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  1. The OP is lucky the cops werent called. Threatening a guy over golf lessons is immature and irresponsible.
  2. Which Patti Bergs? The Goodwill by my house has a full set (looks like new condition) of Patti Berg Cup Defenders. Wooden woods and all.
  3. Working from the mobile app, so forgive me, but did we get a total for the combined handicap change? Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  4. To update my above post... the Adidas showed up, and fit terrible. Long and narrow, with very little heel support. I've just ordered my second pair of True Knits to play in.
  5. Thanks Evnroll and MGS. I currently game a low-tech putter, so this should be a valuable test!
  6. Did they charge you $30 for shipping a single club, like I was quoted?
  7. @Undershooter Hmm, wish you had written that earlier. I didnt think about it that way when I voted.
  8. I wear a pair of True Knits to work daily. REALLY love them. Ordered some Adidas Crossknit Boost for play. They arrive tomorrow, but the reviews on the Boost midsoles are so good across all Adidas product lines, I really look forward to trying them.
  9. The Wilson Staff putter I just picked up is counter balanced. Its a big change in feel to my old Odyssey Rossie 2. Not sure yet how effective it is, my putting game has always been a weak link.
  10. Looks like I'll be travelling all the way to Houston to get my week 1 win.
  11. Next comment, draft is scheduled for 8AM. I repeat, AM. This a fat-finger, or intentional? Either way, works for me.
  12. Am I the only one surprised that there isnt a mobile app for the FF site? Also, trades welcome.
  13. First Name/State: Kurt Weisinger / Texas Current Putter Used: Wilson Staff Infinite Lake Shore 35" Handicap: 27
  14. I came really close to buying a Gen 1 Driving Iron via the Heroes discount, but the $30 shipping nullified the deal completely.
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