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    LEFT DOT!!

    I played Sunday with these balls and I have to say I was impressed especially into the wind. I usually play a Pro V1 so I wanted to give these a try. Now I wish I would have gotten more. They fly lower and definitely spin less with the driver. I didn’t notice any less spin with the wedges but they were lower and I ended up with more distance. They were great around the green just like my Pro V1s. Titleist hit a home run with these balls if you are looking for lower flight and less spin off the tee. They also feel great. I will definitely buy more of these when they come back out. I had one drive with the wind that went 334. It was only a 12 mph wind. Amazing!
  2. TGW.com has free shipping on tour level balls all of the time.
  3. I love the thin top lines. I prefer them over the GI irons thick top line. The thinner the better. To me it easier to line up.
  4. I have all Titleist clubs in my bag, even the putter. I have TS3 driver, TSi3 3-wood, 3-4 718 AP3, 5-9 718 AP2, SM7 PW-LW.
  5. They are available through Arrcos. They have both the Golf Pride models in midsize. https://www.arccosgolf.com/products/arccos-caddie-smart-grips?variant=39338718429259
  6. I have had great luck with my Titleist 718 irons. I have a mixed set with3-4 AP3 and 5-9 in AP2’s. The distance gapping is still great even with the stronger lofts in the AP3’s. The AP3’s really help get the ball in air with the longer irons. I have no regrets.
  7. Doug21

    Titleist contest

    Can’t win unless you enter. Thanks Titleist.
  8. I walk as much as I can but I always use a push cart. I’m less tired at the end of my round. I prefer walking over riding.
  9. Doug Lusby, MD I use the TGW Quad push cart. I walk 90 percent of the time. I have wanted to test one of the electric carts for some time.
  10. Doug, Lusby, MD iPhone 12 Pro I will primarily use it outdoors on the range. I also have a net for indoor use during the winter.
  11. Douglas Chadwick Lusby,MD Current Drive: Titleist TS3 Handicap: 7.3 113 mph TSi3
  12. Douglas Chadwick, Lusby, MD I used to putt on carpet and now I have a felt mat with Velcro cups. It doesn’t roll very true. I would like to test the medium speed mat and the longer the better. I am finishing my basement so I will have a large area to practice.
  13. Handicap 8.4, Lusby, MD Titleist 718 AP2, 8-iron 162 yards I have not heard of Sub 70 until I saw them talked about in this forum. I would like to try these irons. I am a fan of a thin top line and a forged iron.
  14. Doug Chadwick (Lusby, MD) Yes Apple Watch and iPhone (GolfLogix, Golf Shot and Fun Golf GPS) Golf Logic and TecTecTec laser rangefinder
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