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  1. drb1956

    SuperSoft Max

    I have played Cally Supersoft Matte balls for the last couple of years, and with a <80 mph swing speed, its right up my alley. I get good distance, its straight, and has nice manners on, and around the green. I don't fear coming out of a green side bunker, or a 30 yard chip. Love the feel off the putter! I am 64, and never had a very fast SS, so this ball helps me out, and keeps me in the fairway. I have played quite a lot of golf balls, 3piece, 4 piece, 2 piece, with different compressions. Some were better than others for me, but the Supersoft fills the bill for my game, as I am a 20+ han
  2. Club head speed is everything. If you hit a Cally Supersoft with a 100 mph swing speed, of course you will lose distance. For those of us that swing a lot slower, all those lower compression balls work just fine to "somewhat level" the playing field. I have played 90 comp down to the 29 compression of the Duo. Duo got marshmallowy in the hot summer sun. The Cally Supersoft that I now play, with an 80 mph swing speed does not do that. And, I am always out in front of my playing partners with the driver most if the time, and we are all high handicappers. Its all subject to the FEEL YOU WANT, and
  3. Love the Cally Supersoft Matte green!! Also have the red..you can see the green ball from all over the course. I love the feel, and distance is not a problem(my swing speed is 80), and the SS has nice manners around the green. This ball is my gamer all year. When it gets cooler here in the Chicago area, I don't have to look for a softer ball. Have played the same sleeve for 3 rounds with no problem-got a little dirty. Ball washer cleaned them up no problem. Never thought about moisture absorption. Ball performs for me.
  4. Dennis Beach Streamwood Il Hdcp. 29 Callaway Diablo Octane Project X (stock) reg. flex 5.0 80-85 mph. ss
  5. Hello! New Spy here. Replied to an e-mail to become a new tester. Have played since 98 and always looking at equipment, especially golfballs. It's really a science all to itself, considering what the ball of today can do. Hope to chime in on what I test..
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