putts. Thats the problem I always had with my phone. I'm not sure why it missed them.. I had it clipped to my front left pocket. You can see the microphone hole here: So, that's a bummer. I real bummer as that's been my biggest complaint. I'm going to putt on a new putter sensor and give it another go tomorr
  5. Circled another one today - hole 17. Sixteen birdies so far for the year, but only on ten holes.... Gotta get busy this month. 9, 10, & 13 will be the toughest - don't let the length of 13 fool you - its an extra two clubs up hill...
  6. I dread when the 7am tee time becomes 7:30... or worse, 8... Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  7. How can there be no hole from the day before? I’ve never seen that. I’ve seen flags missing or down. Uncut greens. But never no hole... But what do they do at that course - fill the holes from a sod farm at night and recut them in the morning? Must be a pretty fancy club...
  8. If you have time check out Pacific Grove. Played there during last years Open at a Pebble. Nothing to write home about the front, but the back is awesome. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  9. Shot an 81 yesterday. On the 9th I was short of the green on a severe uphill slope w a tight lie. Maybe 25-30 yards to the hole. Been in this spot too often to count. Reach for my 56* wedge. BUT... last week I put Cobra ForgedTec Black irons into the bag (love em) and I mistook the PW for my sandy... previously only my sand and lob had the black finish, now they all do (again, still love em). I’m focused on the hole and where I want the ball to land. Not paying attention to what’s in my hand. Needless to say the PW flys a lot farther and rolls a lot more - like off the back of the green.
  10. It has been fun and , dare I say enlightening to follow this challenge. Though I wonder how done if you find that much time to be on line. The all iron challenge would really be fun to participate in but I’ve got a guys trip this weekend and (since this is Cobra sponsored) the Kraken must be unleashed. But it reminded me of an exercise my pro put me through a several years ago when I was struggling. He took away everything longer than my six iron - adjusted par giving me a new target to shoot for and once I reached it I could have my longer clubs back. Good luck to you all. Sent from
  11. Ok, I've been drooling over these Cobra ForgedTec Black irons ever since I saw them. Have always been a little afraid that its too much of a players club for me. But I've been playing well, and my ball striking has been my strength - so I decided to give them a try. Found a used set at Golf Galaxy. Ironically, they aren't the stock shafts but some KBS shafts that are in my current set. So I talked them down in price a bit, and couldn't resist. They'll get their grand debut tomorrow. Had some range time and the feel great. I mean really great. And they look sooo good.
  12. That contest would be too easy... Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  13. I think you were asking GoPokes14 - but this is My ewheels rig... and being a rule breaker... I appreciate it when the stakes are far enough apart the pushcart can roll through
  14. Need vs want... that’s true of everything in life... need a 60 inch flat screen? Need leather/heated seats in your car? The list goes on. The reason I “want” a launch monitor is because I “want” to hit into a net in my backyard, but the impact into the net eight feet out doesn’t really tell me anything - so if I’m going to make sure I don’t ingrain some nasty habits I’m going to “need” a launch monitor...
  15. COVID sucks generally, but I gotta say, its been good for my game and my relationship with me daughter - who introduced me to Instagram (for better or worse) and made my favorite golf accessory - the bag you see here. I've gotten 48 rounds in so far this spring/summer, and just this week the old GHIN machine spat out a 9. Arccos calls it an 8.8. Either way I haven't seen that for a while. Arccos credits my driving, chipping and sand play for the improvement - its my putting that's holding me back.. The introduction to Instagram influenced the shot below. MGS influenced the driver, ran
  16. I don't see the point.. you aren't playing your own ball all the time. I wouldn't use it because it will play havoc with your stats, make you look like a much better player than you may be. In a scramble your time likely always has one ball in the fairway... do you? Your team should always hit the green... do you? Well, if you use during a scramble you'll have the round of your life, or at least Arccos will think so. I just leave if off during a scramble.
  17. Hardest (for me anyway) hole on the course is #3. Set it up w a 242 yard drive that actually found the fairway on this dogleg left. The grounds crew has been putting the pins on some very slopped spots and I got this one about six inches right to left from 15 feet. Glad to check this one off the list because I’m pretty happy with a par on this hole. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
  18. I foolishly waited three days.... they must have gotten a ton of orders then to have two-three week back log from three days.. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
  19. Hmmm. Thanks for sharing. I thought I'd ordered on Day 1 - but I haven't seen a credit card charge yet...
  20. ahhhh, I thought that was for new orders - that they would clear out the back log of those of us who put money down a year ago or more and star5 shipping those sooner. Oh well, waited this long, I can wait some more.
  21. Has anyone who pre-ordered (... and been patiently waiting) gotten a shipping notification?
  22. I've told them - they should just included the wheelie bars as part of the purchase price - just set the price accordingly. I can't imagine not using them. Around a number of my greens they come into play, and on most hills. Should just be standard. I love the eWheels
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