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  1. i too enjoyed the TXG video. The difference in sound is interesting to me as well. Can't wait to give these new drivers a try!
  2. agreed! Very interested in the new TOUR AD XC (Xtra Carry)
  3. i agree. Wonder 2 things: 1. will quality be impacted if mass produced 2. is DG getting its butt kicked with the wave of Ventus shafts? all in all, pretty cool to get a premium shaft...yes $200 uncharge but still not bad.
  4. agreed! I am really looking forward to understanding the face design and what the new materials bring to the table. Also, Titleist site is updated with their selection tool and info as well.
  5. agreed! I am really looking forward to understanding the face design and what the new materials bring to the table.
  6. This is a good point. Not to get too far off track ,but i want to put myself in the best position to make the best score i can. My old mindset was "hit fairway, hit green" and i was still not really making much progress. I am trying to think about where to hit shots instead of just hit the ball. Lastly, I have been thinking of the green in quarters. I am not going after every pin, but i am going for the best chance to make birdie or par. If the pin is in a good spot, i go for it. If it is in a "sucker" position, i will try to hit shot in that quarter of the green. For whatever reason, when i am thinking about and understanding my proximity to the hole, my scores have gone down.
  7. 100% agree with you. I am rethinking my approach to the game and have been thinking backwards (where is the pin from the tee). I am really trying to understand where i SHOULD NOT hit it off the tee instead of where i should. EXAMPLE: pin is back left on a hole that doglegs left. I really don't want to be in the middle left of the fairway or i am blocked out. I want to be middle right of the fairway. By understanding where i can miss it, i have been hitting more greens and am closer to the hole. My handicap has dropped this year with just a mental adjustment. I agree with you that Strokes Gained is more detailed but in my mind during the round, I am trying to hit it closer to the hole on ALL shots. I might hit a bad drive and a crap approach but my next shot, i am trying to hit it as close as possible. I have been tracking my rounds that way.
  8. Here is what i mean. Yes, I want to hit the fairway, yes i want to hit the green, and yes I don't want to 3 putt. To me, it has to do with how close I am hitting it to the hole. Like someone else said, you hit every green, be 40 feet away and 3 putt half of them. I try to hit every shot within 20 feet. (even chip shots, bunker shots, etc.). If i do that, i probably will never 3 putt from that distance, make more birdies and less bogeys (or more pars and less doubles). If i can hit a lot of shots closer, i probably hit a good drive, a good approach or chip. This all came about when i was playing with someone who said "you hit a lot of greens, you should score better". I thought about that and realized that yes, I hit a lot of greens, but sometimes i am in the 3 putt zone. My mindset has been, hit it closer to the hole, and my scores have come down. Helpful?
  9. I am more focused on proximity to the hole
  10. Josh Ellicott City Maryland Hogan Driver 0.4 index Swing Speed 107 TSi 3
  11. Quick update. I have been playing the Hogan driver exclusively for a month or so now. For kicks, I put back in my old Titleist driver. I am sold on the HOGAN for one very simple reason....the trajectory is so much better. Still loving the HOGAN!
  12. OK, so went to my home course with the intention of walking 9. Got paired up with another person and wound up walking 18 on the tougher, narrower, course (my home club has 36 holes). Really starting to love this HOGAN driver. The club now sits square (at least to my eyes) and i am having a much easier time getting lined up. I am growing more and more confident in this club. I will point to a few things. 1. feedback--the immediate feedback coming off the face is great. Also, i love the sound this driver makes and the feel of it. 2. ball flight--the ball is coming off the face at a higher launch (my TITLEIST driver was about 10 degree launch angle...HOGAN Is around 13.). This could be for a few reasons. Lighter shaft, higher degree of loft, etc. Whatever the reason, perfect trajector 3. Spin--while i have not tried to get actual spin rates yet, this driver seems to spin less....i put some swings where I KNOW my Titleist driver would have gone left, but the HOGAN stayed pretty true to the line. Right now, I am really liking this driver and am appreciative of the chance to test it. ON COURSE: Hit driver on 3, 4, 5, 7, 11, 12, 14, 15, 17. Hit fairway on 3, hit it through the fairway by 1 foot on 4, hit fairway on 5, hit fairway on 11, hit fairway on 12 (par 5 with trouble at end of fairway (creek) and the about 200 to the pin. Hit it about 295 (very long for me) to 5 feet in front of creek. I even told the person I was playing with, I will hit driver as i don't hit it 300. Hit fairway on 14 and 15 (15 was also long). 17 I pull it into the rough so that was me, not the driver. The fairways I missed were literally 3 feet from the fairway and most rolled through. BOTTOM LINE: This driver hangs with any driver i have every played (Titleist/Taylor Made being my last two) for a better price. Quick side note: the feedback I have received from others I have played with has been.. "what is that driver, it sounds great". "I didn't know HOGAN made clubs still". Where did you get that driver, i have not seen them anywhere. even a "why are you playing a Hogan driver". The perception that HOGAN is not a Callaway, Taylormade, Titleist, etc. and thus is no good is very real with some people. I have not let anyone else hit it....yet.
