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  1. I have played about 30 rounds with my tr blue 5s… so far so good. I had a hzrdus yellow snap on me a couple of years back.
  2. Taylormade stealth plus 9 head only headcover included. SOLD Thanks for looking
  3. Brand new 9 degree Sim2 head only SOLD If you need a shaft I have a 60 gram rdx black 6.0. Message me if interested and we can work it out. Buy with confidence I have over 30 feedback on golfwrx.
  4. One item for sale tonight: Sim 9 degree head only Head in excellent condition 295.00 Comes with headcover.
  5. One item for sale! SIM ti fairway wood head 15 degrees. Excellent condition SOLD
  6. Yep, no more sub zero. Just epic max speed ls
  7. I can’t believe nobody has bought this. I still have mine. It is just as long as my sim
  8. Which autoflex did you get? I got 505
  9. They are actually 845.00 plus shipping. Try buying the one for 790.00
  10. I love the craziness of wrx...
  11. I ordered the 12 gram weights and I love it. The putter feels more stable, and I swear it feels softer. Maybe it is because I am hitting the sweet spot more.
  12. Guys if you want one.... manimal26 is your guy! Send him a dm. Very easy transaction. I am pumped to get mine.
  13. I totally agree with you. With that said I so want to try it....lol. Must not buy. Or if someone reading this has one to sell dm me. I am weak right now.
  14. Matt said, while he does hit autoflex longer and his ss is up, he does not hit it as consistent as Ventus black. He said he does not need the extra 15 yards
  15. Thanks. I am already regretting my max d sale. Lol
  16. ThAnks! Tsi3 ordered. Happy birthday to me.
  17. One item for sale today: Taylormade Sim Max D 9.0 degrees Head only, headcover is brand new. Sold If you need a shaft, I have a ton to choose from. Let me know and we can work something out.
  18. I assume that is the velocore ventus for 300 upcharge?
  19. I have gamed the max d for the whole season and this is the first time I have not wanted to change drivers. I use to always hit tm drivers right but with this it is dead straight. The driver is long and forgiving. For a draw bias driver, it also does not have a weird shape. Guys, don’t be scared cause it says draw. The max d does it all. The only downfall is I cannot find extra weights for it- lots for sim and sim max.
  20. Mine us to be tour ad bb.... but know the xc is my new love. It is everything the bb was except a bit more stable
  21. Wow that is awesome! I just showed my wife and that is going to be my Christmas present !
  22. I think the best value right now is ordering a gen2 pxg 0341. It is one of the best 3 woods I have hit. At 225.00, new, it is a steal
  23. Thanks for the link. Definitely a cool idea. I usually only roll with one gamer. If I have more than one I get anxiety over which to use.
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