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  1. I 100% agree. Aim small, miss small. Looks inspire confidence, which can also impact your swing. I would play blades if they werent so punishing for a poor striker like me.
  2. Ok, you buy some -IMs and send me the Takomos! Win win for both of us!
  3. I took some time away from the sport. Coming back now and seeing these new Maltby offerings is wild! The TS1 was still rather new when I was last working on my handicap. Kinda unnerving to see most of the recent posts are all from low handicappers. Do you guys put much value in the Playability Factor? Maltby claims all these new clubs are SGI irons. Surely that's exaggerated, right?
  4. After a long hiatus, I am back. You guys that are new are in for a treat around here. MGS is top notch!
  5. Doh! That's what I get for assuming.
  6. While Sub 70 wont end up in my bag, I cannot recommend highly enough the demo process. Dealing with Cody (mentioned on the previous page) has been an absolute pleasure. I would definitely reach out to him if there is more than one club head you're interested in testing.
  7. I see the Maxfli Tour got glowing reviews. Is it not a GIANT redflag to anyone else that the Maxfli Tour X was the absolute worst ball on the list? Should they be treated so individually?
  8. I'd love a launch monitor. I took a LONG break from swinging a golf club, and combined with new irons I have no idea what my gapping is. If I could smash balls into a net in my garage for 20min a day and get an understanding of my yardages without having to find out the hard way on a course I would probably add years to my life span. No range within a one hour drive from me has accurate distances marked, and I do not own a laser range finder so a launch monitor would be pretty useful.
  9. How bad were the centricity issues? I was reading on the epsom salt test, and the time the ball takes to return to "marked side" up could describe how badly out of center the core is.
  10. Thinking I need some extra help with my iron game, I ordered a set of Tour Edge EXS 220H while they were on sale.
  11. I won’t speak to playability or “feel” as they’re very subjective and dependent on too many factors, but here is a comparison side-by-side. Maltby is in the middle of the 699 Pros in every pic. The 699s aren’t pictured, and are slightly bigger in top line width, blade length, and offset.
  12. After playing really poorly my last outing, I was thinking about going mega Game Improvement Irons. Saw these Tour Edge EXS 220H irons at RBG for under $71 an iron. Looking here and on YouTube for reviews is pretty shocking. There was 1 mention I could find here, and all of zero thorough reviews on YouTube. Guess I'll keep waiting for my Sub 70 demos to show up.
  13. I've looked for it after a rash of pointless threads, but was unable to find it. Here I am with a glimmer of hope again
  14. @ChrisNH Im confused. When you say your stock 9i is 140, and you had one fly 155ish off the tee, are you implying your stock 140y shot is off a tee and that is what you expected? I know I am a noob with a high handicap, but iron shots off tees always go longer than off a fairway, correct?
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