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  1. First Name / State or Country of residence: Kurt, United States of America Handicap: 25 Current irons in Play: Nike VRS Forged CB The carry distance of your 7 iron: 150
  2. I love that your first and second sentence use a different font and font size. Bravo Mr. Copy-Pasta
  3. I am still trying to get my coworkers/golf partners to join the site. I constantly tell them about all the reviews, product announcements, and the incredibly interactive forum. What sold me was the diversity of the reviewers. I was tired of being sold on products that were being tested by single digit handicappers (no offense) I am a struggling 25ish capper, and needed to read reviews from guys like me, and slightly better than me. It's great that Rick Schiels can hit a $49 AmazonPrime driver just as far as he can hit a Taylormade M5. I cannot. The raw and unbiased interaction of the forum members is a goldmine of experience and knowledge that cannot be manufactured or reproduced at will.
  4. Sorry for the delay on my Stage 2 guys, I am new to this! Find my Stage 2 results here:
  5. Dang, I wear an 11. Love these things, someone is getting a hell of a deal.
  6. I am kind of surprised by the lack of interest in this thread. I suppose I'd have to guess it's due to the ER2-B not being new tech, just a new color option...
  7. @ncwoz I think you've highlighted one of my own biggest findings with the EVNROLL putter. My miss hits still get close to the hole. I do not have a ton of data, as I have only recently started tracking putts, but I have cut down on my number of 3+ putts per round. I think much of it has to do with knocking those first putts close, even when they hit slightly off the toe. I think the image on the EVNROLL page highlights the wrong aspect. Take a look: Notice how they show a measurement for misses left and right of centerline when hit off the toe or heel. Those putts are off only 8". What I have experienced is my grouping of putts all falling at a similar distance. The image showing all putts within 12" of each other fore and aft is the bigger win in my opinion. Left to right you save 8", but fore and aft you save 1-2ft. Feels about right.
  8. My previous gamer was a Wilson Staff Lake Shore. A non-groove anser-style putter. I think the biggest difference for me is the head weight difference between the two. Take a look at the difference in the head size (while still being similar anser style putters)
  9. I look forward to sharing my Stage 2 review with you guys. We had a LONG summer, but unfortunately I am probably being pushed into the indoor putting practice group too with the weather we've had blowing in.
  10. Man, the confidence I have with this putter in hand is unreal. Anyone use an EVNROLL Gravity Grip on a non-EVNROLL putter?
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