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Titleist DT TruSoft vs, Bridgestone B330RXS

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Recently, I received a complimentary sleeve of Titleist DT Trusoft 2nd Generation golf balls (available in golf shops on September 21, 2017) with a request to compare these to the ball I normally play. I was skeptical that I would see any significant difference as I've always thought the swing is more imporatant than the brand of ball you use. I was surprised to see that was a considerable difference between the two, using as much scientific evidence that I could muster. I was able to play a round yesterday on an uncrowded course where I could spend a lot of time using the tech toys at my disposal. I used a Zepp golf swing analyzer to record swing quality, swing speed and club angle. I also used a laser rangefinder and a gps phone app to record distance and direction data points. I'm around a 14 handicap and my swing speed with a driver is consistently between 84 and 88 mph. I consistently come over the top with a positive club swing angle of 15-20%. Using the data from the swing analyzer I was able to record 9 holes of comparable data sets out of a possible 13 (the other 4 had too much variance in swing data). Yes, it is a small sample, but the results were so consistent that I feel my review and conclusions are valid.


Review Comments:

 There was a marked difference in distance  with the Titleist ball averaging 20.4 yards farther than the Bridgestone. However, this came with a disadvantage of additional spin. The fairways hit percentage was 33% compared to 72% with the Bridgestone B330RXS. The difference off the tee was very evident.

I would give the Titleist an edge on approach shots as the difference in spin rates seemed to decline, but action off the club was still superior. The Titleist ball had a feeling of launching off the club, both with the driver and iron shots. I didn't hit significantly more greens with the Titleist, but the general feeling was I was hitting better approach shots with the Titleist.

I would rate both balls as excellent when it comes to sticking greens. The weather has been very dry and the air temperature at the beginning of the round was 90 degrees. Approach shots hitting greens would still stick with less than a couple feet of roll. There was no noticeable difference in this regard. Similar comments apply to both chipping and putting. Both are soft balls with excellent feel.



What I learned and wanted to pass along here is the ball does make a difference!!... Duh, right? 

The real lesson learned is that if you spend the time to do a true evaluation, you can gain an edge depending on the course you're playing by MATCHING the ball to the course. Of the 5 courses I regularly play I would definitely use the Titleist DT Trusoft on 3 of the 5. These courses are fairly long, wide and open, and the extra 20 yards off the tee will make the approach shots more comfortable even if they are off line a little. However, the Bridgestone would be definitely be my choice for the other 2 courses where fairways are tight and trouble looms everywhere. The Bridgestone is very forgiving off the tee and if you need a straight shot (or controlled fade/draw), the Bridgestone is markedly better. Staying out of trouble on these courses is more important than distance. My bottom line is, depending on the course, I could see the brand of ball possibly making the difference of 2 or 3 strokes. Both are good balls and I would buy either one again, it would just depend on where I'm going to play.  





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Nice Wright up.

I just started playing playing the B RXS, really like the around the green action the RXS has.

:cobra-small: Driver F9 
:cobra-small: 3W F9

:cobra-small: 5W F9

:taylormade-small: P790 5i / 7i  LZ 6.5  

:taylormade-small: P7MC 8i / PW LZ 6.5   
 :cleveland-small:   Zipcore Tour rack raw 50/10 M 54/10 M 58/12 F                                 

:taylormade-small: FCG #7 

:srixon-small: Z Star #6



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