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  1. I just went through this journey and found it a bit difficult to test all of the irons I wanted to try. I work with a fitter that closed their bays for casual testing due to Covid. So I went for an iron fitting and tried a total of eight heads. Spent a couple of hours between two sessions. I am a 14 handicapper that had eight year old irons. Since my last fitting my swing and my age has changed. Anyway, I am not a consistent iron striker so I looked to the game improvement category and even into the super game improvement and players distance. One of the biggest changes to iron tech
  2. Symbiotic relationship. Find a good pro who understands your game through a few lessons and have them make equipment recommendations. Best case is they can fit you for the correct clubs or can recommend a good fitter. Did this years ago and went from a high handicapper to a mid handicapper.
  3. Back in January I had a proper driving fitting and tested a number of models. I was replacing an old Cobra AMP driver so not too comparable. The best according to the numbers was the Cobra Speedzone Extreme. We chose the UST Helium F3 shaft. I was able to go onto Trackman at my club before the lockdown and I just pulled up a session report. Average distance of 213, avg. club head speed of 85, and spin averaged 2381. Off to the course and I have been playing as our courses were never closed, just our indoor facility. I use Shot Scope to track all of my data. So my feel is backed up
  4. To answer the question directly I was struggling last year with longer putts. Way too many three putts. Took a quick half hour lesson and he identified the problem within a couple of minutes and he gave me a drill to fix. Much better today. But I have only had two putter lessons in over 25 years. But this part of the game represents a large percentage of your score. Think about all of the lesson types available; driver, 3 wood, hybrid, irons, putter, sand, chipping, pitching. I bet the vast majority, maybe 95%, are in the full swing area including the driver and irons. This year, w
  5. My club has three walkable courses and I do not remember the last time I took a cart playing at home. We are fortunate the courses were all designed pre-60s so there is no housing and distance between green and tees are reasonable. When I do play away, I frequently take a cart since I often find myself playing housing development or resort courses. It is embarrassing, but I have to remember how to work the cart and always ask the starter for their cart rules. Appreciate that there is a social aspect to two person carts but they are such a waste of time when the players hit different distan
  6. Thanks for asking. We are just fine although a bit bored in my house. 2 college kids home and taking their courses online. Wife goes to an office that is virtually empty. I usually work from home except when I travel for work. Our golf courses are still open so I can still play. The 19th hole is closed so we often go over someones house instead, often taking to go food from the club.
  7. 2nd swing is an excellent choice for a fitting. Had a fitting for my driver, 3 wood, and hybrids earlier this year and I have been very happy with the results. And the price was right, basically free since the fee is applied against the purchase. Appreciate that they are only in limited markets. My son had a driver fitting at Club Champion and it was a great experience but ended up being very expensive since he got an exotic shaft.
  8. Let me explain a little further. I picked up the Golf.com magazine and saw the IC 601 irons and since I am searching for new irons they peaked my interest. But then I started to investigate and looked for articles and reviews on the club and found very few. I started to question why they were included in the club test 2020, especially since they were launched in 2018. After all my impression is that unless you are a major advertiser, it is hard to break through in these tests. Remember, they do not include the data so a bit hard to decipher. But I also had in the back of my mind that if
  9. Please be aware that Miura and Golf.com are owned by the same company; 8am golf company. They got called out when another fitter on the fitter hot list complained that 8am golf co. also owns the #1 fitter True Spec Golf. Golf.com failed to disclose these relationships. I have never played Miura, just be aware.
  10. I recently went through a driver, 3 wood, and hybrid (3 and 4) fitting at Second Swing. The fitter knows my pro and had a recommendation on how to improve performance. Shortly after the purchase I took a driver lesson. Our club recently added a number of Trackman simulators. The fitting and lesson complemented each other, my pro gave me a few things to look for on Trackman, and I am pleased. I have gotten the clubs outside and it is a big improvement; longer and more fairways. Mostly it is the clubs, a little of me. Anyway, I also need new irons. I have the Cobra Amp irons from abo
  11. I think we should consider what practice means. Does practice means going to the range or short game area and spending a couple of hours every week? Or can practice be ingraining a new swing move or a drill with a club in the backyard for a half hour or so. If you are up front with the pro and let them know the practice limitations they may be able to suggest some simple drills.
  12. If I understand properly, you posted a review on the Linksoul website and they did not want to post your negative review. Call me skeptical but I never trust reviews on the product's own website. Just checked a golf club manufacturer and all reviews are five stars with nothing but glowing comments. No product can be that good. FYI, I own a number of their items and did have a problem once and it was resolved with a new quarter zip being sent.
  13. Look for a guarantee that if you are not satisfied you can return the clubs. Or at least find out if they will allow a free follow on fitting to make adjustments.
  14. These irons were my first set and I loved them. Was a 20 capper back then before I switched to another club but I have fond memories. Loved them so much they are still in my basement!
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