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  1. Brent, Roseville CA Puttout set up in the hallway. I have only ever had the simple ones that roll up and have a ball return on the side. They tend not last long. Slow 9-10 stimpmeter Public Municipal
  2. In 4th grade, I hit my one and only hole in one. It was #7 I think at Kukuiolono Golf Course on Kauai. From the normal tee, it's a straight forward par 3 over a ditch, maybe 140 yards, but from the kid's tee, it's a blind dogleg right. Super strong wind and some rain from the left that is always there because it's the mountains in Hawaii. My dad told me to just hit it as hard as I could at this tree in the middle of the hillside so I did. It went perfectly at the tree and started getting pushed toward the hole by the wind. When we were driving up, no one could find my bright orange ball, so my
  3. I can't bring myself to buy new clubs even though they'd very likely help. I have Ping g10 driver and 3w, callaway FTiz 4H (hate this thing), and titleist DCI oversize+ gold irons. Only splurge club is the Odyssey O-works red 7s putter. Bought that with the winnings from a tournament among friends.
  4. Brent / Roseville, California Typical score: 85 Titleist DCI Oversize+ Gold
  5. Brent Wong - California I've used apps on my phone before, but haven't in years. I rely on the yardage markers on the course to estimate distance. If there are none, then I guess to varying degrees of success.
  6. I hesitate to buy from anyone other than CPO just because I've had nothing but good experiences with them. My only gripe is that their systems are mostly phone based. I understand they're basically a warehouse that sells stuff, but for all intents and purposes, they're a store and their UI is terrible for that. I bet if another OEM wanted to get into the used club market, it'd be easy enough to out-design CPO.
  7. I can honestly say that I don't care in the slightest whether my clubs are made here or not. It's never occurred to me to think about it before, so it seems like a very strange thing to take into account during club selection. But to each their own.
  8. I have always had sweaty palms so I can't swing a club without one. Even in baseball, I would wear two. I have so much anxiety about it that just thinking about it is making my palms sweat. As for which ones I play, I love the ones at costco before they started stocking callway and before they redesigned. The originals are clean, classic, and feel great. I have dozens stockpiled cause my dad's a bit of a hoarder, so I doubt I'll need to buy another for years.
  9. Titleist DCI oversize irons 3 iron - gap wedge, great condition even after 8 years of use. Dad got them for me in college for $50. I bought the sand and lob wedges from the set separately and they cost more than the rest of the set. I love these things. Feel and hit just as good as anything selling for $1000.
  10. I've played snell, vice, cut, etc. I find them on the course enough that I end up playing them quite a bit. I like em. I recognize a difference in feel from my preferred bridgestone, but I've never noticed an incredible difference in results. I really like the customization of vice balls and we had some made for a friendly tournament. Great buy that was well worth it.
  11. Whoa that is a lot of stuff. I pared down my bag and found that I don't carry an excessive amount of equipment. If anything, too many balls, but otherwise I'm pretty light on stuff. But the snacks. Holy crap. It's like I was prepping to be the snack parent at a little league baseball game.
  12. Under pressure, pitching wedge is best. I don't know why. It's just butter when I need it to be. 3 wood is by far the worst in almost every situation Old ping g10 has too much offset and a tiny sweet spot and it makes me nervous.
  13. How long have you been playing golf? What’s your handicap or normal score? 23 years with a 13 year gap in the middle because "golf isn't cool dad". I normally shoot 85-86. What do you love about golf? The mechanics of everything, how personal the struggle is, how leveling and humbling it can be, and how at the end of the day, it's just a nice walk outside. What brings you to MyGolfSpy? Do you already know any other Spies? Don't know any other spies, but I occasionally check in here for opinions on equipment. I still play the first real clubs my dad bought
  14. I need to like the look of the putter when I put it down by the ball. Same goes for any club. That club performing well certainly makes it look better in my mind though, so I'd imagine that performance can overcome a lot of things.
  15. Honestly, not really. I use it maybe once a round at the most. Not only is it my most inconsistent club, it's just unnecessary most of the time. I'm sure if I had one that I was comfortable hitting accurately, that'd change a bit, but its use would only go up to maybe twice a round. I swap it out with a 2 hybrid of the same loft because I tend to be more comfortable with it, but even then, very little use.
  16. Brent Roseville, California Average score - 86 (no official handicap) Titleist DCI oversize + Gold T200
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