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  1. My wife and I played the Slammer and Squire and it was your typical Florida golf course experience, in our opinion. Greens had just been aerated and sand was coverinjg them. We were offered no discount of course and paid $150 each, not happy. The HOF itself and surrounding areas seemed to be struggling financially. We went across the pond out front and went Murray Bros Caddy Shack themed restaurant and sports bar for dinner, which was fun. The elder brother (I think) was on hand as the host at the door. I was really surprised at the empty shops all around the pond area there. We could not get on the King and Bear due to rain but we did go over to the pro shop which was nice, as well for what little of the course we could see there. We ended up playing one of the muni's north of there and had a blast playing 18 and then in a group 9 hole scramble they talked us into. The place was called Cimmarone Golf Club about 20 minutes north of HOF. Meanders around through a neighborhood and was really nice for the money. I think we paid $40 each with a cart. Greens were a little grainy but better than 1/2 inch of sand!
  2. Mike Tulsa, Ok. driver swing speed 100-105 Bridgestone E12 and BXS Tour
  3. Well I fall into the category of players on here that say they hate the look of 2 things. 1.) a fat looking clunky game improvement type iron 2.) offset, even if it is minimal. I think these 2 things are the reason I am looking for a blade looking club at address that has zero offset and a minor amount of forgiveness that lets me work the ball some. It led me to try Hogans demo program for the Fort Worth Black Irons. I love the look of them and they are reasonably priced with shaft upgrades at no charge! I got a 7 iron and a PW. I hit the wedge as expected. Great. The 7 iron I hit great about 80% of the shots I tried. (total of about 40-50 balls, with 8-10 bad ones.) The other 20% were obviously not hit dead center probably due to my current irons allowing me to get away with those shots and no appreciable change in the results. Could I get these clubs and become a more consistent ball striker? I bet I could, I mean I am a 5 handicap and I hit the ball pretty well. I just need to find a club that looks like I want it to and does not take me backwards in results. My next test will be the Titleist T200's and the Callaway Apex Pro's. I may try the Hogan PTX pros thru their demo program again. The issue with the retail guys is that the Hogans are half the price! $775 vs $14-1500 due to no middle man.
  4. Mike- Tulsa, Oklahoma- USA Cap - 5 current Irons - Callaway Steelhead Pro 7 iron Carry 155-160
  5. Mike Milburn Odyssey O Works #7 slant neck handicap index 6.0
  6. Gopokes14


  7. I just went to a local Uniform shop here in Tulsa. They sell all of the doctors and nurses and service companies their uniforms. They have a pretty elaborate embroidery system and I brought in the nag and we just matched up the thread colors and I picked some fonts. I bet any embroidery place will do it for cheap. Just unzip that bottom pocket cover and take it to them.
  8. I have had the Aplhard E Wheels for a year and half now. I have a 4 wheeled clic gear model 8. It turns fine on the grass and I have never had single days problem. I have a lot of weight on mine too. Full cart bag with probably more junk than usefulness. I have a cooler mounted under it (4 beers and ice), a pretty heavy Bose speaker and a Garmin gps. I bet I could go 27 holes on a single charge easily, even with all of that. Keep a couple of remote batteries for that day when they go dead and you are in business.
  9. I hate to respond since I can’t do the comparison but I just bought my first Ping bag and it’s the 2019 DLX (Grey, white and scarlet) and I love it so far. Got rid of a perfectly good Titleist lightweight cart bag. Plenty of storage in this one. 15 slots for extras like alignment sticks, drizzle stik etc.... full club separation which is one of my pet peeves from the Titleist. The magnetic closure pocket is the best one I found and I compared them all at Golf Galaxy. It even has pull out shoe or flip flop pockets that come from behind the big saddle pocket and don’t take up any room for your stuff inside. Big wide putter well. I do not run the cart strap thru the pass through behind the big saddle pouches. It’s really not necessary. There’s even a key ring holder in the right side pocket. Glove Velcro on both side to stick a rotating sweating glove. Large drink cooler in the front bottom that I rarely use for that (ball pouch for me) except when I walk. I took the cooler cover off and had my name and club embroidered on it to match the bag colors for only 10 bucks.
  10. You are right about me having 4 wedges, pw is 45.7, gw 50.11, sw 56.8, lob 62.8. They are only a couple of years old but I had to look up the specs on the other 2 and I was even wrong about the gap being 52 degrees. Lol. The titleist sm6’s have the specs right on the head and my Callaways don’t. The ground is kind of hard here most of the year, so when it’s soft/wet or I’m in Florida or Arizona where there is sandy base under the grass, I notice that I have to be very careful hitting flip shots or I will dig them up with the lower bounce. Btw, I think you can go into account settings and turn on “see other posts signatures” or something like that. But I updated my specs after this discussion.
  11. Mike Milburn Tulsa, Oklahoma I use a GPS Garmin G8 and sometimes a Garmin Approach S10 watch
  12. I won a Callaway customized wedge in a tournament last year. I selected a 56 degree with 10 degrees of bounce vs my normal 8 degrees of bounce. Beautiful club and I immediately noticed that it would tend to throw the ball out of a sand trap way too far. It feels great but that bounce is hard for me to get used to. I also could not open it up much for a higher shot because that bounce tended to raise the lead edge a bit and on the tighter fairways around the courses here in Oklahoma, I couldn’t trust it. Probably just a preference because I see low handicap guys with 56.10 or even 54.12 and they will have 4 wedges! I would rather stick to the 3 wedges and open and close them (52.10, 56.8, 62.8). Then I can add length on the other end with a 3 wood and 3 iron hybrid etc...
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