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  1. I have a Cleveland Huntington Beach Soft 11c, as in center shafted. I put on a SuperStroke 2.0 with the counterbalanced weight, which is 25 grams. I had played with a Carbite ZH for 20 years, which was "polar balanced", which was really a good putter. I am 5'8" tall, so I cut both of my putters to 29", from 33". I like to get over the ball, and I found by practice, that the lower on the shaft I placed my hands, the more accurate I was. If you care to shorten your putter, you will find that the head will "feel" heavier after you cut it. Never had a center shafted putter, but I really like it. Getting better with the speed, and I am making a lot more 3' to 6' putts. 6' to 12' putts are really a lot closer to the cup. Center shafted putters are naturally face balanced, but hitting on the sweet spot(shaft area), its going to give you instant feedback on your putt. My .02...
  2. Try a ball from Callaway, with the "HEX" dimples. Does not get moved very easily in the air with a good wind. I played Cally SS for years, and noticed that this was not a big factor, unless you had really heavy gusts, which would affect any ball.
  3. Aldila NV 65 or 75 for my woods. They always feel good, all in regular flex. I get good distance, and control I need. Recently updated a factory shaft with a Graffaloy ProLaunch 65 in reg. flex. The jury is still out...
  4. I play Lamkin Crossline Oversize for years. PGA SuperStore has them for $6.59 a grip. They wear well, and just clean with warm water, and dishsoap. Wipe dry, no rinse. Good to go..Tacki-Mac has similar grip online, possibly cheaper. They offer sets for 13 clubs...
  5. I know this is a year old, but I bought a Cleveland HB Soft 11C. Never owned a center shafted putter, and so far I like it. Played with a Carbite ZH for 20 years, and it was still good to me, but it was time for a change, as I was upgrading my entire bag, from driver down, sans a few clubs that will never leave my bag. I like the way it feels, and I never see that ugly "hop" after the stroke, when I need to putt from long distance. I notice that my putts are more online, and when I miss, its really close. The black alignment line is the only thing I did not like, as it would kinda disappear when I would look down at the club, so I used a white paint pen for more visibilty. Also used the white paint pen in the crease where the "wings" or "fangs" meet the body of the putter. My old eyes see this much better, and my putting is much better. Speed is what I need to practice. Overall this putter will be in my bag for years to come.
  6. Technically, no! Cleveland may be owned by Srixon(Sumitomo Rubber Co.), but they ARE Cleveland wedges. Great wedges, eh!!
  7. Wear Footjoy Originals since last year, and before these, Footjoy Contours for over 10 years. So comfortable, waterproof, and stable footing. I like my spikes!!
  8. I used Lamkin Crossline Oversize, with standard tape. Been using for at least 5-6 years now. Has helped with pain in my hands tremendously. Could not play nine without pain in my hands and forearms. All my clubs have oversize, except driver, which has a midsize grip. Grips hold up very well. Have not played much this year, so I'm good to go in that dept. for next year. Just clean them in warm soapy water, no rinse, dry with dry towel. Yes, name brand grips have gotten expensive, so you can look at Tacki-Mac grips(online). They have a crossline type grip(can not tell the difference), with a lower price. I have used them with the same success as Lamkin grips...
  9. Have a Ping driver, Callaway 3 wood, 2 Snake Eyes hybrids, a full set of GigaGolf hybrid irons, 2 Cleveland wedges, a Cleveland putter...mixed bag. Used to have almost all Callaway-driver, 3 wood, irons. Always have Cleveland for wedges...
  10. Looking forward to playing Maxfli Softfli matte green. Recently found a Maxfli Softfli matte white ball on the course while looking for my ball in the bushes. Never found mine, but put the Maxfli in play right there, 9th hole, played it till the 17th, where my tee shot found the water on the left. Finished the 9th with bogey. Parred the 10th par 3, just missed a 15 foot putt for birdie. Drove the green on 11, par 4 at 240 yards, made birdie. Actually played pretty well with the Maxfli ball, so I decided to pick up a box, matte green, for my next round. Possibility this weekend...want to see how it plays compared to the Cally Supersoft, which I have used since 2019. Anyone else play the Maxfli Softfli??
  11. Hello to all MGS bloggers!! Been playing regularly since 1998. Basically self taught, with a few lessons thrown in, when I can't hit the side of a barn. For the most part, 95-100 is my usual score. There was some time when I first started playing, 125 was my number. Playing about 5 years, I spent a lot of time at the range working on everything. But, began to notice if I kept it in the fairway off the tee, much better hole, much better scores at the end of the round, something like 87-95. Life kinda got in the way with small children and all, did not play as much as I had before. Now, kids are grown with kids of their own, so I play a little more now. Had to kind of start over, bought all new equipment, so the learning starts over. Been playing a little more than usual this year, and my game is coming around. Looking to break 90 by the end of the season. When I retire in 2 years, will be playing a lot more.. Golf is a constant challenge, with different courses, comes different challenges. Nothing like a nice day on the course, with people who also enjoy the game. Found MGS through a link, and was immediately impressed with their mission, and their dedication to that mission. Lots of great info to be found here... I live in the Northwest burbs of Chicago, and my home course is Villa Olivia in Bartlett, IL. Holes 15, 16, 17 are my favorites, as they have just about everything a course can throw at you. The season is too short, and we have quite a lot of courses in this area. Professional truck driver over 30 years, have a local driving job, with no weekend work, unless I want to work. Part of my domain name..basically my initials, with the year I was born.
  12. Have the g410 SFT, and it came with the Alta 55. Felt a little whippy to me, and my SS is only 80 mph. Got me an Graffaloy ProLaunch 65 reg. flex, and I love it. Butt trimmed it to 43.5", glued on the shaft adapter, put on a new grip, and headed to the range. I have kept the 55, as I am a senior, and if my swing gets slower, I will put the 55 back in.
  13. Try the Ping g410 SFT. Its a real slice buster. I mean you will still slice, if your swing is that bad, but this driver has kept me in the fairway a lot more than I give it credit for. My swing is a little inconsistent, but I am on the fairway a lot more. It will give you good distance too. I'm an 80 mph swinger, but I drove a par 4, 240 yds. to 11 ft. from the pin today with a Maxfli Softfli on the tee.. Get the right shaft for you on this driver, and you should be good to go...also, find you a ball that doesn't spin so much off the driver. The spin that helps around the green rears it ugly head off the tee when you least expect it.
  14. Never played the TP5's, but recently tried the Tour Response, as I have never played a urethane covered ball. Played a couple of rounds with it, and on a couple holes played both TR and Supersoft, alternating each off the tee. The SS was always longer, if even only 2 yards. The TR just did not feel like I was making good contact, even though the ball was getting out there 210+. Can't say I really liked the feel of the TR, and short game off the wedges was just ok to me. Not any better than a 2 piece ball. With that being said, I will take a pass on the Tour Response...
  15. Not sure what they did to the cover, but, for me the '21 ball is definitely "quieter" off my driver(Ping g410 SFT). Distance, to me, is the same as the 2019 version which is when I switched to the Supersoft. Chose the red matte, as it stood out, but switched to the matte green, which I think is even easier to spot in the grass. I play both green matte versions intermittently, but the alignment aid is a lot thicker on the '21 version. I love the feel off the tee, and though my swing speed is only 80 mph, I drive about 210-230, which is the ball doing a lot of the work. Short game off the wedges with the '21 seems to spin just a little more for me, and my CBX2's help with that. I still try other balls for a few rounds, but still come back to the Supersoft. The '21 version is still the SS ball that we know and love, just a little better...
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