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  1. Read some existing reviews/watched some videos. Looking very forward to hitting this!
  2. I really want to buy a "personal" launch monitor and looking at Swing Caddie 300. Thoughts?
  3. Just curious, where is Titleist open? I ordered some custom irons weeks ago and was told all production was stopped for custom orders of any kind. Thanks!
  4. The Masters is hands down my fav sports event. Wonder what TV coverage will be in the heart of college and Pro football. CBS carries it all. I will be dark by 6:30 in November, right?
  5. Might be time to play the lotto. Happy birthday
  6. two quick things: 1. maybe i just like MN and IL 2. you telling me it's not 2019? since when?
  7. When they redo the greens with Carpet/Rugs, I will be on tour, so i am assuming putting will be the best. Short game will be the worst. Wife is not too keen on my practicing the flop shot indoors.
  8. OK, road trip to MN and IL.
  9. So am hearing of some golf courses in the MD/VA area still "closed" but will allow members to walk the course provided they do social distancing. I am all for it. Anyone else hearing/seeing this?
  10. Remember, most hybrids these days are adjustable. Most driving irons are not (Besides bending them possibly).
  11. Yes!!!! Once this craziness passes, we have to get together with some other guys and play/have some beers/etc. I know exactly where you are.
  12. Luckily floor to replace backwards spells......build the hitting net. At least when i spell it it does
  13. I currently game these. Just curious, what didn't you like? Thanks
  14. If a solid ball striker wanted to hit a higher/lower trajectory, would the shaft or ball (or combo) be the first thing to try? Said another way, would shaft or ball make a more noticeable difference in trajectory? I realize this is a loaded question asking a shaft company but asking anyway. Thanks.
  15. unbiased reviews from real golfers is pretty much all one can ask for. It helps one make a decision, spend (or not spend) money, and get some info so one does not have to go it alone in the everlasting pursuit of a birdie
  16. Gotta love the old TRUSTY RUSTY. The TM milled grind 2 just rust on the face.....right?
  17. Someone said it earlier but the shaft used will have a lot to due with results. Still, interested to see results. From personal experience, I swear I see a distance gain from a new driver for a few rounds but I tend to get back to within 5 yards of ‘normal’ driver distance.
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