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  1. between the 3w and the driving iron, which leaves you a more comfortable distance in on most of the holes you play? On a short par 4 where you need to hit the fairway would you pull the 3wood or the driving irons first and would you ever hit the 3wood or driving iron off the deck on a par 5? Based on what you have said I would drop the driving iron in favor of the 3 wood if you are hitting it extremely well
  2. 718 Ap2 or maybe JPX 900 forged if you are looking to save a few bucks
  3. I always expect a high quality of strike, I wouldn't think about my last couple strikes when thinking about my next shot as it would just get in my head. On every shot I only try to anticipate the quality of strike if the lie is bad otherwise I take my club I would expect on a normal good strike. Is there a chance returning with the MP68s may be causing some distance control confidence issue? If you dont hit them will there is a pretty decent drop off in distance correct?
  4. I typically shop at my states golf show once a year. They have 2 for 20 brand new polos that are excess branded polos by local golf clubs that didn't sell. I usually buy 2-4. I also search ebays for steals. It's amazing how many brand new nice polos you can find on ebay for less than $20. I have also started buying Tennis polos instead of golf polos. From a performance standpoint I havent noticed much difference but they do seem to be 50% cheaper than a comparable golf polo.
  5. Irons, you hit more irons per round than you will drivers
  6. Taylormade does usually offer extra trade in value to encourage current taylormade club owners to trade up to the newest models, at least for a short period of time
  7. Tour velvet midsized for me. I have tried some other ones over the years, but I keep coming back
  8. I use the oakely prizm dark lenses in the oakley crossrange frames and really enjoy them. I dont typically wear them when I play as I am not used to playing in lenses, but I regularly wear them on the range and they are excellent. Just havent gotten up the courage to wear sunglass during a normal round of golf
  9. I really like it, I am seeing a nice mid high flight and I am getting much better performance in the wind. Still getting used to the sound though as it is much different than my Ping g410 lst in sound and in feel. I have hit shots I thought I miss hit based on feel only to watch them fly the full distance and realize I just hit them a little high on the face. One thing I am finding is that I tend to hit the center of the club face very consistently. I am using the 7x ventus velecore and I really enjoy it. I do find that when I give it a little something extra vs trying to be smooth, I do get a lot better performance which is a big difference between the sim and the G410 I was using
  10. Yeah your story would definitely scare me away from those shoes in the future, since they dont seem to last
  11. I agree with CNosil. I did this with my AP2s. I switched out my PW for a 46 degree vokey only to find out that my 9 iron went 150 and the new vokey wedge flew around 134 vs 141 with my set wedge. I like the chipping versatility of the vokey but that gap was unacceptable. I ended up carrying both wedges and dropping my 3 wood. That way I had all my gaps covered. Big thing to watch out for is a specialty wedge does not fly as far as a set wedge so be sure to get properly gapped if you are going to make the switch
  12. Thats crazy, my impression was that the issue with boost is that over the course of a year or 2 of continuous wear, people could feel it start to "bottom out" when they walked. I am shocked to see that the actual midsole is breaking down. How long did that take?
  13. I am shocked your bushnell drowned in the rain. I have an old 1m I have had for 4-5 years and played tons of rain rounds and never had any issues. I guess I was under the impression all bushnell range finders were waterproof. I'd get in touch with bushnell as well as I think that model is supposed to be rainproof based on its description.
  14. As much as it hurts to say, I would carry a chipper. I lose 3-4 strokes a round to bad chipping and I tend to putt off the green any time I can. Chipper makes perfect sense for my game
  15. True, but the mizuno buttery feel you get with their irons isn't necessarily what I want in my wedges, nor would I necessarily get that same feel in the woods. I think part of it is I am willing to overlook a different feel if the results of using another brands clubs are much better. Also, performance wise sometimes the brand you want doesn't make a club in the shape or with the tech you want.
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