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  1. -plays at 35” -LAGP 135 shaft -also include original Scotty shaft with original grip -new Lamkin deep etched grip -Built this up but it’s not for me. -played about 10 rounds, near mint condition. includes head cover, original shaft and grip $500 plus shipping
  2. Check out Scott Fawcett and his DECADE system... It is in line with a lot of your thinking here. I found him on the “On the Mark” podcast. Cheers and hit em straight!
  3. Will Santa Rosa, CA 4 handicap Titleist 718 AP2
  4. Will / Santa Rosa, CA Vokey Sm8 52*, 56* TM MG2 60* 56* mid sole I use the 56* exclusively for most shots around the green and it’s my favorite club in the bag (besides a putter that’s behaving) so it would be a good test of the versatility of the club.
  5. Will Santa Rosa, CA I practice putting three to five times a week for 20 minutes or so. I play about nine holes a day on average and three putt about every 72 holes or so. My main interest is answering the question, “Does this help me make more putts?”. I will do anything to drain more putts!! Feedback on my stroke and biases should be useful in double checking my technique and dialing my equipment in as much as possible.
  6. Mint condition Toulon Las Vegas H7 Stroke Lab 2020 New superstroke Flatso 2.0 Will includes original stock grip in sale $275 shipped OBO make me an offer! PayPal
  7. Battery seems good. It’s gone 54 holes for me on a single charge and still wasn’t totally dead.
  8. Northwood in Monte Río, CA. Greens were shaggy but it’s awe inspiring playing next to the giant trees. They are not 90% air hehe.
  9. Played a sixth different course today with the SkyCaddie. I’ve played the course a time before but not super familiar with it. On unfamiliar courses the SkyCaddie is a mix of Bagger Vance and Jonny 5 from “Short Circuit”. I have found the distances to be accurate and that has helped me focus on visualizing the shot shape instead of guessing yardage and looking for landmarks. Navigating the device remains a bit clunky but what matters is the numbers are right on the money. This has helped me dial in what clubs go how far and when to hit what club. More to com
  10. Test number two, nine holes at another unfamiliar course. I start feeling comfortable with navigating the hole and green view, cursor, and keeping score. I know my numbers on my irons and I trusted in the SkyCaddie 100% today, and it paid off. One example was a 135yd par three with a forced carry over the bunker in front to reach a tucked pin. I measured the carry distance to clear the bunker at 130yds and the flag at about 135. Stock PW for me. Ended up pin high and about 10 feet left, two putted like a boss for my par. I like threes. I got a good number and
  11. Played my first round (9 holes) with the SkyCaddie today. I used the cursor to check trouble spots on my tee shots. I looked at the width of the fairway on the screen and verified carry length to keep my ball in play. For approach shots I adjusted the cursor to reflect the pin position and get as accurate a yardage possible. I found the device to be helpful and very accurate. It was easy to move the cursor around the green to the pin locations and helpful to know how many steps from the edge of the green and where the back and front of the green are. I was
  12. Driver-Ping G410LST 9* Fujikura Ventus Black 6x 3 wood-Titleist ts3 15* hzrdus smoke 70 stiff 3 iron - TaylorMade gapr lo 19* Tensei ck 90hy stiff 4-p Titleist AP2 718 AMT Tour white S300 50* 56* 60* Taylor made milled grind 2 S200 Toulon Las Vegas H7 stroke lab shaft Ball- Srixon z star xv
  13. My Sky Caddie SX 400 arrived and I had no problem registering, syncing it, and updating the courses I play most frequently. Its all charged and ready for my fairways to dry out a bit here in Northern California. I attached it to the top of my bag via the belt clip and will report back on how easy it is to see from the bag, versus picking up and putting it down for every shot. I think the “large number” setting could be a good application for when I just want to leave it hooked onto the bag and look down to get a number. Obviously won’t be as accurate as holding it and
  14. Stoked to be a part of this!! Looking forward to sharing with everyone here.
  15. I am a five handicap who has the intention of getting to scratch by 2021. My struggle has been accuracy off the tee but it’s gotten a lot better. My strengths are the scoring clubs and putting. ● I play in and around Sonoma county, CA. Favorite courses: Sonoma GC, Windsor GC, Bodega Bay GC, Foxtail South GC. ● I have been golfing on and off for 25 years. ● WITB: Driver: Ping G410 LST 9* ventus black 6x 3w: Titleist TS3 15* hazardous smoke stiff 70g 3i: Gapr Lo 19* tensei white s 90hy 4-p: Titleist AP2 718 amt white s300
  16. Will- SF BAY AREA Usually I get yardages from playing partners or stakes Technology has helped my game a lot as far as clubs go, but I have never had or used a rangefinder. I grew up guessing and estimating distances by sight and I guess that’s just what I’m comfortable with. I’d be curious to see how it affects my game.
  17. Been a good golf year and I’m getting pumped for next year. For now it’s clean the clubs and practice putting in the garage. Curious to see if anyone plays or has opinions about my clubs. Driver-Ping G410LST 9* ping tour 65 x-stiff 3 wood-Titleist ts3 15* hzrdus smoke 70 stiff 5 wood- Ping g410 17.5* accra tz5 55 m4 3 iron - tm gapr lo 19* Tensei ck 90hy stiff 4-p Callaway apex MB dynamic gold tour issue x100 56* 60* Taylor made milled grind 2 Odyssey Toulon Las Vegas stroke lab shaft Ball- Srixon z star xv
  18. Brand new 35” Scotty Cameron Phantom X6 won from a member/guest open to trades but prefer $ $350 obo, will ship to anywhere in US
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