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  1. I remember last season seeing a ton of 360s for sale at steep discounts. It could be that adidas is trying to push people more into the ZG1. As far a supply, golf was huge last season so it's likely that a lot of new golfers bought 360s on discount or golfers getting back into golf did. I have still seen quite a few of the tour 360 XTs around in 10.5.
  2. i wear the adidas 365 fall weight pants. Not to slim not too wide and keep my legs reasonably warm.
  3. I was looking at my trail running shoes compared to my spikeless golf shoes and I think the big difference is nub size and distribution. Golf shoes seem to have a larger density of smaller spikes while my trail runners have a smaller density of big spikes. I imagine from a weight distribution standpoint on a soft green the trail runners would probably dig in a bit more than the golf shoes
  4. I think the key is stability. Golf shoes provide way more lateral stability than trail runners in my experience
  5. I have the footjoy SLs and I would say they are good for about 3-4 seasons. It's really dependent on how you treat them. I know some guys who wear them back and forth to the course and walk a lot of cart paths with them and they typically get around 2 seasons.
  6. Mine broke about a week ago, I kind of wish I would have gone directly through taylormade for the new head rather than where I bought it.
  7. As others have said, the lack of consequences and perfect lies on every shot really make it extremely easy to feel like a pro on the range. Even when I manage to hit a few fairways during the round my like is rarely perfect with uphill, down hill, and sidehill lies. There is also probably a confidence aspect as well. Once you lose that confidence after a few bad shots where you can't find the middle, it can be a rough round.
  8. I would guess alot of guys havent had a chance or reason to try it due to the Prov1
  9. My typical shape off the tee is a draw that became a hook. Part of the goal was gain more control over the hook. When I tried the mavrik SZ I was hitting long shots, but my groupings were bad. Long ropy hooks and blocks were mainly what I was getting. The SIM was shorter in carry, but the ball generally didn't curve too much from my start line. As someone who already has good length, hitting the ball 20 yards straighter is bigger than 5-10 yards farther
  10. I think many would possibly move to bridgestone as well especially due to the quality control
  11. I went for the longest club I felt I could control. I went for a fitting and tested the sim and Mavrik SZ and the Mavrik was longer by about 10 yards carry, however I couldn't control it. The Sim was longer than my current gamer, but more accurate than the mavrik, so I went with the Sim. It's really up to the user if they are looking for yards or accuracy. It also depends on what type of courses you are playing. If they are mostly wide open then distance might be the way to go, then you carry a go to 3 wood for when you need to find the fairway. On the flipside if you play courses that require
  12. Yup, Had my ping g410 3 wood face cave in. Sent it back for repair and they replaced it. Took about 6-8 weeks. I was told they had a huge backlog as well as they had delays getting the shaft. I also changed shafts on my irons this year and it took about 2 weeks as they had issues getting the PX 6.0 shafts. Took about 2 weeks for the shafts to come in
  13. All parts of the supply chain were hit pretty hard. So the big companies were hit, but so were the small companies that supply them components. Additionally I have heard with golf being pretty much the only game in town sales this year have been crazy. So that combined with the fact most club manufacturers started producing clubs in a massive production hole has led to extended lead times.
  14. I really like the footjoy fury. They are one of my most comfortable spiked shoes and I highly recommend them
  15. They replaced a G410 3 wood I bought due to the face caving in after a few months use. Considering they still replaced the failure even though it wasn't bought through a big box store, I think that's really good service. Unfortunately due to Covid, their replacement times have been fairly long. Mine took 6 weeks to be replaced. Cannot speak to their terms but I was happy with my experience
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