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  1. I haven't made it to the course yet, and I am still waiting on my 60*, but my initial tests from my home chipping area is that the ball explodes off the face of these compared to my Wilson Staff FG Tour 56*
  2. I am really interested in the next Srixon test, to see if there is a pattern, or if the Q-Star is the bad apple.
  3. Sorry I am late to the thread, just finished a round trip roadtrip to Nashville. I am stoked to have been chosen for this test. My wedge game is my absolute weakness, and source of most frustration during a round. I try my best to remember RGC's rule 17b: Laugh at the bad shots But when it's every other hole where I miss a scoring opportunity because the wedge game, I struggle to laugh.
  4. I am stoked to put up Cleveland's newest wedges to my Wilson Staff. The WS FG Tour PMP has performed REALLY well for me over the last 2+ years. I'm thankful to have been selected by MGS and Cleveland, and also thankful the golf season in Texas is just amping up.
  5. Anyone know what happens when two of us are tied? Edit: I see where they will track ties. Whoops Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  6. Wouldnt you prefer to find a wedge that has custom grind options?
  7. Thank you MGS and Cleveland Golf! Looking forward to it!
  8. Man, if the Titans forfeit another week, and if the Pats have to force a bye, I am in deep dookie. This has been one weird season after such a good draft.
  9. At least you didnt leave Odell's 38 points on the bench.
  10. Karma for not trading Chubb. Ankle injury and 5 points. RIP.
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