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  1. Congrats winners! This is one I really wanted to test. I'll be following the testing closely!
  2. It was worth the $4.99 to see Tiger birdie the first after that phenomenal flop shot over the bunker.
  3. I've got the same club. LOVE IT. +1 for Cobra
  4. I recently ordered a sweatshirt from a vendor that popped up on my social media. The entire ordeal has been a headache, and the product that was delivered did not come close to what was advertised. Now I am struggling to get responses for a refund request. Being that it was a golf related sweatshirt, and the company makes plenty of other golf related items like ball markers, hats, tumblers, etc I think it would be fair to warn others of the vendor. Anyone else see the usefulness of something like this?
  5. Messaged. I am in again if there is room.
  6. I found an instructor through a group of Veterans I keep in touch with. Just as @DaveP043 suggested, he said my hands casting in my down swing is due to issues with my fundamentals. Within the first 5 minutes of our video chat, he had two drills for me to work on. Thanks guys!
  7. I am in dire need of a driver update. Would love to win something from this, thanks OBK
  8. Try Windex and a towel. I clean my clubs off post-round with Windex and it eats through the grass and mud stains quickly.
  9. Hearing the rough is so tough it's nearly unplayable. Sounds like driving accuracy will be most important. I think Brendon Todd will make a showing, but it'll come down to Collin Morikawa and Chez Reavie.
  10. Big time knee drop and backward hip slide visible here. (This was from the first clip I sent my "helper") Here you can see my hands are at or behind the ball at impact, and how far forward my hips slide. Here is a shot after a few nights of working on my hands and hips. Lots less hip slide in this pic, but still... the hands at impact. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  11. Back story: I've never taken lessons in my life. I've honestly never been able to justify the cost. I usually play between 12-24 times a year, and a set of lessons would cover the cost of 10+ of those rounds (depending on course and tee time). So I put together a garage bay practice area and swing away. A single-digit handicap friend of mine saw a swing I posted on Instagram and began offering videos and drills to try and help my swing. I never realized just how inside my swing was. You can also see how bad my hip slide and knee bend gets in my back swing. So I have been taking tips from my friend, recording shots, and sending them back to him. I need help. When I do not slide and over rotate my hips in my back swing, I feel like I lose all power and timing. To complicate the problem, my hands are at or behind the ball at impact. I cannot figure out a drill that works with my brain to get my hands in front of the ball. Any tips or drills from the MGS brain trust?
  12. I second the Amazon Essentials Golf Short/Pant. Stretch fabric, silicone shirt keeper on the inside of the waist, etc. Love em.
  13. I use the SS V3. Really simple, finds the satellites quickly. Shows all the yardages I need to know, without too much info. I still find sometimes I need a niche distance though. Perhaps I need to know where I want to layup, and how much of a shot would be left from that spot. I use "The Grint" golf app for those measurements.
  14. I've recently been gaming the Wilson Staff Duo Optix in an effort to lose less balls (Optix are matte neon aslo) Would love to compare the performance between the two. The Wilson ball has 36 less dimples, and advertised HALF the compression of the Srixon. I'm interested in how much I am hurting my game by playing such a soft ball.
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