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  1. I just moved away from the super stroke Flatso grip to the Gravity grip. I played one round with it. I have an odyssey o works 7 (fork style) with the slant neck shaft. I will say I’m pretty impressed. It took all 3 of the flat areas I was using to help with face alignment and simplified it down to just 2. The weighted rod in the underside of the grip is making for a more stable heavier feeling stroke. I had a tendency to turn the face over or left or closed it when I was trying hard to make important putts. This grip removes that lever from the grip surface. It is kind of an oval shape with a very small flat thumb rest area when you are looking down from above, down towards the head. Right hand index finger sits below the actual shaft removing the dreaded turned over face at impact.
  2. 1) Mike, Tulsa OK 2) I have a small 6-8 ft by maybe 3 ft flat putting green from Golf Galaxy in my office. I putt on it daily during the week. 3) Most are rumpled and none feel like a real green 4) Probably Medium since I’m at a private club, but Fast would work also.
  3. Mike Milburn - Tulsa, OK Odyssey iWorks 7S Tomcat 14 because I like the dual alignment dots and length adjustability
  4. Thanks MattF. Golf and a little bass fishing afterwards with the wife. Not bad.
  5. If you turn off the power to the Alphard EWheels, it is in free wheel mode.
  6. Hahaha, yeah music, drinks and yardages. Same as a riding cart!
  7. Yeah, it’s a click gear accessory, but if your cart has that little button, I bet it would work. The cooler bag underneath is also a clic gear accessory. My speaker and Garmin gps are mounted using a caddie buddy (caddiebuddy.com) clamp. They hav3 a variety of attachment heads for different items like belt clips and go pro Camera screws etc... they are really well made and can be rotated into virtually any position or clamp onto almost anything without slipping. Mine are around 3-4 years old and work like new. Neoprene rubber grips on the inside area that grabs onto any surface.
  8. I put mine on cruise control when I am climbing up and incline. It engages the wheels in a kind of a "positrack" type mode. The wheels are both turning simultaneously in the same way a 4 wheel drive works. WHen this feature is not engaged, it seems to be independently trying to keep the cart going straight by using the computer to apply power to each wheel. Not sure if that helps but I have quite a load on my cart and have a clicgear model 8 (4 wheel) with a cooler and a bose speaker and a crat bag that's not too light. Moderate hills at my club. This pic is before I added the Ewheels, but its the same load of stuff.
  9. It’s looking like Shoal Creek and Dubbs Dred.
  10. Yeah, myself as well. We are driving up form Tulsa so I can go anywhere I want. I'm not restricted by location or other things we have to do in that area or anything.
  11. Yeah, I think that will definitely be 1 of the 2 we play.
  12. 5.3 Tulsa, OK. Callaway Apex irons 8 iron carry 135-140 I have seen articles in Golf Digest and on line in the last 12 mths. DTC club maker. I love the thinner top line look but outside of blades, I have not found a very forgiving club that has that combination. The Hogan Icons look promising and maybe these also are the ticket? I like black clubs.
  13. I don't know yet? Probably Overland park area?
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