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  1. Thanks for this. I just did it and it was easy. I already had the Connect IQ app on my phone. Went to watch faces and selected + and chose a file from my pictures on my phone, selected a watch display to apply and boom!
  2. I have it also (3-4 weeks) and I don't know for sure but I assume yes. One issue I have had is I will attempt to select the club I hit and accidentally hit the club below or above it. I don't know how to correct that once its done? I also am noticing really strange PLays Like suggestions on windy days. I researched it and Garmin uses your local airports as the wind speed and direction etc... It will suggest 4 clubs more for shots that really only need 1 or 2 clubs more to get there? But on calmer days where the winds at the airport or more like 5-15 mph, it seems very accurate.
  3. This is debate I have with myself at my own club. Just one golf course to contend with and I will sometimes switch in and out different wedges. I have 4 wedges I guess. PW(47), GW(52), SW(56), LW(62). The bounce on my SW and LW is 8 degrees. But I guess my logic of whether or not to use the LW is predicated on whether there is much grass to hit off of. In Oklahoma during the winter, there is pretty hard ground with very little grass and it is just too touchy for me to try and hit that wedge. So, I generally will throw a driving iron into the mix when it's taken out during the winter. I will say that I have learned to hit a toe down chip shot that the 62 degree club works great for. It can be made to run a little and stop etc... It also is really good out of packed sand after a rain or if the greens are just hard and not fluffy. I toe it shut and cut th elegs out from under the ball in hard packed sand and it works really well. So, maybe I am getting to where I will stick to the summer 4 wedge setup?
  4. Anyone have the Ernest Sports Es Tour unit? I see that they are a veteran owned US based company as well. $1795 for the new unit comes with 5 courses and seems pretty good for indoors setup with limited space. The Mevo and other low price units require at least 20 feet of space for the radar to work properly.
  5. I was going to say always drink at least 4 beers or 2 shots of Patron before you tee off, but that's not always so easy at 8:30 in the morning. so, I will say that an old high school golf coach, I caught up with and played with once, told me to start focusing on GIRs. He said if I could 2 putt most of the holes, 16 or more. Take the number of GIRs and double it and subtract it from 95 and it would be within a stroke or 2 of my final score. It has worked out for the last 20 years or more almost every round I have kept up with it. Example: Hit 10 greens in reg x 2=20 subtracted from 95 is 75. I told him I thought it would be hard to hit more than about 5 a round for me. I was hitting the ball about 250 off the tee, but they weren't always in play. We were both walking the course and he said "there are 4 par 3s, hit 2 of those. There 4 par 5s hit 2 of those. There is 4. You got 10 holes left, how many of those can you hit? 4-5? Lets say you hit 4, that's 8 total x 2 is 16 minus 95, you just broke 80!" That's gold Jerry, pure gold I tell ya. - Banya from Seinfeld
  6. I am like many of the people here saying they draw the line at about 90-95 depending on the humidity. I am in Oklahoma and we have 100 plus right now. But spring and fall we all walk and I have really nice remote controlled Cart Tek electric cart that I love. Made in Oregon by a family business and it works excellently for the price. My club has walkers, mostly older folks trying to stay in shape. I was one of the first ones to use an remote controlled electric cart. I added the Alphard E-wheels v1 to my model 8 (4 wheel) Clicgear cart. Still have it and my wife uses it. Walking is as fast as riding since everyone is going to their ball independently rather than everyone riding together all over the place hitting shots and getting yardages etc... When it's cart path only, it's actually faster. Mine has almost every accessory you can hang on one. Cooler, phone mount, GPS mount, Sand bottle, speaker etc... and it's got a nice 27-36 hole lithium battery. Picture was on a pretty crappy day that was spitting rain for a few holes. But umbrella kept me dry and all was good.
  7. I like PM but have been buying Dunning and they are well made shirts. They last. The other one is Bad Birdie if you want some cool fabrics and colors. Go one size larger on Bad Birdie though. Unless of course you like the "baby gap shirt" Brooks Koepka look. https://badbirdiegolf.com/collections/polos https://www.dunninggolf.com/golf/shirts/
  8. I have had the Ping DLX bag since 2019. It's the best cart bag I have ever had. Its getting pretty beat up form travel and constant play but the pouches and storage room si the most user friendly I have had. My wife ahs teh Sun Mountain C130 and if I had not gotten the Ping, that would be my choice. She got camo and she loves it.
