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  1. I agree with the others, have had great experience with demo clubs.
  2. I have had the MGI Zip Navigator AT for over 2 years and have had no issues at all. I love mine! As previously stated, the gyro features and downhill brake only work when using the remote. Their customer service team are great if you have any questions.
  3. I walk almost all the time and don't use inserts. Are you sure you need inserts or just need better golf shoes? Just wondering.....
  4. I used to play with a guy that was right handed, but he putted left handed. He was a very good putter, but his ball striking lacked something.
  5. Well !!!!!!!! Tied for 67th, better than DFL. Just saying.................
  6. It's amazing how much money these internet guys are making. He just cut his parents a check for a 100 grand.
  7. Well I despise Richie Boy Lerner> He only knows one golfers name " Tiger".
  8. https://gifs.com/gif/wile-e-coyote-runs-into-wall-vV5p5q
  9. Tiger will not win another major, but you can bet your azz that he will get every shot covered on TV. They love some Tiger!
  10. Hey Neighbor, I would combo some of the items you have listed. #1 - Take a few lessons to get some guidance on the proper grip and some swing tips. #2 - Purchase a used driver that is possibly more forgiving. Not sure what type Wilson driver you have? #3 - Purchase a couple of used hybrids to replace some of your longer irons. #4 - Practice at the driving range on making solid contact with your clubs and take additional lessons. In my opinion, your irons are fine for now and I would not spend any money on a Garmin R-10.
  11. I don't see where St Joe building another course or opening a "Golf Village" is going to help anything unless you are staying on a St. Joe property. The price to play any of their courses, if available, will be outrageous. We owned a home on the gulf side of 30A about 4 miles from Camp Creek for over 10 years and sold it 14 months ago. People have very very little access to the beaches due to the private beach situation. Things have changed so much in this area over the last 3 years, it just became a chore just to go. Golf is a lot better and priced more affordable in other areas of Florida.
  12. Agree. It officially closed after the last major hurricane, going on 3 years I believe.
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