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  1. I think we should consider what practice means. Does practice means going to the range or short game area and spending a couple of hours every week? Or can practice be ingraining a new swing move or a drill with a club in the backyard for a half hour or so. If you are up front with the pro and let them know the practice limitations they may be able to suggest some simple drills.
  2. If I understand properly, you posted a review on the Linksoul website and they did not want to post your negative review. Call me skeptical but I never trust reviews on the product's own website. Just checked a golf club manufacturer and all reviews are five stars with nothing but glowing comments. No product can be that good. FYI, I own a number of their items and did have a problem once and it was resolved with a new quarter zip being sent.
  3. Look for a guarantee that if you are not satisfied you can return the clubs. Or at least find out if they will allow a free follow on fitting to make adjustments.
  4. These irons were my first set and I loved them. Was a 20 capper back then before I switched to another club but I have fond memories. Loved them so much they are still in my basement!
  5. Now may be the time to try them out. Black Friday sale on their web site and everything is 50% off.
  6. It is that time of year again in the northeast, the cold weather has begun. But unfortunately I could only find one of my Footjoy WinterSof golf gloves so I need to buy a new winter glove. Considering all gloves before I make the purchase and would love your suggestions. I also noticed that Footjoy came out with a new StaSof for Winter and was curious if anyone has tried it yet.
  7. I know we focus on golf here but one of the best aspects to the Travel Away program is the complimentary dining. Take advantage of this and visit the dining/city clubs. Have not had a bad meal yet at any of the ClubCorp facilities, and I have visited 14 of them.
  8. I have been a happy member for almost two years now. I travel a lot for work and vacation so I have had the opportunity to play a lot of nice tracks and enjoy a number of complimentary meals along the way. This year alone I have played Las Colinas in Dallas, Alamance CC (Donald Ross course) in Burlington NC, Firestone CC (North and South), the Ridge Club on the Cape, Engineers CC on Long Island, and Norbeck CC (Alfred Tull course) outside of Washington DC in Maryland. I may have one round left in me as I will probably travel to Arizona. A comment to Barbajo. The Ridge Club is very nice, treat yourself to a caddie or forecaddie the first time you play. Not my favorite track as I felt some of the holes did not fit the land or there was too much mounding. But a fun round. I do spend some time up in Boston but have not played Ipswich. Would like to hear your thoughts on it as I do need to play it next time I am up. Ledgemont (Alfred Tull course) in Seekonk is a very fine course and I have played that twice. If you like the classic courses like Ledgemont, try Norbeck CC outside of Maryland. Same architect and the back nine is simply awesome. Please note that we have two Tull courses at my home club (not Clubcorp) so I am a bit biased. One important point to make to newer Travel Away members; play the affiliated courses that you desire as soon as you can as they may leave the network. Last year I wanted to play Omni Bedford Springs and as I was making the tee time they left the network. They seem to come and go. Engineers was may favorite course this year and they are affiliated. If you like the classic courses they way I do, get out there to Engineers, one of the best.
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