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  1. Been fit a couple times including once at CC. IMO if you have pro level consistency then fitting is probably great, but for somebody like me who plays at a 14, my swing is a little different every time I play. Plus do you really think 10-15 swings is enough to get an honest analysis of how you’ll be swinging over the next 30 rounds of golf, or enough to truly understand the subtle differences in shafts? Not in my case but maybe it’ll work for you.
  2. This. I don’t fear this virus but I most definitely fear what the government is doing to save us from it. The unreported death toll from the looming financial collapse, not to mention the millions and millions who will merely have their lives shattered, may be one for the record books.
  3. I need another ongoing monthly subscription like I need a kick to the groin.
  4. I wish I was playing golf, and I would be if it wasn’t raining every day. In a few months when there are 50 million living in cardboard boxes or camped out on the golf course because they no longer have jobs or homes any more that may change.
  5. Chip / Texas 13.8 Callaway XR Pro 6-AW, Callaway XR 4-5 165 yards
  6. My swing speed is anywhere from 94 to 98 so I’m close to where you are, and while the Epic Flash SZ may be a “spin killer” I can still get mine up over 4K when I catch it low on the heel and that’s with a +5 AoA. Point being there’s a whole lot more to how much spin you’re generating than the club head. I may be special but I’ve run across as many drivers that spin too low as I have winning lottery tickets.
  7. If you’re curious about getting fit just dig into how MGS does their Most Wanted testing and why they do it the way they do. They’ll be the first to tell you that hitting 10 or so shots is meaningless and that you have to hit hundreds to even begin to get an idea of how some club will actually perform for an individual yet that’s how so many of these fitters do it. If you have pro level ball striking consistency or you’re outside the middle 90% of golfers that’s one thing, but if you’re a garden variety 14 handicap I wouldn’t be surprised if it took multiple days in the bay to get an honest id
  8. Somebody did a test and found distance control was actually better with modern high tech players irons vs blades, just don’t remember who that was. And the fact that Jordan Spieth bags AP2s (T100s) tells me all I need to know. With that said, I firmly believe you should play whatever you like regardless of handicap. Even a mid handicapper can get around a course just fine with blades so if that’s what you like and you’re not obsessed with carding the best score possible then go for it. In my experience the difference between blades and GI irons is only maybe 5 strokes a round so I just go with
  9. This seems to go against the grain but IMO the super wide soled SGI clubs can prevent you from getting better only because it allows you to get away with being a sweeper. I think this is really just another way of saying that practicing with blades makes you better. I’m not convinced that’s necessarily true either although it will make you hit down in the ball and take a proper divot so there’s something to be said for that. Again, this is just my know-nothing amateur opinion but a wide soled non-wedge makes hitting an iron “properly” significantly more difficult and at some point in your golf
  10. With irons I highly doubt you could tell the difference between the 585 and the 565 so waiting probably won’t get you anything, even if the marketing department says you’ll gain 10 yards and never miss a green with their revolutionary new clubs. If you’re talking an 8 year gap then yeah, you should see better numbers with something current but year to year or model to model the differences are so small it’s hard to even measure it. I would also bet that there are cases where the older model actually performs better. A driver is a different story. If it was me, I’d focus on finding a club that
  11. I’m sure this has been discussed but I’d be interested in seeing the results from a blind test of a modern cast players distance club vs a forged blade or cb. I wonder if people really could feel significant difference if they couldn’t see what they were hitting because I’m not sure I could. My gamers are XR Pros but I’ve been playing around with some old FG17s and a restored set of vintage Hogan’s and to be honest I think my XR Pros feel better even when I’m striping the blades. Is this because my blades are over 30 years old? I’ve personally reshafted both sets so I don’t think that’s the is
  12. I’ve unofficially tried this and while I’m still somewhat on the fence, I’m leaning towards this one being false. If you’re not finding center and don’t know where your miss is, buy a $20 roll of impact tape and practice with your gamers - you’ll get better results. I will say that as a mid handicapper I could bag blades (and have) and be able to get around the course just fine although my scores would not be as good, so play what you want. For me the game is way more fun playing my old XR Pros.
  13. I’m not sure anyone could legitimately argue that the competition isn’t higher on the PGA Tour although being courteous means you’re not supposed to say it. Do Euro wins count as much? Depends on what you mean by “counts”. In spirit, of course he’s right, no question, he should have just phrased it a little better. As to Fleetwood, he said he never heard anyone yell so while that dumbshite should be beaten with a Sure Out it didn’t impact his shot.
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