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  1. Thanks, that was a great video.
  2. Just got the Puttout last week, that's harder than I thought it would be from 8" but I like it. It's better than I thought it would be but the mirror seemed pretty expensive. Sounds like the mirror has some nice features though. Thanks for sharing.
  3. I've played in a lot of tournaments where they broke out the guys by HCP into A and B players (maybe for this reason). Maybe you could suggest to the tournament organizer to break it out in a way that makes sense for your club. Could also scale the money higher for low gross in the top tier.
  4. I tested these yesterday vs the Bridgestone B RX (first time playing either) and I was really impressed with how consistently straight the Q star tours performed. It wasn't perfect but good enough to beat the B RX which was consistently fading on drives and approaches. Now I need to buy a Snell test pack and a sleeve of the B X and test those ( the B X and MTB Black came out on top for my rankings but I already had the Q star tour and B RX so those were first up). I like the AVX and have posted on it a few times but the crazy shots every once in a while that seemed to come out of nowhere were irritating and now I know why it was happening.
  5. @sgold7 thanks for the great post. That was a lot of work on your part and I'm glad you shared it.
  6. That sounds like a great idea. Here's my profile: http://www.gamegolf.com/player/ctw2015
  7. Chris Germantown, TN 100mph / 13.8hcp Callaway 15* 3W, Taylormade M2 19* 3H, Taylormade 23* 5W Left Handed
  8. Wow, sorry to hear that. Hope you make a quick recovery.
  9. Hi @PMookie, I haven't played it yet but I'm told by the locals that Spring Creek is about the best around here. TPC Southwind would be next up. I've only played it once so far but it really is a great course. They handle all of the rain around here in the spring a lot better (lots of drainage $$$ spent) so less ball plugging, etc. Ridgeway CC is also great, played it twice and it's a great experience, well kept and challenging. I'm a member at Windyke CC (basically across the street from Southwind). It'll be pretty wet Monday from all the rain this weekend but should dry out OK by Tuesday or Wednesday. You're welcome to come join me either Tuesday or Wednesday afternoon if you'd like if you don't mind playing with someone still working off the winter rust. @BigtazzGolf has lived around here longer, maybe he can chime in?
  10. Regardless of who wins, this is pretty entertaining. Good stuff this year. (Guess I should have refreshed before posting - @gchester33 had the same thoughts but quicker fingers)
  11. @GolfSpy Stroker, I don't want to give unsolicited advice (like those guys that are always giving swing tips that you don't want) but if you want some non-golf tips (best beach, best chance to see/swim with turtles, best snorkeling, etc.) just let me know.
  12. Yeah, one of my guys (Couples) missed as well. I know it's a long shot but I'd really like to see one of these older guys win again. That would be incredible.
  13. Hi @GolfSpy Stroker, I lived in Bermuda from 2013-2017 and played all of the courses so I can probably answer any questions you might have except the rental club thing, since I just used my own clubs. I know Port Royal had nice new rentals while I was there but I can't say about the other courses. The six courses are all fun but I was most impressed with Mid Ocean (private) and Port Royal (public). Both are in great condition and a lot of fun. They are both really scenic and you won't be disappointed with either. Mid Ocean is the most expensive course on the island and although it's private, I remember they used to offer tee times to non-members (around $200). Port Royal will have some deals on GolfNow to make it much more affordable than the rack rate. If you play Port Royal, check out the tee plaque at the back of 16 tee (the iconic Par 3 hole on the ocean). Turtle Hill at the Fairmont Southampton is an 18 hole Par 3 course with incredible views and would not disappoint if you have time to play it. If you're like me, when you hear "Par 3 course" you have an image of a bunch of short holes with mediocre course conditions. Turtle Hill is nothing like that. It's a top notch course with some really long holes (#14 is around 220). Several holes have up to 20 yards of slope differential so take a cart. I've walked this course many times and the front especially is a good workout. Tucker's Point is close to Mid Ocean and parts of the two courses are very close to each other but the course conditions are not as nice at Tucker's Point (the view from 17 tee box at Tucker's Point is really incredible though). Belmont Hills is another step down in course conditions, fairly short and narrow but still fun. What time of year are you going? The gnats can be brutal in the summer. Are you taking a cruise or flying? I've got some advice on your stay depending on which one you're going with.
  14. Thanks for the nice pics! Good luck on the job hunt.
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