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  1. I agree , it's like buying a classic car or something. lol
  2. This is a brand new never used anywhere, Odyssey 2 ball OG putter. It has a red upgraded stroke lab 34" shaft. It has oversized black and yellow Odyssey grip. I'm asking $210 for this putter (retails for $270). I will ship it to you anyway you choose if you simply tell me the location and carrier so we can add that to the price. USPS is usually $15-30 depending on distance. Email me any questions at mmilburn@jdyoung.com or cell is 918-630-0960 Venmo will work best for me fyi.
  3. Hey Derrick, I have read quite a bit of the comments on here and I think there's definitely a lot of great advice in different areas. I understand how hard it is to sort out what to do next and/or what to work on next. We all do it I'm sure. So, I'm not going to try to look at videos or act like I understand every nuance of someones swing and can find flaws in them. We have all seen some crazy looking swings that work well because they get back to impact position well enough to scoot the ball around a golf course with some level of skill and score well. So, I will tell you that I got the best piece of advice ever from old golf coach (didn't know this at the time) when I caught up with an old timer (I was early 30's and he was 75 or so) walking with a sunday bag and 7 clubs. He invited me joined him and I had a similar handicap to yours at the time. I had been playing about 5 years or so. I could hit it far but I never really knew where it was going. When we got done he had shot 78. I had probably shot around 90 or 91. I asked him what he thought I could work on. He said "I used to tell my players that they could lower their scores dramatically if they came to the course with a specific goal and plan to hit a certain # of GIR's" He said "You hit the ball far enough and I saw you 2 putt almost all of the greens we played today. How many greens in regulation did you hit today? I, of course, did not know. He went back through the round hole by hole with me and I hit 2. He told me that if I took every GIR and doubled it and subtracted it from a score of 95, I would be within a stroke or 2 of my actual score every time. 2x2=4 minus 95 is 91. This formula has worked 99.9% of the times I have tracked it (which is everytime I play). He said "How many GIRs do you think you could realistically hit out here next time you play?" I said probably 3 or 4 but not sure? He said " Ok. there are 4 par 3's, right? Can you hit 2 of those? You did it today, fyi. There are 4 par 5s, can you hit 2 of those? You get 3 shots to get home. Yes. Ok that's 4 right here!" He said "Don't forget, there are still 8 more par 4's that you could hit if you achieve that goal. Try to hit 5 next time and see how you do. That would give you an 85." So, I did it and have done it ever since. It works for me. I step on the tee box thinking of only one thing, get me in the fairway so I can have a crack at this green. The center of the green! I now shoot for all 4 par 3's and 5's in regulation. Thats 8x2=16 and I'm shooting 79 or 80. I have lowered my handicap dramatically with this thought process. Yeah, I work on whatever is ailing me in the pursuit of that goal. Short game, driver, approach shots etc.... But looking down the fairway at a cloud or top of a tree in the distance and then the center of a green as my target and not thinking too much about my stance or grip or swing plane, etc.... and just good "smooth tempo with stable head" and "go at this target" has helped me a lot. I hope it helps you too! Hit 5 greens next time, you'll definitely break 90.
  4. Vice Pro. I see that several guys have posted that they have switched to this ball also. I was strictly bent on using the same ball all the time to stop the question of whether I was hitting lower shots or shorter shots due to the ball itself. I was committed to the Bridgestone BXS and the Pro V. I spent about the same every time ($50) and they performed about the same. Played in a 2 man tournament where we had 6 holes of best ball, 6 holes of scramble and 6 of alternate shot. I agreed to use my partner's Vice Pro for the final 6 holes. We have to play it as it lies and alternate hitting each shot. I really was surprised how well they cut through the wind off of driver and how well they stopped on approach shots. It's my new ball at $35 dzn.
  5. I have been told to try Iron Horse and Dubbs Dred. Also, was told St. Andrews was good. But we have seen some bad weather damaged golf courses here in Oklahoma this year. Had freeze that turned rain into ice and it sat around in spring destroying grass everywhere. Hopefully KC was not hit by the same. But anyhow, my wife and I are headed up there in the later part of September for a couple days of golf and and some other shenanigans. So, any locals or travelers that know the area well. I will be driving so we can go anywhere, but staying in the Overland Park area south of KC.
  6. I think a full fitted 3 wedge set (52,56,60) with customized graphics and all, would be really cool!
  7. I know this is probably late. New level sells the heads only. Especially in the 623M set. Eric Burch is the owner and he will work with you directly, which is cool.
  8. Yes, cart rolls just like a regular push cart.
  9. Mike Tulsa,Ok 8 wide 8-Footjoy DNAs, 3-Adidas 360s, 1 Puma Most important is comfort and stability
  10. Mike, Tulsa, OK right handed 1st choice - hybrid - recoil ES 85 stiff 2nd choice - driving iron - UiHi kbs tour stiff 5.9 index current setup - ping g400 3 wood, g400 3 hybrid, no driving iron
  11. Mike Tulsa, Ok Ping G400 LST Index 5.9 105 mph TSI 3
  12. I just moved away from the super stroke Flatso grip to the Gravity grip. I played one round with it. I have an odyssey o works 7 (fork style) with the slant neck shaft. I will say I’m pretty impressed. It took all 3 of the flat areas I was using to help with face alignment and simplified it down to just 2. The weighted rod in the underside of the grip is making for a more stable heavier feeling stroke. I had a tendency to turn the face over or left or closed it when I was trying hard to make important putts. This grip removes that lever from the grip surface. It is kind of an oval shape with a very small flat thumb rest area when you are looking down from above, down towards the head. Right hand index finger sits below the actual shaft removing the dreaded turned over face at impact.
  13. 1) Mike, Tulsa OK 2) I have a small 6-8 ft by maybe 3 ft flat putting green from Golf Galaxy in my office. I putt on it daily during the week. 3) Most are rumpled and none feel like a real green 4) Probably Medium since I’m at a private club, but Fast would work also.
  14. Mike Milburn - Tulsa, OK Odyssey iWorks 7S Tomcat 14 because I like the dual alignment dots and length adjustability
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