  9. I think 3 rounds is about the most I can get out of a ball before it just gets too beat up looking and I donate it to the First Tee barrel we have a the club. It's either that or I lose it before that point. I primarily use Bridgestone B XRS or Vice Pro Balls. The Vice seem to be a bit more durable and last little longer but 3 rounds is about it on average for me.
  10. Well fishing is a weak competitor for me against golf. It rarely wins out when I have to decide whether to play golf or go take the boat out and fish. So, it runs a close second for me. I find that mixing things I like together works best. My wife and I will generally try to bring our boat when we drive to go out of town on a trip. We will play golf in the morning and take a nice boat ride and fish a little in the afternoon. But I will say that getting and then fixing up old cars has become a little bit of a good mix for us as well. We drive them to car shows and also the golf course. I will admit that we have started a bit of a trend at our club where old cars are being driven up there on weekends now. We have 2, a sweet copper and white '55 Chevy and a weird pink '63 Ford Econoline truck. The '34 Chevy Ratrod I had before, was sold to get the pink truck but it was fun project. My gas cap was a blown piston carved into a skull with a bullet cigar! Yes, that's a keg for a gas tank and a buffalo skull on the front.
  11. This whole subject looks like a solution in search of a problem. Saying that the best players in the world are dominating golf courses with distance increases is not solid thinking. The data shows that while some guys have gained distance that they can use to get to some par 5s in 2 and some can hit certain par 4s in 1, it's rare to see anyone shooting record rounds in the 50s or anything like that. So, what's the real problem that they are seeking to fix? The long guys will still be longer than the short guys. So, when you pull them back with a muted distance ball, you pull them all back. The longer guys will still have an advantage. I really don't see this happening in any other sports. NBA raising the rim because there's too much dunking going on? Guys are too tall today? 3 point lines being moved back because guys have gotten too good at hitting 3s? Baseball using softer baseballs to limit homeruns, etc...? If a guy gains an advantage by improving their distance, he has gained an advantage, period. The real issues, hidden in most discussions I hear, revolve around golf course architecture complaints. "Guys are dominating our course and we have to lengthen it, at a big expense, to make it attractive to play a PGA tour event here". This seems like the only "problem" to fit this solution. So, in baseball parks with reachable homerun distances, will they use softer baseballs so we don't have to move the warning track and homerun fence back? Of course not. This issue does not affect me as a player, but I don't want to watch a tournament where the longest hitters are handicapped because they have become too good at hitting long drives. No more than I want to watch a basketball game where the 3 point line or freethrow line has been moved in certain "high profile games" or "certain arenas". Sounds goofy when you talk about doing in this in other sports doesn't it?
  12. At the risk of inviting a bunch of backlash, when in reality I really don't care, this subject is usually driven, in my view, by the desire of the media to make golf sound like a rich white person's game. The "entitled" or the "elites". I see it every year pedalled by the Golf channel and the PGA tour has jumped right in there to help drive this mentality. The golf we watch every weekend shows a bunch of millionaires playing golf with Pros in Pro-AMs and with celebrities and then pro golfers at exclusive golf venues, that most humans can't afford to play, vying for millions of dollars and sponsored by huge corporations. This is not the world that 99.9% of golfers live in. You might be of average or modest means and had been exposed to golf by someone and became hooked, like me. I didn't have much money and had a young family to support when I started. However, when I could get used clubs and play modestly priced courses in my area I would go. I have lived all over the country in my career and there were always plenty to choose from. So, it always irritates me when this "giving back" campaign focuses exclusively on "people of color" as somehow being excluded from golf because of "economic disadvantages" and golf being "a rich man's sport". I would remind them that there are people from every walk of life that play golf and they do it regardless of their disadvantages or challenges. I have never been to any golf course, public or private that only allows certain people of one skin color or background. This is 2023 and I hate the perpetuation of this myth. Both of the exclusivity of golf as well as the impossibility of affording it. I live in Oklahoma and I know guys that have $50-70k bass boats that they park in the golf course parking lot after having fished that morning. They live in a small modest house and they have miraculously found a way to afford both? If you really want to do something, it amazing how "affordable" stuff can be. Bring on the left wing "keyboard moral mafia" to hate on this view of reality as not woke enough to find victims at every turn.
  13. Oh wow! A lot of improvements. Thanks for that info.
  14. I didn't know that. I wonder what it does to improve it?
  15. I charge both of these right after we play. They take about 3 hrs to charge back to full. Both of them are lithium and will run about 27 holes even with all of that stuff on them. I have never had one die, but you can disengage both of them from the motor and go to free wheel mode if you need to push them. I do this when heading to the driving range from the parking lot. Our course is a little hilly also.
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