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  1. I just went for a fitting last week. I wish I would've seen the amount of delays everyone is experiencing prior to purchasing my set. Is anyone familiar with the wait times for these brands? Cobra- Mizuno- Nippon- Oban- I was told 4-6 weeks which I accepted but, if you all are seeing further out then that I might go elsewhere to procure my gear.
  2. If it isn't broken don't fix it! But if you can gain distance, walk away.
  3. Roger Dunn does club fitting, might have to travel a little to get there.
  4. I really hope not, this will be upsetting. Has anyone heard anything about the below manufacturers? Mizuno JPX 921 Hot Metal Pro w/ Nippon Modus Tour 120 Shaft Cobra Speed Zone 3w w/ Oban Isawa 70 Shaft
  5. Great, I just placed an order through Club Champion on Saturday 10/17. I really hope I don't experience the same delays.
  6. I think this is a wise decision. Getting a second opinion and getting into what you like seems reasonable. What type of combo set are you trying to get into? Forgiveness at the top?
  7. After the coin you put up to get fitted and built it’s the least they can do. When you do go down I’d like to hear what they say. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  8. Oh wow! I think I'd bring my entire bag down at that point. 3 out of 7 irons were defective... something has to be wrong with the epoxy.
  9. The only perks I think I would use is the bay sessions and loft/ lie adjustments. This to me is still a nice gesture and I'm sure will bring many people back, like myself.
  10. I received an email yesterday from CC stating that since I have paid for a fitting I will receive the following perks: Discounted or free next fitting (excluding full bag) 3 free 1 hour bay sessions (must be used in a year) free grip installation (grips have to be bought at CC) Free loft and lie adjustments receive discounts on balls purchased in store This seems pretty comparable to TruSpec.
  11. I would like to know this information as well. The science of club fitting has me completely nerding out!
  12. I could agree that a professional may know exactly what feels right to them. For the average amateur I think their is great reward for getting fit. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  13. My intention is to see how many are paying for putters that are not designed for their swing type. I have the same stroke path as you, out to in with a slight arc. However, at point of impact my clubface is open at 0.1 degrees. So in my case I was fit for either a blade or mallet with a slight toe hang. I'm sure the "feel" guys will feel a lot happier when they sink more putts.
  14. Were you fit for every club in a set or just able to hit all of the clubs in the set?
  15. I like my odds that I will be able to strike the fitted clubs better than a non fitted off the shelf set. I'm not familiar with a place that fits you for all of the clubs in a bag, if there are shesh they must have a ton of space or very limited options. I do think this will partially fall on the golfer in a sense. If you go into a fitting knowing you struggle getting a 3,4,5 iron off the deck or control issues, SAY IT! The fitter then will have some other options to put you into, a more forgiving iron, hybrid, etc. At some point the equipment will always be limited at helping the golfer... It
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