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  1. Trust me, it’s a lot of fun. Like you, these leagues have been my first fantasy leagues, and it’s been great. Stud, Berg, and Shooter do a wonderful job running the leagues.
  2. Berg is a legend in his own mind. You may have won the battle, but the war has already been won by me. You shall go the way of the British, Confederates, and Germans (twice)!! Frankly, that was the only time I’ll ever root for your fantasy teams! Thank you for shutting up our WONDERFUL!! commissioner!
  3. This notice seems to be from the arrogant commissioner who has let power go to his head, and who thinks he can type in 25 point, bold lettering.
  4. Definitely intrigued....
  5. I’m sorry to hear that Foz... Prayers for Pat’s family and friends. I’m sure he’ll be smiling down on y’all.
  6. 2019 was certainly a roller coaster for me both on and off the golf course. As far as golf went, I had some great things happen, and some not-so-great things. I made significant strides on my short game and putting, however my iron game and driving has suffered significantly. I wasn’t able to break my low round of 70 (one of my main goals), but I was able to score more consistently without my A game. Improvement? Yes and no, but I’m gonna focus on the positives (just like my off the course life), and do everything in my power to improve as overcome the negatives.
  7. Naw, the first pick is clearly Smylie Kaufman.
  8. Definitely, finding a good coach who you mesh well with is very difficult. If you can schedule some lessons with him, I’d absolutely do it.
  9. Merry Christmas everyone!! I hope y’all enjoyed spending time with your loved ones!
  10. You gonna hate me when I finally beat ya! Ohh, the hardware is coming this season. In fact, I smell an undefeated season coming up. 52-0
  11. That seems accurate... but just remember, the Cowboys are more popular than almost any other team.
  12. We all know I should have won last year, and you just got lucky. The trash-talk MVP is here!
  13. Definitely In!! I gotta revenge my playoff loss last year! Oh, and as far as scoring, I know we debated on this last year, but I’d maybe like to see pars be worth less than 0.5 points.
  14. Looks like I’m gonna fall in Circus to Berg.. Why did I decide to start Daniel Jones?
  15. Yeah, go ahead, dig, and then we gonna put you in the grave you dug!
  16. My smack talk is very boring too. I submit the above as evidence.
  17. Just remember, when you hit delete, it doesn’t actually delete it. So I’ll be there, whether you can see me or not. Oh, and your team’s dumb-ass owner has their best punter warming the bench. #poorteammanagement #stillonyourharddrive #yougonnaloseBIGLY #puntersforpresident
  18. I know, I went into the Circus league thinking, oh, this will be a nice and relaxing, just for fun league. I was wrong. I want to win it just as much as I wanted to win the regular league. (Possibly because I lost in the regular league, but now I’m gonna put a positive spin on it, and call it competitiveness.)
  19. Thank you Kenny! I appreciate the insight of someone with more extensive life experience, it helps me look at this in a different light. I don’t really have any idea what the next few years will bring, or any clear plans (yet) for my future. That should come into focus in the next few years. I shouldn’t be looking at the things I’m learning today from a short-term perspective.
  20. Preparing for my ACT exam, so I’m practicing a s***load of math that I’m never going to actually use in the real world.
  21. Definitely, “on the other hand”. This might be something to look at, my “full swing” is all over the place right now. And, I’m realizing that, my full swing has gotten exponentially worse since I weakened my grip for chip shots. Maybe I let that change into all of my clubs. I definitely need to investigate this more thoroughly.
  22. Umm, I feel like I should know the answer to this question, but as I reflect, I have no earthly idea what my grip looks like. For my only connection to the club, I really need to diagnose what my grip is, and if it needs changed.
  23. As a duo, they’re getting some bad reputations lately.
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