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  1. I become convinced that a club or shaft or head will provide the exact one thing that my current doesn't. Reviews and ads reinforce that. I then have a mediocre round and become convinced - for example, that I would play better if my I hit my 5 wood higher. I then obsess over the solution until it goes on sale. Then I can't resist the sale.
  2. I have not been able to hit my 3W consistently off of the fairway for several years, so I dumped it. Hitting it off of the tee once or twice a round was not enough to keep it in my bag. My 5w is more versatile in that I can hit it off of the fairway and almost as far as a 3W off of the tee. In place of the 3W, I added a "heavenwood" that is 7W loft with a longer shaft. I LOVE that club. It is incredibly consistent for me. I can hit it from almost any lie and know that it will be straight and long (for me). Please note that I am not a long hitter. My drive is only 200-220. I can hit the 5 about 200 or a little more with roll from the fairway. HW goes about 190. The two higher lofts are much better for my swing speed.
  3. I was reading on another thread that quite a few owners of the Ping G400 Max feel that they are sacrificing distance for accuracy. I had never heard that before and I actually believed that the 400 max was considered a longer hitting driver. I have had mine since they came out. My distance has been ok. Accuracy is a little less than expected, but pretty good. I have tried changing shafts, but was concerned about the fact that Ping uses a counter-balanced shaft. I did get more distance with a Kuro Kage shaft, but kept yanking drives to the left. My swing speed is about 88 so I need every yard that I can get. If I can drive it 215-220 instead of 200-210, it allows for a few less fairway wood 2nd shots. Also, I have the chance to get the Callaway Epic Max driver at a very nice discount. But with a retail price over $500, it is still quite a few bucks even with a discount. I don't mind spending it if I feel confident that it is worth it. I haven't hit the Callaway yet and of course, I will, but I don't always trust the distance measurements at indoor units at the store. I did go to a paid fitter to get the Ping in the first place. At that time, the 400 max and the Callaway Rogue were both recommended to me. I chose the Ping. I am curious to know if people who have tried or have used the Ping G400 Max if it is a consensus that it is a comparatively shorter hitting driver. Thx
  4. ElmMan

    Shorter Shafts??

    I am 5'6" and I cut down my irons 1/2 inch about 6 years ago. It was one of the best things I've done. Other than that, I agree with most of the other comments and suggestions.
  5. I am similar to Alf S. I change my grips every off season. I usually do it myself because I enjoy doing it. It is a fun winter activity to connect with my clubs and get me excited. I used to be a GP guy, then I went hard for Lamkin for many years. The downside to Lamkin is that they seemed to get very slick when they are worn. I switched to Winn Dritac 2 years ago because a friend had them and liked them, so I gave them a try on my fairways first. The old Winn's from 20 or so years ago seemed to wear out quickly. That is not true of the DriTac. I have the same "Pros" as above. I have not had the wet condition "Cons" though. Mine have been fine in rain. I do use rain gloves. They are a softer feeling grip. I happen to like that now (not always) and I can play round after round without any hand problems. This is important because I take several golf trips a year where I will play up to 8 days in a row. I have to say that I am a strong Winn convert now and for anytime in the near future. I do like having a color other than black too.
  6. Old Head (Ireland) #12. If you are not familiar with Old Head - google it. It is one of the coolest golf spots on earth. I don't even remember what I shot. It was incredible!
  7. I agree. I was lucky enough to play once in some light rain. It is something that I will never forget. Just hitting and walking and smiling and smiling and smiling.
  8. May I make a suggestion: get a routine that you use on every drive. You said you tinker with location, stance etc. Figure your best way to line everything up the same way everytime. Set club, set feet, confirm grip, hit ball. This has helped me tremendously. I recommend it. Just my thought.
  9. We did a similar trip 4 or 5 times. There are so many good courses there, it is ridiculousl This year, we are finally play Pinehurst resort. I have enjoyed all of my trips there. I am looking forward to playing #2 for the first time. I think the area is one of the best value buddy trips. Great courses. All close to each other. Good rental options too.
  10. First Name/City State. Steve/Elmhurst Il Driver Swing Speed. 88 Current Driver in Play. Ping g400 max Current Driver Shaft and Flex Kuro Kage regular Have you Played Modus Iron Shafts No before, if so what Model none
  11. Steve / Elmhurst IL I used a hitting net that I owned for the first time this last year. I bought it last winter. It seems harder to set up than it should be. I have not used a LM. Honestly, I think it is critical to have one if you want to make the most use out of it. Otherwise it is hard to tell the likely flight pattern. The net is good to get some swings in, but it could be so much more with a LM. I am considering one this winter. Your product looks like a nice product. Good luck!
  12. Steve Elmhurst IL Ping G400 Max 13 88 Tsi3 Sent from my SM-G950U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  13. Steve Elmhurst IL 13 Ping G400 max Tsi3 Sent from my SM-G950U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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