  13. I agree with this. Played 18 yesterday and did have a chance to hit two drives on a few holes. While I hit my Titleist driver further on average, I am finding myself more consistent with the HOGAN driver. Also played around with the setting Friday night until the driver looked square at setup. I set up much easier yesterday and I still love the feedback the Hogan gives. The sound is a perfect blend between too muted and too loud. The feel is amazing. I also am finding a more consistent flight and i am hitting it higher, which i like for total carry distance. I am still finding (for some reason i cannot explain) the ball marks on the face are slighter higher than center. I would rather hit a driver higher in the face than lower, so i am OK with this. Bottom line: Loving the HOGAN, really thinking about putting a lighter shaft in my TITLEIST driver as well (to see what happens) and hands down worth the $$$. I am seeing slightly less distance but more consistency from the HOGAN.
  14. Yep, that's it. It is probably me but it find it very distracting. When i feel i am square (club face to ball) and look up, I'm way off. When i get lined up square with feet and shoulders and put the club down, it looks really shut.
  15. Played 9 last evening. No Rattle. This driver sounds, looks, and feels awesome! I am having a hard time getting set over the ball and I think i know why. The face bulges out (at least to my eyes) and it seems that the toe and heel sit further back. In other words, it seems the actual hitting area for the face is small. Anyone else noticing the face seems overly rounded? Results from practice session with my personal launch monitor (VoiceCaddie SC300)--Ball speed 156ish on average, swing speed 105ish on average, carry was 260ish on average. The ball did not curve at all. If i missed it left or right it was due to pull or push (again, not comfortable getting lined up over the driver). Results from actual play: played 9 holes on my home course. usually hit my driver on 1,2,4,5,6,. 3 is a par 3, 8 is a par 3 and 7 has trouble at the end of the fairway so usually hit 3 wood. 9 is a par 5 with water at end of fairway. For the Hogan test, I hit driver on 7. Launch was higher than usual (which is fine). I hit the fairway on 1,4,5,7 so 4 out of 6 fairways. I carried the ball further than normal but total distance was about the same. On the 4th hole I hit a great drive and was probably a good 7 yards closer to the green than normal. The fairways i missed were a yard or so off the fairway, nothing out of play. So far, I love the look of the driver itself but i can not how to get it to sit square (still messing around with the settings). I also love the feel of the ball off the face (i am noticing my ball marks on the face seems slightly higher than center--probably explains the higher flight). Lastly the sound...it sounds slightly louder than say a Taylor Made M5 but not as "metallic" sounding as say a Titleist TS 3. So far, so good with results. If you asked me right now if I would game this...yes. Best bang for the buck!
  16. Very windy here today. This driver seems to launch the gall higher. I also kept noticing a left miss. Most ball marks on the face are center to slight higher than center. Still love the sound of the ball coming off the face
  17. Hi all, a way more detailed review soon but I hit some balls w this yesterday. The set up behind the ball is fantastic..the contrast of the ball and the dark head is stunning. The head is slightly rounded and I like that classic look. The sound of the ball coming off the face is so nice. It is not muted nor does it should like a gun being fired. The only ‘downside’ I see is the club seems to looked closed to me. I found it slightly hard to get set up. I need to play around with the adjustable settings. More soon, but very encouraged so far!
  18. At this point, I would be happy to play the "play every hole" challenge. I am in MD and we are one of 6 states remaining with no course openings.
  19. JScott


    I am so waiting for the state of MD to announce when courses will open
  20. congrats on member status. Nice looking back of sticks there.
  21. I can't do that from 4 feet, let alone 40. Crazy good!
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