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  1. Sam / Edmond, OK Practice a couple times per week for about thirty minutes, too hot in the summer Average one three putt per round but my issue is the three to six foot putts I miss i am intrigued with the ability to practice at home year round
  2. Has it been sold or is it still for sale?
  3. First Name/City State: Sam / Edmond, Oklahoma Current Driver: Cobra F9 Desired to Test: 460 Swing Speed:103
  4. Sam Edmond, OK USA 7 handicap Titleist T100 Icon is my preference Thank you, beautiful sticks!
  5. I am selling my like new, used two rounds, 2020 Scotty Cameron Special Select Newport 2. This putter is 35” in length and includes the Scotty headcover. I decided I wanted a Squareback instead so I need to sell this one. Gone!
  6. 34" waist? Crap I haven't had a 34" waist in 30 years. Jealous of you young flat belly guys.....
  7. Edmond, OK Titleist 14 cart bag (~10 yrs old so not sure if the model name) Club protection, separate slot for each club, storage space.
  8. Edmond, Oklahoma Age 58 Driver ~100 - 105 MPH Average fitness Yes I will see the program through
  9. aggiesam1983


  10. They are legit and if you are a member of The Hackers Paradise they have a discount code for 15% off any single item.
  11. Yeah that isn't going to happen, that is way too much for me to spend on a gamer. If I were a collector that would be one thing but I am not.
  12. I just listened to the first episode and it was pretty good. I hope you guys are successful with it although are a ton of podcasts out there already. I like the Jr golf angle you guys have, I would not focus on that completely but I don't think you are planning to. Good job.
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