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  1. My only issue with Srixon irons was the turf interaction. I did not like that, but it could have been my swing.
  2. Never purchased the Nike Red and won't be buying any of this product.
  3. I bought a set of the Srixon irons about 14 months ago to give them a try. I had the issue you referred to with the turf interaction. I didn't like it at all. I went back with Titleist and got the T150's. Good luck
  4. Hello Guy, I live not too far from you in Watkinsville. Welcome to the Forum.
  5. You will not be disappointed. I had the T100s irons for several years and just got fit with the T150 irons last year when they came out. Great golf clubs!
  6. I watched the final round of LIV golf yesterday. I thoroughly enjoyed the telecast and thought it was some excellent golf. Even liked the team golf.
  7. Glad you liked them, but not for me. Been there done that.
  8. Whatever it is Monahan will find a way to screw the players other than the top 50.
  9. One by one, Monahan is letting them slip away.
  10. Here's a crying towel for the Michigan fans. They will need it next year.
  11. ALERT!!! The MGI Zip Navigator is a great cart. I had one for over two years! The one thing it will not do is float! On hole #18 at my course this summer, we were putting on the green. After putting I looked up and saw my cart going over the edge of the creek. The remote was in my pocket and I did not lock it. Once I got to it, I noticed it was in the deepest part of the creek, 3ft under water..... The Korean lady that plays with our group occasionally, asked in broken English "What are you going to do"? I replied, going to go in and get it out. Easier said than done when the bag full of clubs and water. Got it out with a friend helping from the bank of the creek, put my shoes back on and drove it to the parking lot. I thought it was my lucky day! The next day, it was dead. Battery and boards gone.
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