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  1. Feeling your pain! I've got a large family and everyone "needs" a turn for their favorite. Gotta laugh.
  2. Congrats to the best golf site out there. This site has helped me make so many informed equipment choices where I didn't just have to buy blindly at an impulse. Like so many others have said, this is my go to site and the only one that keeps drawing me back. Really great to have classy, helpful members too. Keep up the great work guys!
  3. Congrats on the win guys! Always a nice feeling.
  4. Thanks for the feedback. I played the AVX a lot last year and tested out the new ProV1x's this year so I'll definitely be giving the left dash balls a try as well.
  5. First, thank you for taking the time to write this up. I've been very curious to read some player reviews so I really appreciate this. In the blog they write: " (Mahoney says Left Dash isn’t quite as low spin as AVX, but it’s close). " but you said So I'm wondering how big of a difference in spin you noticed for the driver between the AVX and the -ProV1x. It seems like your saying it has even less spin than the AVX. Also, since there can be some variation in balls, did you try driving several different -ProV1x or did you use the same one throughout? Also, did you find the launch to be high like the regular ProV1x. Thanks again
  6. I see that some have the left dash balls, any thoughts on them yet? My shop says they ordered them but they haven't come in yet. Can't wait to try these.
  7. That's a really pretty course, nice views. I used to live about an hour away (Eugene) and really enjoyed Tokatee the one time I played it.
  8. and the award for best actor in a comedy goes to ...
  9. In case your curious what the app shows, here's a screenshot of my app results (just the top portion) showing the closing angle and stroke type that would equate to. The app also gives Impact Angle, Tempo, Lie Angle and Shaft Lean.
  10. Here's a video from MGS that I thought was pretty helpful. I also downloaded the iPing2.0 app and made my own case for my phone with some cheap parts off the internet (thanks to another MGS member @BK in TEXAS) and got an approximate stroke type with the app.
  11. Nice round, feels great when everything comes together which I can't say happens too often for me. A few years back I shot a season best 84 (45 and 39) during a tournament as a 15HCP and the 8HCP in the group was giving me "that" look by the end of the round. Didn't help that he had an off day.
  12. I usually revert to a simple drill which helps me mentally and that's usually where I need the most help on the green. Set up tees at 3', 5' and 7' from the cup and then make 3 putts in a row from each distance without missing. If you miss any of the putts, start over from 3'. Sounds easy but it's hard enough that it will help boost your confidence when you complete it and translate to less putts on the course.
  13. Chris / Tennessee 15 HCP Cobra Fly-Z irons 165 yard carry for 7-iron
  14. Thanks for sharing. I got a dozen of these after the article (along with a dozen ProV1x's, a combo pack of Snell's, some Srixion XV and more) and was not overly blown away by them. Seem better than some of the balls that I tested but still struggling to find a clear winner. Still searching for a ball with very little spin off the driver and the right amount of spin around the green. I spin the ProV1x too much but the AVX (what I was using before the ball article) doesn't seem to spin enough around the greens. The B X looked promising on paper but the spin off the driver still seems too much (for me). I'll probably try them again for a few rounds just to confirm. I'd be curious to hear if you had any different thoughts after playing several more rounds with the B X.
  15. @GolfSpy Stroker How was the trip? Hope everything went well.
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