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  1. Nice setup!
  2. Nicely thought out setup... This upcoming season will be my 3rd gaming an M4 driver, and I’m still not planning to upgrade.
  3. Near the end of last season, I decided it was finally time to ditch the old TM Burner 2.0s for new SIM irons. I toyed with a 5 hybrid for a while, but actually went back to a 5 iron, and I’m exceedingly happy with the results of the new 5 iron. My M4 Driver and M4 3 wood remain in the bag, and also the M6 4 rescue & PXG wedges... all of which I really like. What’s new are the SIM 6-PW, SIM2 5 iron, a new stand bag, and rounded out the changes with a TM MG2 Wedge (which I first read about at MGS). I can say without hesitation that the SIM irons most definitely fly higher and st
  4. Nice setup... gorgeous irons. My new irons are SIMs
  5. Great setup! Well thought out...
  6. Sorry to hear about your luck with the PXG Driver. Love this setup... congrats!
  7. Nice setup!! Digging the PSU cover!
  8. Nice setup! Love the Pirates logo cover also!
  9. Nic


    Well rounded setup!
  10. I put on new grips each season... I really liked the CP2 midsize this year.
  11. Great setup! Congratulations!
  12. That's a well thought out bag! I currently game the 2.0s, and although I have a scheduled iron fitting coming up in November, I have to say that those irons have been great for me. Good luck and welcome to the forum.
  13. A putter is a fabulous gift... I have a Ping putter that my father gave me 30 years ago, and although I haven't used it for a long while, it still means a lot to me.
  14. Great setup! Fittings are surprisingly eye opening... congratulations!
  15. Sweet setup! I have a similar OCD headcover obsession lol
  16. Just got back from a glorious "3 courses in 3 days" outing... I thought the weather would hinder us, but it turned out to be beautiful golfing weather. The fairways and greens were as nice as the views. I only played to my handicap, but I'll take that everytime.
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